Globe Pendant Light

Claxy is bringing curves back in vogue with its vast array of globe pendant lights. Find the one that suits your taste and make your house stand out in your neighborhood.

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Globe pendant light softens a room’s look and feel while illuminating both large and small areas with ease. They allow you to dazzle with your home’s lighting decor with a universal form that captures the gaze and brings peace to your home. Characterized by their spherical nature, this form of pendant lights brings contemporary elegance to any room.

A globe pendant light can act as a standalone statement piece for important gathering rooms such as the dining room or living room. They can also be used throughout a room to provide feelings of symmetry and consistency to a room’s interior design and lighting. For example, consider adding multiple small globe pendant lights over a counter, or three above a rectangular dining table for a dramatic look with even lighting – one pendant on each end and one above the centerpiece.