Semi Flush Ceiling Light

Semi flush ceiling light hugs the ceiling to provide good illumination and sets the tone for style in the room. Don't miss claxy's gorgeous selection of semi flush-mounts.

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What Is a Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Semi-flush mount ceiling light is a type of light fixture that hangs just a small distance (approximately 4 inches-8 inches) between the ceiling and the body of the fixture. This small separation between the fixture and the ceiling enables a room to be amply illuminated as light not only casts downward but upward reflecting off the ceiling as well. These valuable light fixtures allow for installation on 8-foot to 9-foot ceilings with ample clearance below.

The right ceiling light fixture completes a room. It provides enough light to illuminate a space for general use, while simultaneously enhancing the room’s overall personality. However, some rooms do not have the needed clearance for hanging lights. The solution for adding the necessary lighting in these rooms without sacrificing on style is a semi-flush mount ceiling light.

Characteristics Of a Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light

Neither too long nor too short, semi-flush ceiling lights are just right. They are the unsung heroes of low ceiling-oriented lighting designs. Semi-flush mount lighting fixtures have a compact size that makes them suitable for spaces with low ceilings. However, they have a little extra oomph in the ceiling canopy they hang from. Just this few inches of suspension from the ceiling canopy is functional as well as aesthetic. The distance results in ambient uplight or downlight depending on the shape and size of the fixture. Their designs most often include drum-shaped or bowl-shaped shades. However there are still many that break away from that convention with sculptural, sparkling style.

Boasting a compact form that is slightly suspended from a canopy, semi-flush mount ceiling lights are a practical combination of hanging lights and flush mount lights. They are perfect for rooms that desire the decorative effect of pendant lights but don’t have the necessary ceiling height. In a kitchen, they are an ideal addition as they provide generous, ambient light and personality to the room.

Unlike traditional flush-mount lights, semi flush-mount lights provide a bit of protrusion for a dynamic, eye-catching appeal. Think of semi-flush lights as the middle ground between the flush-mount ceiling light and the chandelier. You might even think of them as semi-flush chandeliers, if you like.

These ultra-versatile fixtures are a top-notch pick for home and business owners looking to add the perfect blend of decorative style and practical illumination to their spaces. Each of semi flush-mount lighting fixtures is capable of illuminating large areas from above. These lighting fixtures feature delightful design elements that capture your special decor theme.

Where Should We Hang a Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Light?

Many homeowners prefer the semi-flush style over flush-mount fixtures in low-ceiling dining rooms or kitchens. These fixtures are a perfect choice for those who love the look of pendant lights and chandeliers but don’t have enough airspace for a style with a long chain or suspension pole. These lights also look lovely when installed above a bed in the bedroom or over a bar or fireplace in the living room or den. Whether in the bedroom or kitchen, they are sure to bring the balance of style and sensibility to your space.

Semi flush ceiling light is suitable for providing decorative warm and welcoming lighting, especially in foyer areas or the entryway. They also act as focal points for kitchen lighting, for adding light over breakfast nooks or being the source of light in smaller dining rooms. In the low-ceilinged bedrooms, such ceiling light pairs with wall sconces, reading lamps or table lamps to provide ample light. In the hallway, these decorative fixtures will offer the illumination you need without hanging too low from the ceiling.

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These low profile lights come in a variety of finishes. It is advised to use the existing finishes around your home as your cue for selecting the right finish that is perfectly compatible with your furniture and accessories. If the door handles and cabinet hardware are all in brushed nickel, choose lighting fixtures in a complementary finish.

Browse for the best selection of semi flush mount ceiling lights. These versatile fixtures come in designs for every interior style. You might prefer a simple modern semi-flush mount for minimalist decor. You may also pick a brushed nickel semi-flush mount for retro homes or an elaborate semi-flush ceiling light with a bronze finish for traditional decor. The type of shade can make a big difference, too. Oil rubbed bronze lights are popular now, but we also have lights with black, brass and rustic dark brown finishes.

Combining the style and refinement of chandeliers and suspensions with the smaller footprint of a ceiling flush mount, they are the perfect way to bring light, character, and a more finished look to smaller contemporary spaces. Shop semi flush-mounts from to add personal touch to your home and complete your interior with Claxy’s ceiling lights.