Drum Ceiling Light

Be it a bedroom or kitchen, the drum ceiling light is a great way to provide a room with subtle, bold, colorful, romantic or even casual ambiance. Buy yours on Claxy now!

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Drum ceiling light offers a softer look in their design. Not only does drum shade inherently look softer but the shades of these ceiling lights are also used to diffuse their light. Drum ceiling lights create a particularly comfy and homely atmosphere due to its design. They provide a particularly snug and atmospheric lighting effect since they are more muted and non-reflective.

Coming in all kinds of design, shape, color and material combinations, they make it a simple yet stylish solution for low-ceilinged rooms. In living rooms and bedrooms, drum ceiling lights are a perfect fit. That’s because the light pouring through the lampshade is gently muted and fills the room without any glare. These ceiling lights also work well in halls and hallways too, especially if you’re going for a cozier feel in these areas. Dining rooms are also a good option, particularly for general lighting.