Mini Pendant Lights

Being a petite counterpart of larger pendant lights, mini pendant lights encompasses functional flexibility and versatile style. Get the mini pendant lights you like on claxy.

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What Is a Mini Pendant Light

Mini pendant lights are generally 12 inches wide or less. They should be about 65 to 70 inches above the floor. The bottom of the glass or shade should be 28 to 34 inches above the counter or table. If you need to hang more than one, a good rule of thumb is to hang one fixture for every two feet of counter space. Hung from canopies by cord, wire, chain or downrods, they are usually sloped ceiling adaptable. Install the canopy into a junction box and gravity makes the pendant hang straight. Trim the cord and chain or join downrods to achieve the desired height.

An inspired choice for any home, mini pendants are among the versatile lighting solutions available to interior designers and homeowners. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, mini pendants is perfect for lighting everything from dark breakfast nooks to long counter-tops with ease. They illuminate dark corners, and when they are in pairs and trios, offer dimension to long counter-tops and cafe spaces. Mini pendants for kitchen use are popular as they present a unique opportunity to accentuate existing decor without using valuable countertop space.

Characteristics of Mini Pendants

Mini pendants are great for contributing to your kitchen lighting scheme. Homeowners usually use small pendants for the kitchen around the food service/preparation area or suspend them over the kitchen island. Where you find a kitchen island being illuminated from one source of light, they allow you to achieve the same lighting effect from multiple points of light. They also provide an extra dash of downlighting while creating a color splash with their varied hues.

Mini pendant lamps’ focused glow is beneficial for a work of art on a dining table or a buffet table. You’ll find a cluster of mini pendants in the entryway can create a warm welcome for friends and family. Many of the mini pendant light fixtures featured in this collection are part of a larger collection as well. It’s easy to create a lighting design scheme with other pieces from the same brand or product family.

Finishes and Styles of Mini Pendants

Mini pendants flaunt the finishes such as copper, bronze, silver and brass, adding a glint of glamour to any space. There are lots of mini pendant light styles available from colored glass globes to metal cylinders and even abstract designs.

For a classic look, glass mini pendants create a vintage-inspired visual effect that can span a wide variety of interior design styles ranging from mid-century modern to classic Victorian styles. A metal mini pendant lends a cool industrial vibe to any space as well. Small pendants are great for adding small amounts of light to dark spaces and setting the mood for restaurants, cafes and more.

Where Should We Hang Mini Pendants?

You can’t talk about mini pendant lights for kitchen use without first looking at kitchen islands. Traditionally, these design staples are difficult to light, with overhead ceiling lights producing light that’s too wide spread for targeting properly. Kitchen mini pendants over islands and long cafe-style counter-tops introduce light at a variable height for ideal targeting. Mini pendants allow you to vary the height to get a welcoming ambiance, not too close and crowded. Moreover, they also perfectly set to create light and atmosphere without overpowering. Another bonus that comes with mini pendants for kitchen islands is the introduction of form and dimension to your space. In most instances, your decorative range is pretty limited on islands, which look cluttered with too much on them.

Pendant lighting in the bathroom is becoming a popular ceiling light option. Mini pendant lighting is the perfect style to add to your bathroom lighting installation. Small hanging lights help to direct light where you need it (and only where you need it). They create ambience and prevents unnecessary glare from mirrors and large windows. A single mini pendant flanking the sink provides task lighting for washing hands or brushing teeth, and illuminates the counter.

A unique and highly modern way to add mini pendant to a bedroom is by suspending them above a bedside table. Not only do they provide the task lighting needed for reading or working in bed, but mini pendants are also a space-saving solution that keeps the bedside table available for other things such as an alarm clock, books, or glass of water.

Mini Pendants on Claxy

Claxy’s collection of small pendants span a wide variety of interior design styles. From traditional mini pendant designs to fit homes with classic decor to modern mini pendants that act as a decorative presence in any space, you’ll find the mini pendants you need here. Bring light and character to your space with Claxy’s collection of mini pendants. Visit and search for the mini pendants that are compatible with your unique taste.