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Table Lamps to Add Sophistication and Style to Your Rooms

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Key Table Lamp Features to Consider While Shopping

It's possible to completely alter the look and vibe of a room with the right lighting. That’s why you need table lamps that can set the mood just right for you. And the best thing about table lamps? You can place them on different surfaces, including bedside tables, living rooms, offices, dining areas, eating surfaces, etc. But what can you consider when choosing the right table lamp?

Ability to Dim Lights

Look for table lamps that allow you to adjust bulb lighting. With a dimmable switch on nightstand lamps, you can increase or decrease the brightness of your lighting.

Ability to Bend Arms

Table lamps with bendable arms make it convenient to avoid annoying glares on screens or illuminate specific areas.

Special Night Light Feature

Table lamps with the night light feature make it convenient, especially if you visit the bathroom at night or have kids who like to sleep with the bedside lamps on. Table lamps with this feature allow you to switch between ambient lighting and soft night light.

Chargeable Ports

Choosing table lamps with a built-in USB port means you don’t always need an outlet to charge. You can plug them into electronic devices like laptops or smartphones while relaxing in living rooms or bedrooms.

How to Pick the Right Table Lamp Shade

Table lamp shades protect your eyes from the harsh glare of bulbs. Most importantly, the shade dramatically influences which direction the light from the lamp shines and the total amount of light that passes through. Here are the features that you should consider when deciding on the right shade for your table lamp:


If using bedside lamps, ensure the base of the shade comes to your chin. If you use a desk lamp or living room lamp, ensure the base is at eye level.

Shade Shapes

Table lamps with vertical-sided shades emit light at the bottom and top, thus covering a wide surface area. Table lamps with wider openings at the bottom than the top shine more at the bottom and spread light over a wide area too. Not your style? You can also place multiple lamps together to provide a brighter look.


Table lamp shades with transparent or partly transparent fabric emit more light than those with thick fabrics. Also, keep in mind that the color of the lampshade can also tint the light emitted. For example, a white fabric shade emits white light, while red ones can emit a warm glow. At Claxy, we’ve got a wide selection of table lamps you use in your room, home office, or outdoors. So, go ahead and choose a lamp that suits your elegance and decor style!


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