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Exquisite Chandeliers That Make a Unique Style Statement

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Why Should You Invest in Chandeliers?

Chandeliers are not just light fixtures, but a piece of art to accentuate your home decor. If you pick the right chandelier, it can completely revamp the look of any room, while also adding ambient light. Choose from the exquisite range of chandeliers and ceiling lights on our website to spruce up the look of any room and make a bold statement. Whether you like a modern look or antique brass look, we have something for everyone. We offer numerous styles like contemporary, rustic, boho-chic, industrial, mid-century modern, etc.

Types of Chandeliers

Foyer Chandeliers

Whenever guests enter your house, amaze them using an attention-grabbing foyer chandelier that makes a statement.

Living Room Chandeliers

Living room is where you spend the most time and a chandelier with warm and cosy lighting can really spruce up the space.

Bedroom Chandeliers

Add a chandelier with elegant lighting to provide a warm look to your bedrooms or go with something different to add your personal touch.

Dining Room Chandeliers

Placing a chandelier on top of your dining room table can provide a restaurant-like feel and make your dining experience more pleasant.

Kitchen Chandeliers

Kitchen chandeliers may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re one of the stylish few these can really make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

Bathroom Chandeliers

Add a dose of drama and luxury to your bathrooms using quirky and stylish chandeliers that light up the space and give that hotel-like experience.

How to Choose the Right Chandeliers

Your choice of chandeliers will vary depending on the room where you place these and the hanging height. For foyers and living rooms you may want a dramatic statement piece, while for bedrooms you may want something minimal. Here are some tips to help you choose the right chandeliers that are more than just a lighting fixture and hang them properly:

  • Choose a size that doesn’t overcrowd the room and just accentuates it.
  • Place the chandeliers at least four feet away from the walls and, preferably, at the centre of the room.
  • Place your chandeliers in a way that they are the focal point of any room.
  • Make sure that the chandelier you choose provides ample light.

Needless to say, the chandeliers you choose should complement your decor and style. Choose from a wide selection of chandelier styles and designs to find the chandeliers that best fit your needs. Read the next section, to find the right size and hanging height for chandeliers.

Chandeliers Size and Height Guide

In this section, you will find the general rules of how to determine the ideal size of a chandelier for any room or space. However, certain rooms and spaces have their own different set of rules. We will, therefore, divide this guide into two parts—one for general size guidelines and other for the room-specific rules. So, let’s get started.

General Guidelines for Chandeliers

Chandelier size should correspond to the size of the room in which it will be placed. For the purpose of this guide, all room dimensions are to be measured in feet and chandelier dimensions in inches. Chandelier Diameter - A chandelier’s diameter (in inches) should be the sum of the length and width of the room (in feet). If the length of the room is 16 feet and width is 8 feet, then the ideal diameter of the chandelier should be 16+8 = 24 inches. Length (feet) + Width (feet) = Diameter (inches) Chandelier Height - To determine the height of the chandelier you need to first determine the height of the room in feet and multiply it by 2.5. So, if the height of the room is 10 feet, then the ideal chandelier height will be 10*2.5 = 25 inches. Height of Room (feet)*2.5 = Height of Chandelier (inches) Chandelier Hanging Height - Hanging height is the distance between the floor and the chandelier and is generally kept 7.5 feet from the floor and at least 7 feet for smaller rooms. If it is hanging over a table, then it should be  30-36 inches away from the surface of the table. These are the general rules that you can follow to find the right size of chandeliers for different rooms. Now, let’s discuss some of the other, room-specific guidelines that you should also know.

Other Room-Specific Rules

The generic size guide differs a bit for some special rooms and situations. Let’s discuss these in this section. Dining Rooms and Kitchen Islands For dining rooms and kitchen islands, you can determine the diameter of a chandelier with respect to the size of the dining table or kitchen island, instead of the room size. As a general rule, these chandeliers’ diameter should be between ½ and ⅔ of the width of the dining table or kitchen island. So, if your dining table or kitchen island are 30 inches wide, then your chandelier’s diameter should be between 15 inches and 20 inches. Another rule that some people follow is to simply keep the chandelier diameter at least 12 inches narrower than the width of the table or kitchen island. Long Hallways The general rule of adding the width and length of a room fails in case of long hallways as that would give a much bigger diameter for the chandelier. So, for long hallways, you can multiply the width of the hallways by 2.5 to get the ideal chandelier diameter. Width of Hallway (feet)*2.5 = Chandelier Diameter (inches) Bedrooms You don’t need to follow the minimum 7 feet clearance rule for chandeliers hanging over a bed. The only criteria is that it should not block your view or get in your way. Bathrooms  If you have tall ceilings in your bathroom, you can add a chandelier with an 8 feet clearance from the top of the bathtub to the bottom of the chandelier. Two-Story Foyer For a two-story foyer, apart from the 7.5 hanging height rule, you also need to consider how it will look from the second floor. So, don’t hang it below the second floor, so that it is at least at an eye level from the second floor.







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