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Claxy's Farmhouse Pendants That Really Shine in Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Finding a good light fixture that serves more than one purpose in your kitchen is never an easy task. If you're looking for a luminaire like this, give farmhouse pendants a try. It will offer you both practicality and aesthetics in your living space.


What is Pendant Lighting?

Pendant lighting, also sometimes referred to as a drop or suspender lighting, involves using a single light fixture that, in most cases, is hung from the ceiling. You can use a chain, cord, or metal to hang this type of light.


If you worry that your living space is small, you better brighten it up with farmhouse pendants because they can make the space appear bigger. It emits and radiates inviting light rays that set a sharp tone in your home.

You can choose more than one pendant with a series of eye-catching finishes. Since the lights are fully dimmable, you can regulate the amount of brightness you want to have.


Why Should I Choose Farmhouse Pendants?


    • Trend: If you want to keep up with the modern lighting trends, farmhouse pendant lights will serve you well. They can add a nice and stylish look to your home. Farmhouse pendant lighting is one of the most on-trend lights at Claxy.


    • Simple but Classic: Farmhouse pendants that are crafted of glass, metal, and wood incorporate both simplicity and versatility. The decor made from these materials is an ideal way to enhance overall home design.


    • Perfect for Large Homes: Such light fixtures serve to keep the large homes brightly-lit and create a warm and welcoming ambiance. They work best in large dining areas, kitchen, living room, bedroom, foyer, dark corners, working desks, and more. They glam up your spaces and create that center of attention wherever they are placed or hung.


How to Choose Farmhouse Pendant Lights?

At Claxy, there are farmhouse pendant lights available in different styles and a wide variety of finishes too.

1.    Open Design: We all hate harsh light as it can cause fatigue and headaches. Make sure to get a farmhouse pendant that is open on the top to avoid too much brightness.

2.    Existing Lighting: The kind of illumination you want to achieve or expect to achieve with your farmhouse pendant is highly dependent on the lights you already have. For instance, if you have many pot lights on your ceiling, you'll need a single decorative pendant to change the whole scene. Take note of your available lighting, and your pendants will fill the gaps.

3.    Size Relativity: If the area you want your pendant to illuminate is large, then you'll need a big pendant. You can choose a single-based pendant and complement it with three small lights.


Farmhouse Pendant lights at CLAXY - Top Designs


1. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Mini Design With 3 Lights    

The pendant light’s lamp holders and the lids of mason jars boast an oil rubbed bronze finish, giving a  refined vintage feel to your home decor. Crafted of impurity-free clear class, three shades are suspended from a square oak wood canopy finished in distressing off-white, delivering a touch of rough elegance to the fixture. It consists of three dangling mason jars of the same size and hung at varying heights, resembling the aeolian bells.  It works well in your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and living room.


  2. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Golden Bronze With 4-Lights   

The  4-light pendant light’s canopy, hanging rod, lamp holders, and arched arms show off a rustproof dark brown finish which contains tiny gold flecks. Crafted from alabaster frosted glass, its white glass dome shades add a modern chic to your aesthetic. Its canopy features a swivel to accommodate sloped ceilings.

Four glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. The pendant light’s UL listed ceramic lamp-holders are high temperature resistant. It makes an eye-catching addition to your kitchen and living room. Being fully dimmable, it comes with three 12-inch rods and one 6-inch rod so you can play with its heights.


  3. Farmhouse Pendant Light - Cage Type Hanging  Lamps    

Finished in oil rubbed bronze, the pendant light lends a vintage touch to your living space. Crafted from solid metal, it is durable and rustproof. Its diamond metal cage conveys geometric elegance and contemporary appeal to your aesthetic with its art deco element. The cage shade flaunts three sides of triangular wire mesh and encircles an exposed bulb in the middle. A charming and diffused glow shines through the airy shade, creating wonderful light effects and shades. It can be used to provide both function and style in your kitchen, living room, bedroom, entryway, hallway, foyer, and stairwell. It is fully dimmable with a compatible dimmer switch and a dimmable bulb.


  4. Farmhouse Pendant Lighting - Best Black Pendant             

The globe pendant’s matte black finish gives your home a hint of modern flair. Its spherical metal shade flaunts an atom-inspired design structure that crisscrosses and weaves to encircle five candelabra-inspired lights. Its socket covers and arms boast a glittering brass finish, revitalizing the space with a touch of bling.

The light fixture’s mix of finishes encompasses both contemporary qualities and a touch of geometry, yet maintains a vintage feel. This is the perfect fixture to transform your dining room, kitchen, office, foyer, and hallway. This luminaire will stand out in your dining room when placed together with your existing  decor and complement each other.


  5. Farmhouse Pendant Light - 3-Light Chandelier Cage           

The 3-light wood pendant light acts as an ornamental light in your living space. The pendant light’s canopy, chain, arms, and the trapezoidal cage are fashioned with a semi gloss black finish. Its lamp holders sport a brass finish, sprucing up your interior with metallic shimmer. The light fixture’s beautiful dual finish makes an industrial yet rustic statement in your living area.

The pendant light’s trapezoidal cage encases three exposed bulbs pointing upward, providing the perfect finishing touch to your aesthetic. The cage is topped with four curvy arms, generating a dramatic look that will impress. It can be a new showpiece for your dining room, entryway, foyer, kitchen, and living room with its French country style.


Final Thoughts

Farmhouse pendant lighting can fit well into different rooms. Such light fixtures offer perfection in both function and form, delivering light as well as its own aesthetic qualities. With the tips mentioned above on choosing your farmhouse pendant lighting, you can now select the right one at Claxy that suits your needs. You can start by getting a single pendant that coordinates with your existing decors to give your interior both classic touch and modern sophistication.



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