Lighting is an essential component in any home, and adding sophisticated fixtures is an easy way to elevate your home’s decor. When you are looking to give a remodel to your room, it is a smart way to set a new mood in your home. You may love your furniture, but feel like you need a change, anyway. Maybe all you need is to see things in a new light–literally. The fixtures you choose for your home does so much more than just a way of illumination.

Whether it’s replacing your dining room pendants with a dazzling chandelier, or adding a table lamp in your bedroom to light up your reading nook, a gorgeous light will make a great difference in the atmosphere. Claxy is proud to offer an extensive yet exclusive series of indoor and outdoor fixtures to suit all your lighting needs.

Our interior fixtures keep your home beautifully lit from within, while our outdoor pieces add instant character and charm to your home’s exterior. Feel free to purchase your favourite fixtures to coordinate with your hardware, furniture including chairs, sofas, cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, and stools and bedding accessories.

From chandeliers to pendants, from table lamps and wall lamps, our light fixture collection is filled with designs that pair function with style. You can also find the on-trend fixtures in 2020 on our site. Freshen up your home decor with Claxy selection featuring diversified styles ranging from sleek and modern to industrial looks with vintage elegance and luxurious appeal to rustic style. can be your go-to online lighting store and the access to your desirable fixtures. Other than visiting, you can get more information about Claxy and our services via emails or social media. Let your imagination go wild with Claxy’s products and let our light fixtures brighten your rooms and illuminate a new style. Just pick a room, and we have what you need.


Wall lights and pendants are the easiest option for this space, as they don’t crowd the floor, which can be limited in entryways. A pendant is a smart choice to illuminate the whole area and add an understated elegance to your classic decor. Alternatively, install a pair of coordinating wall sconces. The wall lamps will draw the eye to a beautiful display of entryway furniture and wall decor like mirrors. Complete the aesthetic with a simple table lamp on the table for soft, cozy style.


Ceiling lights are ideal luminaries for the kitchen, another area often in need of sufficient light. Consider hanging one or more (if needed) pendants directly over your kitchen island for task lights. Fixtures with exposed bulbs not only provide enough illumination to make culinary prep safe and easy—they fit perfectly with the rustic, industrial vibe of a frequently used kitchen as well.

Dining Room

Chandeliers over the dining table bring vintage inspired charm to the dining room. Choose from a variety of styles ranging from classic round shapes with exposed bulbs to opulent glass or metal designs with LED bulbs so as to save energy. Or, align coordinating wall lamps down the room. The sconces provide dimmer add warmth and atmosphere while pendants spotlight the dining table and inject inviting touch to the room.

Living Room

Since it could be one of your most expansive rooms, you can utilize all kinds of home light fixtures in the living room, giving each section its own illumination and drama. Floor lamps can be placed behind or to the side of the sofa. Use sleek, modern arc lights to extend fixtures out over the sofa or another chair or table. Table lamps can be positioned on an end table, behind the sofa on a console table, on a side table near an armchair or on a media console shelf.


Because we won’t spend much time in hallways, they only require adequate brightness for us to go through. Installing a couple of wall lamps flanking the hall should be enough for illumination. You can set up a table lamp on a console table, so long as the bulb reaches both ends of the hall.


The most important factor to keep in mind when choosing bathroom fixtures is safety—can the model you chose be used in wet locations? Sconces are the most common bathroom fixture. Recreate a celebrity-style vanity mirror by flanking the mirror over the sink with a pair of awesome wall sconces.


A table lamp on desks, accent tables or nightstand will provide ample light for your small reading nook and home-office space in the room. If you sleep with a partner in a queen- or king-sized bed, you need a second lamp in a matching style and design and on the other bedside table as well, so that each can control his/her own light. Place a floor lamp in a corner of your room near the dresser to illuminate the tabletop.

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