Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Farmhouse pendant lights are charming and stylish additions to any room. Find the farmhouse pendant lights in line with your distinctive taste on and enjoy free shipping.

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Why We Love Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Not to be confused with rustic, the modern farmhouse style is a trend that continues to reinvent itself using modern elements like sleek lines while staying true to its cozy feel. It’s a look where simplicity and minimalism come together with comfort and casual. Farmhouse pendant lights are the ones you should choose for your farmhouse abode to bringing it all together. Look no further than a pendant light fixture. The clean lines of these fixtures match the clean aesthetic of this style and the versatility of the design.

Farmhouse pendant lights exude a welcoming touch to a cozy, lived-in space. Their color palettes filled with relaxing, comforting neutral tones abound in these styles. They not only boast nature-inspired elements, such as rustic wrought iron, distressed wood and the aged glass appeal, but it also effortlessly showcases the best of timeless styles. The reason why many people are drawn to the farmhouse style is because it can be mixed and matched with other styles and the same can be said for farmhouse pendant lighting.

Farmhouse pendant lights meet the best of both classic feel and modern sophistication by taking traditional stylistic elements and fusing it with the best of modern design. As the name suggests, farmhouse light fixtures look like they belong in a 19th century farmhouse with simplicity and quality. The style dates back to a simpler time, which shows through in the design. Modern farmhouse light fixtures add a twist by injecting contemporary elements and 21st century technology into their design. They can bring the cozy, pastoral feel in a way that fits in with the modern home.

Decorate Your Rooms with Right Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Farmhouse pendant lights are a great choice to add a bit of rustic charm to any room. The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms for the farmhouse style. Just like the farmhouse sink, farmhouse kitchen pendant lights will instantly make the room look and feel cozier and more inviting. A single pendant will create a nice visual focal point above a kitchen counter or table. Or, multiple mini farmhouse pendants would look lovely hanging above the kitchen island. Farmhouse pendants can add to the decor of kitchens with that country cottage feel, such as wood tables, glass cabinets, or exposed shelving.

For anyone with a true appreciation of modest means and old-world style, farmhouse pendant offers a visual taste of bucolic beauty for your home. This style of lighting works beautifully just about anywhere you want to welcome a touch of nostalgia into your home. Consider adding farmhouse hanging lights for your family room’s reading corner or add a series of farmhouse mini pendant lights to a bar or recreational area in your finished basement. Install them above your kitchen countertops, island or butcher block for an attractive yet fully functional lighting setup.

The farmhouse style looks great in almost any other area of the house as well. Many designs are a modern take on the traditional lantern or candelabra. Other embrace the soft, warm glow of an exposed bulb through translucent glass. They match well with white walls, and soft, neutral linens. Antique or wood furniture is a classic way to match the farmhouse look for interior design. They will fabulously compliment a hallway with hardwood floors, living room with antique furniture, or a bedroom with weathered decor.

Finishes, Shades and Materials of Farmhouse Pendant Lights

Farmhouse pendant lights are often made from high-quality, long-lasting materials like glass and metal and also from the natural material such as wood, wicker or rattan. They carry a range of finishes including black, bronze, brass and brushed nickel, faux wood and more. They somehow bring the best of bowl, cylinders, sphere, barn and drum shades to create a serene ambiance.

The Right Way to Choose Farmhouse Pendant Lights

When selecting lighting for any part of the home, it helps to consider the space and any unique needs it may have. Before choosing specific farmhouse hanging lights, first determine the use of the space where you will hang them. Ensure that the lighting output is sufficient for your needs and also that the fixture is the right size for the space. You can find the appropriate diameter for your farmhouse ceiling lights by measuring and adding together the length and width of the room and then searching for fixtures of that diameter in inches.

Claxy’s Gorgeous Collection of Farmhouse Pendant Lights

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