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Everything You Need to Know about Wood Globe Pendants

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Whether for study rooms, guest rooms, home studio, or party purposes, each corner in our house has specific lighting needs. That's why we should hang different light fixtures to suit our lighting needs. And one  such option is the wood globe pendant.


Remember, you need to think about three separate layers of lighting plan while illuminating a particular space. It applies to small and large size rooms. The layers are general or ambient lighting, accent/bright lighting, and task lighting. The right wood globe pendants can offer perfect ambient lighting to your home. So, let's check out what we should know about wood globe pendant lights: types and features of these light fixtures, and how these lights can benefit you.


Basic Categorization in Wood Globe Pendants

You will see many different pendant designs. More often, pendant manufacturers classify their pendants with their own terminology. Nevertheless, you will find two necessary wood globe pendants:



    • Multi-light Wood Globe Pendants: Many people prefer to call them cluster-pendants. Their design features multiple lights, from two to four to twelve lights in one light. Besides, a central fixture holds all these lights together. Multi-light pendants are very efficient and convenient to use in places where you have only one electrical opening in the ceiling. These pendants help you emulate that traditional and vintage look of a chandelier.


    • Downlight Wood Globe Pendants: These pendants mostly feature a lampshade design directing the glow, of course, downwards. So, this unique downlight design makes them suitable for workrooms, especially for task illumination. They are also suited for fine-detailed jobs like cooking, writing, or reading. That's why these pendants are very common in homes, mainly over kitchen islands.




Types of Wood Globe Pendants

Depending on the pendant manufacturer and model, the functioning of each pendant may differ.


  • Plug-in Pendant: These pendants are quite easy to operate. You don’t need to hard-wire the pendant or hire a technician to install the light fixture. Just plug your pendant into the outlet and the space is brightened up. Remember, these pendants need long cords.


  • Hardwired Pendant: These pendants work like a permanent fixture. That's because they don't involve dangling cables or plugs. As a result, you can create a much clearer and more elegant look with these pendants.


  • Retractable Cord Pendant: These pendants are unique since they feature retractable cords. So, you can adjust them for many tasks with different settings.


The Advantages and Features of Today's Wood Globe Pendants

As we all know, wood is a famous, universal and handy material suitable mainly for hand-crafted products. It offers an organic vibe when it comes to pendants. People who desire to remodel their house and introduce a country-chic or farmhouse look should pick a wood pendant. Nowadays, many modern wood pendants can suit all decors.

These light fixtures can change the overall mood and ambiance of your room. They can provide a unique touch of character and showcase the beauty of geometry, to complete your rustic, French country, or sophisticated modern looks.

Moreover, wood is valuable for being a natural and eco-friendly material. Many manufacturers prefer to use first-grade, sustainable forest wood. As a result, you can use the recycled ones, accordingly. Besides, the use of premium quality, solid woods ensure each light fixture’s sturdiness and durability, which means your pendant will last longer.


Styles and Finishes of Wood Globe Pendants

Pendant style is the most crucial feature while picking the wood globe pendant light.


  • Traditional: The wood globe pendant light sometimes consists of more materials like metal or crystal. These hardware elements come with an embellished and traditional look. This particular pendant style provides an elegant and timeless look.


  • Contemporary: Other than traditional styles, this look is widely accepted. It comes with clear and sharp lines with a minimalistic appearance.


  • Transitional: Well, this specific style combines modern and traditional looks. So, you can get a customized and personalized pendant by mixing different components of both looks.


How to Pick the Top Model of Wood Globe Pendant Light?

Like bronze, gold, or other material pendants, you will find many different finishes in the woods. Each wood globe pendant has a unique attribute, polish, and refinement. If you want lighter, clear tones that can liven up your room, go for an off-white rustic model.

Similarly, if you want to match such pendant lights with your existing decor, go for darker woods with vibrant visual texture. Remember, wood is much more versatile than you can imagine. Therefore, wood globe pendants can blend into almost all types of home decors. The most popular styles are rustic pendant chandeliers and farmhouse pendants. Both styles radiate charming glow to your living space. They can be the premier focus of your rooms.


Plan Your Well-Organized Room Design With Wood Globe Pendants

Well, it is relatively easy to improve the ambiance and mood of your house. A wood globe pendant will do the trick. However, the pendant design should match the size, background, and color of the room.

While hanging this pendant, make sure you plan its installation position. For that, check your room and find out the spaces that lack enough illumination. Once you find the perfect space, install the pendant either yourself or with the help of a professional electrician.

Generally, wood pendants are installed in the kitchen, if possible, over the kitchen island. Lastly, figure out the right pendant size before the installation.



That's all about wood globe pendants and their features. At Claxy, you can find top-selling wood pendant designs crafted of different materials and sporting various styles and looks. Go check out Claxy's website right now! You can get quality wood globe pendant designs from the website, without hassle. However, note that a bigger wood pendant is perfect for hanging over a big dining table. Likewise, you can use a mini model of pendant over the countertops. Place your pendant at least 30 to 35 inches above the surface to get the best illumination effects.



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