Modern Wall Sconce

Claxy offers modern wall sconces made from wood, metal, and glass. Browse the extensive range of designs to find the one that suits your aesthetic sense. Buy today!

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Featuring clean silhouettes with fresh design elements, modern wall sconces are well-suited to interiors that value originality and tastefulness. Not too flashy, but far from boring. While some styles are definitely modernized, with exact lines and no frills, others incorporate cutouts and unique embellishments. What makes modern wall sconce so special is its ability to bring interior design to the next level. The uniqueness of their design details ensures something to suit every eye and design project.

Claxy’s modern wall sconces come in wood, metal and glass to satisfy different aesthetic and textural preferences. Modern wall sconces are a great idea for small spaces or high traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens, or bathrooms, because you can opt for a modern wall sconce that barely protrudes from the wall. Other places to consider might be staircases or above a headboard in a bedroom. Modern wall sconces also portray a sophisticated look to impress your guests.