Industrial Ceiling Lights

From sleek and modern to rustic and weathered finishes, buy industrial ceiling lights suitable to your taste. Just a couple of lights can earn jaw-dropping admiration.

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Industrial ceiling lights can be a tasteful addition to any room in your home that requires overhead lighting. Most industrial ceiling lights are comprised of exposed light bulbs, metallic colors like bronze, brass and chrome, as well as caged shades that appear as if they were pulled straight from a warehouse floor. They can give your home an entirely new feel and lighting scheme and can go well with a house’s overall decor.

As a common implement of low-ceilinged rooms, they find themselves in multiple spaces of the home. In the bedroom, they are concealed and unobtrusive, yet provides ample illumination for the room. Living rooms and hallways also benefit from these ceiling lights, especially when complemented by other forms of lighting like sconces, portable lamps and can lights. Their industrial look and feel allows them to transform the kitchen into a well-designed workspace.