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Claxy was founded in 2010, with the vision to offer customers Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights or Pendant Lights that maintain a high performance to low-cost ratio, assist you in enhancing either your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, foyer, living room or hallway.

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Give Your Dining Room an Instant Uplift with Claxy's Vintage Chandeliers

by Remy-Claxy
A dining room is a place for you to gather your friends and family while enjoying a delicious meal, giving your guests and family members a wonderful experience and a great memory

Elevate Overall Charm and Glamour of Your Home with Claxy’s Tiffany Ceiling Lights

by Remy-Claxy
How can we elevate the overall charm and glamour of our living space on a budget? Buy a new sofa? Cover up existing wallpaper with new wallpaper? Maybe these ways work, but we have a better idea

6 Ways to Breathe Elegance into Your Home with Claxy's Milk Glass Globe Pendant Lights

by Remy-Claxy
There is one question that often occurs to many homeowners: how can I breathe new life and elegance into my home without spending much money on a big remodel project? Here comes a solution

Delivers a Dose of Contemporary Sparkle to Your Home with Claxy's Crystal Ceiling Lights

by Remy-Claxy
Crystal ceiling lights reflect light in a beautiful and dazzling manner, creating a glamorous and luxurious atmosphere

Give Your Bedroom a Glamorous Vibe with Claxy’s Brass Wall Sconces

by Remy-Claxy
If you want to give your bedroom a glamorous vibe, brass wall sconces can definitely work wonders in your bedroom


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