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These Plug-in Pendant Lighting Ideas are Easy on the Eyes

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Have you ever been annoyed by the process of hard wiring and installing a junction box on your new light fixture? If you are living in a home with limited space or living in a temporary housing, such as dorm rooms, apartments, or condos, those light fixtures that are space saving and can be easily removed work best for you. If you still have no idea what to choose, look no further than plug-in pendant lights.


Plug-in pendant lights are a great way to glam up the space while saving a ton of money. You don’t have to pay for the installation of a light fixture and you can also be free from the hassle of installing a junction box or hardwiring. All you have to do is to suspend the light fixtures from the ceiling by a screw-in hook. They are versatile enough to be easily moved to different rooms or a new location. If you've been looking for ways to upgrade your small space or temporary home, scroll through these plug-in pendant lighting ideas that will always work.


Plug-in Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room

1.    Spherical and Atom-inspired

A globe pendant light makes a rather dramatic sight in the living room with its circular silhouette. Its spherical metal shade flaunts an atom-inspired design structure that crisscrosses and weaves to surround a bulb. Being fitted with 20mm metal strips, its four metal circles can be adjusted to get a slightly different look by loosening the screws. The light fixture’s dark brown finish works well with the tortilla wood floor and the orange brown table. It stands out vividly against the white wall, the white ceiling, and the white window, and the white chair. The pendant, the flowers, and the green plants take a twist and inject some colors into this otherwise monochrome color palette.


2.    Barn and Pebble Cut

A pair of plug-in pendant lights hanging beside the couch provide a pop of personality to the small living room. Exquisitely crafted, they are amazing pieces of art than mere light fixtures. The luminaires flaunt white or cantaloupe barn shades with unique pebble cuts, livening up the room with an unexpected flair. A charming glow shines through the airy shade featuring surprising design, creating intriguing light effects. The muted colors of the light fixtures along with the canary throw and the canary cushions bring a vibrant twist to the room while the gray couch, the gray table and the dark brown floor serve as the neutral base for the bright colors to pop.


Plug-in Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room

3.    A Mix of Finishes

Being dressed in black, the pendant light’s power cord and canopy convey an understated grace to the dining room. It consists of three ceramic globe shades that are in different sizes and suspended at varied heights. The globe shades in cantaloupe provide stunning decorative detail and just the right amount of color to the space. The light fixture’s mix of finishes encompasses both classic touch and modern elements, which showcases a transitional feel. The exterior of the chairs repeat the pendant’s black finish while the cantaloupe lampshades are a great match for beige floor and the beige ceiling. Featuring mini and bright-colored lampshades, the luminaire disperses an appealing glow throughout the room.


4.    An Industrial Look and Hollow Design

The industrial pendant lights mounted on the exposed beams serve as an instant texture boost to perk up the dining room. The exterior of its barn shade is coated in a satin black finish while it flaunts a white finish on the interior, maximizing reflectivity and offering a perfect finish. The hollow design on the upper part of the lampshade reveals the exposed bulb, sending out an air of nostalgia and elegance. The antique brass lamp holders glam up the design while the barn shades enhance the industrial look of the light fixtures. The satin black finish of the pendant lights set them apart from the white ceiling, the white cabinet, and the white chairs.


Plug-in Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

5.    Mismatched Shade Colors

A pair of plug-in pendant lights elevate the bedside space of the bedroom with their lovely dome shades. Sporting the calming colors of black and maya blue, they exude soft and calming light rays to make for a peaceful escape. Their black finish of the power cords and the lampshade also appears in the pillow, the artwork, and the area rug. The mismatched colors of the light fixtures create a stark contrast and showcases the home owner’s individual style. The maya blue light fixture and the green plants add a pop of color that keep the room’s color scheme from falling flat. The wall, the chair, the nightstand, and the bedding in plain colors provide a rich backdrop for the intense color.


6.    Dual-colored and Cone

Three plug-in pendant lights upgrade the bedroom with rich textural appeal. Their power cords, lamp holders, and the upper parts of their cone shades boast a black finish while the rest of the lampshades are in sepia tan. Crafted of natural stoneware, they show off the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern art. A cluster of three lights give the space a gorgeous and subtle glow. The tufted headboard, the pillow, the nightstand, and the quilt mimic the luminaires’ black accent. The cornflower blue drapes, the blueberry blue walls, and the maya blue bed sheet evoke a sense of the sea and help to turn the bedroom into a cozy escape.


Plug-In Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

7.    Bisque and Barn

A trio of plug-in pendant lights are definitely instant eye-catchers hanging above the kitchen island. Their barn shades feature a few cutout ovals, allowing for a luminous glow to seep through the holes and creating intriguing light effects and shades. They create a comfy ambiance in the kitchen and make every moment you spend in the kitchen delightful and enjoyable. The light fixtures boast black canopies and power cords while their barn shades are coated with a bisque finish. Their lovely bisque hue plays well with the beige floor, the white walls, and the sepia cabinets and shelf. The black stools, the black shelf in the kitchen island, and the black kitchen ware bring out tones from luminaires, adding a punch to the space.


8.    Red and Globe

Two globe pendant lights in the kitchen supply a dash of drama without overpowering the rest of the space. The light fixtures’ crimson globe shades lend a touch of shimmer with their carefully cut and faceted surface. They are real pieces of art as well as eye-catching jewelry to for the space. They cast wonderful shadows and reflections that are much like the crystal shine to give the kitchen an unrivaled level of sophistication. The black finish of their canopies and power cords are suggested by kitchen island and the cabinets, pulling the decors into a cohesive unit. The crimson luminaires and other kitchen ware in red add a unique touch of character while the furnishings in neutral colors serve to keep the bold colors from going over the top.



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