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8 Modern Pendant Lighting Ideas That Make Your Kitchen Elegant

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Modern Pendant Lighting Ideas That Make Your Kitchen Elegant


Looking to perform a simple update to your current kitchen design? Believe it or not, it will make a big difference just by adding some modern lighting to your kitchen. Being a kitchen lighting favorite for homeowners, a modern pendant light is a fascinating work of art that illuminates the work surfaces in the kitchen and serves as a high-style statement maker. A modern pendant always wins when it comes to the light fixture that is best suited to your countertops, kitchen sink, and dining tables. It offers endless possibilities to cultivate a look that’s unique and stylish in your kitchen. Are you tempted to see your kitchen in a brand-new light? We're spotlighting some modern pendant lighting ideas to keep the place where you complete your culinary tasks or gather with family and friends well-lit, elegant, and functional.



1. Opaque Disks Make For a Touch Of Whimsy


This transitional eat-in kitchen gets a lovely lift from a modern pendant light hanging above the dining table. Being fitted with thirty-five rounded white ABS discs, the light fixture showcases a floral silhouette that gives the space a touch of whimsy. The opaque discs vibrantly reflect the internal light source in unique ways from different angles. The discs are held aloft by a myriad of metal bars being connected to a sphere. Its airy design allows for a luminous glow to seep through the cracks and makes cooking and dining more interesting along with a pair of glass pendants above the small table. Its white disks pair nicely with the white ceiling, the white door, and the white tiles. The light fixture, the flowers, the green plants, and the floral-patterned upholstery offer a natural touch to the space.


2. Diamond Cages Flaunt An Elegant Geometry


A trio of mini pendant lights bring both great proportion and character to the kitchen island. An array of bended metal wires are put together to form a diamond silhouette. Their clean lines and open framework give the space a cool air of modern sophistication and lend a touch of geometry. Dispersing soft and stunning light ray, they supply a dash of drama and add weight to the space. The white chairs, the white ceiling, and other white furnishing pick up on the color of their white finish. The gray tiles, gray mosaic tile backsplash, and the gray quartzite countertops provide the perfect canvas for the pendants, the cherry red containers, and the cherry red cabinet island to pop.


3. Three Canary Pendants Bring Zest To The Space


The brisk canary hue of modern pendant lights in this transitional kitchen will make sure all eyes are on the light fixtures. Their translucent bell shades add a sense of movement and exciting visual element to the kitchen with their fluted accent. They stand out from the white cabinets, the stainless steel appliances, the gray countertop, and the white stools while their canary hue blends perfectly with the tawny wood floor. Their white interior serves to maximize reflectivity so that they can radiate an inviting and diffused glow. The luminaires lend a vibrant twist and inject stunning decorative detail to the space along with the air superiority blue peninsula, the artwork, and the hunter green walls.


4. Play with Texture with Wicker Pendants


Being hand woven from wicker and metal wires, three pendant lamps above the island give the kitchen a rustic look with a hint of factory chic. Their natural texture serves to soften the home decor while bringing a timeless feel and a unique touch of character. They give off a radiant glow with the top and bottom of the bell shades constructed of bare metal wires. The dining chairs, the bench, and the dining table at the breakfast nook repeat their wicker accent and tussock hue. Their earthy appearance is ideal for this beach style kitchen. The cushions featuring different shades of blue, the maya blue and sapphire blue upholstery of the dining chairs, and the coral containers enhance the beach theme of the kitchen. They also create the illusion that you are living by the seaside along with the luminaires even if you don’t.


5. Dual-tone Shades Pull the Space Together


A triplet of modern pendant lights will have everyone in the kitchen staring up at the ceiling with their lovely appearance. Their mini cone shades crafted of glass showcase a dual tone that imparts rich textural appeal to the space. The pendants’ dusty teal lamp holders mimic the colors of the table lamp stem, some of the decorations on the shelf, the olive green countertops, the olive green dining stools, and the light teal walls, which pulls the space together. All bright-colored decors deliver dramatic decorative impact and provide a pop of personality to the kitchen. The light fixtures radiate delicate and charming light rays as the white glass shades soften the brightness from the light bulbs. The Tuscany yellow floor and other yellow decors give the space an extra kick of excitement.


6. Orange Pendants Command Attention


A duet of conversation-starting modern pendants command attention in this contemporary kitchen. With the canopies and the barn shades accented with a brisk orange finish, the light fixtures give the space a bit of drama and an instant uplift. The arctic blue backsplash and the laguna yellow dining chairs elevate the drama to new heights. The pendant lights’ dented accent and the white power cords grant themselves a refined touch and a hint of elegance. Their orange hue somehow blends well with the tortilla wood tone of the floor and the desk and other orange decor. The gray countertops, the white cabinets, the white windows, the stainless steel appliances, and the white walls provide a rich backdrop for the intense colors.


7. The Globe shades Add a Bit of Coziness


Three modern pendant lights over the dining table are prone to draw all eyes upward to the ceiling with their two-tone finish and globe shades. Their canopies and lamp holders finished in brushed nickel coordinate with the stainless steel appliances. The light fixtures’ hanging rods and top accent are fashioned with a tortilla faux wood finish. Similar tortilla hue appears in wood tone of the countertops and the wood floor. The globe pendants are amazing additions to this transitional interior, as their rounded profile softens the clean lines of the modern styles and adds a bit of coziness. Those orange containers, orange appliances, and tomato red table legs bring a dose of edge to the design along with the pendant lights. Mismatched chairs in the kitchen is a good way to show off the home owner’s personality and character.


8. The Dome Shade Brings Zing to the Space


The modern pendant above the small dining table at the breakfast nook provides a ton of eye appeal to the kitchen. Its canopy and dome shade dressed in a bumblebee yellow finish serve as instant eye-catchers that bring zing to the kitchen. Fitted with a large rounded bulb, the luminaire radiates a gorgeous glow to the space and creates a comfy atmosphere for dining and cooking. The light fixture’s dynamic hue perfectly complements the tawny wooden countertops. Its dome shade, the orange-and-white area rug, and the orange wall color of the breakfast nook contrast the white cabinets, the gray floor, and the stainless steel appliances. They make for a mid-century color palette and give the kitchen a burst of colors.



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