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Give Your Home a Timeless Touch with a Candle Chandelier

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

When talking of choosing a right light fixture for your home, some homeowners prefer the luminaires that are just on trend for the year. On the other hand, for the budget-savvy consumers, those light fixtures that offer a classic touch they'll love for the years to come will be a great fit for their lifestyle. If you are one of these consumers, a candle chandelier suits you best. These light fixtures bring extra elegance and old-world charm while still working well with your existing decors. They contribute to set a romantic mood and inject a touch of warmth into your home with their simulated candlelight. Allow us to spark your creativity with the candle chandelier lighting ideas below.


Candle Chandelier Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room:

1.     Crystal Accent and Bronze

The grandiose presence of this crystal chandelier instantly elevates the luxury of the living room. Supported by scrolling arms, the light fixture’s candle-style lights are arranged symmetrically along the metal frame. The arms add a sense of movement and a refined touch to the room. The crystal bead strands featuring teardrop pendants draping from the scrolling arms command attention and illuminate the room with the refracted light from the crystal pendants. Its arms, bobeches, and chain boast a bronze finish while the rest of the fixture is in beige. Its beige finish plays well with the beige walls, the beige exposed beams, the furniture in beige and dandelion, and the area rug. The sprinkled raspberry tones and the plush textural fabrics, and the bright-colored flowers exude feminity and provide an exciting visual element along with the chandelier.


2.     Globe and Atom-inspired Design

The iron candle chandelier has all the style and modern sophistication to rejuvenate this traditional living room. Six beige candle sticks contrast the circular shade in black to add zing to the room. Its spherical metal shade flaunts an atom-inspired design structure that crisscrosses and weaves to encircle six candelabra-inspired lights. Its breezy and airy shade perfectly highlights the exposed bulbs and candle sticks inside. The drapes, the sofas, and the walls in the living room repeat the light fixture’s beige accent while its dark finish is a great fit for the table lamps and the picture frame. The cerulean containers, the checkered cushions in lime and the candle globe chandelier provide an attractive eye appeal.


Candle Chandelier Lighting Ideas For Your Dining Room:

3.     Gently Contoured and Chrome

A large candle chandelier steals the show with its gently contoured metal frame. Being dressed in a chrome finish, the metal frame makes the home interior fizz with a touch of glitz. Eight candle-style lights in white are arranged symmetrically along the metal frame. The frame is suspended by a quartet of iron rods extending upward in a pyramidal shape, rounding out the design with an element of surprise. The light fixture’s canopy, chain, and rods show off a dark brown finish, which is well-suited to the caramel hue of the exposed beams, the dining table, and the wood floor. The periwinkle armchairs are mismatched with the magenta chairs, which creates a stark contrast and showcases the homeowner’s personal taste.


4.     Rectangular and Black

The candle chandelier lighting showcases a rectangular metal cage, which will make sure all eyes are on the breath-taking light fixture. The open cage of the chandelier is adorned with a circular accent to inject a touch of whimsy into the room. Eight soft flowing arms are topped with the bobeches and the candelabra-inspired lights around the cage to give this chandelier a sense of symmetry. Its beige candlesticks pair nicely with table lamps, the sepia ceiling, and the sepia drapes. The cabinets and the legs of the dining chair repeat its black accent. The area rug and the dining chairs’ back upholstery in medallion and chilli red incorporate color into this otherwise neutral room.


Candle Chandelier Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom:

5.     Drum and Antique Brass

The drum chandelier boasting a white fabric shade serves as a refreshing sight that a bedroom needs. The white drum shade that encases six candle-style lights in the middle conveys an understated grace. The candle-style lights finished in antique brass and the crystal bottom accent deliver a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and shine. The bedding, the nightstands, the table lamp shade, and the window shade carry the color of the white fabric shade. The candle light chandelier’s antique brass finish works nicely with the egg nog tufted headboard, pale brown settee bench, and the beige wall to add unbeatable character. The baby blue armchairs, the peacock blue throw, and the baby blue table lamp stems strike a calm and relaxing chord and create a peaceful dreamland for your sleep time.


6.     Pillar Candle and Black Finish

To provide elegant drama to this traditional bedroom, nothing is better than a pillar candle chandelier. Six gracefully arched arms support the beige pillar candle sticks and the black bobeches and its dual finish lend a ton of texture to the room. The light fixture has a mesmerizing contrast against the rest of the decors with its retro black hue. The stunning glow it emits creates a calming ambiance that you can count on to be the perfect antidote to a long and stressful day. The capri pillows, the chartreuse throw, the chartreuse cushion, the Peru brown and chartreuse walls, and the imperial blue and mustard yellow drapes add a punch to the room with pops of cheerful colors.


Candle Chandelier Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen:

7.     Spherical Accent and Tricolored

If you are in need of an instant eye-catcher for your kitchen, this candle light chandelier featuring a tricolor combination can be a right candidate. The two-tiered design of the light fixture delivers a gorgeous source of multifaceted light for the kitchen. The column of the luminaire in walnut brown is embellished by three spheres in varied sizes. The beige candle-style lights pair nicely with the walnut brown column to impart rich textural appeal. The delicately curved arms and the chain in black set it apart from the white cabinets, the white walls, and white range hood. The countertops and the drapes in turquoise add a vibrant twist and a touch of character to the space.


8.     White Finish and Sweeping Arms

The white candle chandelier conveys an understated grace and serves as an instant texture boost in the kitchen with its white finish. It is fitted with upward sweeping curved arms topped with lovely bobeches and candle sticks. Its intricate details bring an unrivaled level of sophistication and an element of surprise. This eight-light luminaire gives off awesome light rays to make the kitchen a comfy space for both cooking and dining. It complements the white cabinets, white appliances, the white flowy drapes, and the white floor to blissfully tie this space together. The baby pink walls provide a pop of personality and a feminine touch to the kitchen.


Candle Chandelier Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom:

9.     Arched Arms and Bronze Finish

A bathroom candle chandelier creates a look that is sure to grab a few glances in this Mediterranean bathroom. The light fixture’s upward elegantly arched arms, bobeches, and the chain fashioned with a bronze finish offers stunning decorative detail to the space. The wall lights, the tapware, and the cabinets mimic the bronze hue of the luminaire. Its beige candle sticks, the ochre curtains, the tiles, the paint color, and the vanity top all in dandelion are accented with the trademark Mediterranean colors that give the room a sun-drenched feel. The chandelier’s beautiful dual finish encompasses both vintage qualities and industrial elements, yet maintains a rustic edge.


10.     Brushed Nickel and Sparkling Accent

Showing off a satin nickel finish, the candle-style chandelier rejuvenates the space with Metallic shimmer. The drama is taken up a notch in this space with the sparkling crystal pendants draping from the arching arms and top accent. Its white candelabra-inspired lights perfectly coordinate with the white cabinets, the white mirror frames, and the white bathtub. The light fixture’s satin nickel finish is voiced by the wall lights flanking the mirrors, the metal wire mesh on the window, the tapware, and the towel hangers, somehow pulling all the decors into a cohesive unit. The red flowers and the artworks on the beige walls bring some colors into an otherwise monochrome space.



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