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Pick a Pretty Lantern Pendant Light to Brighten Your Space

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Why Should You Invest in a Lantern Pendant Light Fixture?

Buying a lantern pendant light can uplift the ambiance of your rooms and outdoors. They come in different designs and creative looks, making them suitable for any modern, traditional, or contemporary home aesthetic. Typically, a lantern pendant light fixture features a cage surrounded by glass, and you can use it to light up your hallways, dining room, kitchen island, and outdoor porches.

Choosing the Best Lantern Pendant Lights

What should you consider when buying a lantern pendant light for your home? In this section, let’s discuss all the key factors that you need to consider while choosing the best lantern pendant lights.

Your Style

Getting a lantern pendant light that matches your overall aesthetic should be on the top of your priority list. If you match your pendant lights with your room decor, you can create a cohesive look that reflects your true style and taste. At Claxy, you can find lantern pendants in different styles, including rustic, traditional, mid-century, French country, and modern.

Light Bulb Size

There are various bulb sizes to choose from when you are choosing a lantern pendant light. To find the right one, you need to keep your design needs in mind. Do you want the lantern pendant light to light up your kitchen island? Then consider its size and the number of lights you need. One lantern pendant should be good enough for a small kitchen island, but you may need multiple hanging lights for a large kitchen island. Alternatively, if you want to use it as ambient light, you should pick a smaller bulb.

Hanging Options

Do you plan to hang your lantern pendant light fixture with chains, cords, rods, or ropes? If yes, make sure that you've checked the product features to identify things required during installation. Additionally, keep in mind the height at which you want the pendant light to hang. Based on that, you can adjust the length and prevent the light fixture from hanging too high or low.

Dimmer Switch Compatibility

Confirm if your pendant light fixture features a dimmer switch, different lighting modes, or a pre-set mode with a single brightness level. Dimmer switches on your lantern pendant light fixture make it possible to change your room's mood and provide various options to change the intensity of the light. If you want a warm and welcoming glow, you can set it at a lower intensity. On the other hand if you want to have a bright setup, turn up the overall light intensity.

Finish and Material

Lantern pendant lights are available in different finishes: wood, bronze, metal, silver, colored or neutral. Pick one that works well for style as well as functionality. Additionally, consider if you want a clear glass shade, metal shade, stainless steel, or any other material for your lantern pendant lighting.

Shop For Your Lantern Pendant Light at Claxy

At Claxy, we've got an exquisite collection of lantern pendant lights for different types of styles. Shop with us and get a lantern pendant light that you will absolutely love.


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