Modern Pendant Lighting

Add the perfect decorative stroke to your home with a modern pendant light from Claxy. Available in brushed and satin nickel, black, white, and other finishes.

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Modern pendant lighting characteristics

Modern design refers to the designs and styles that were made popular during the early to the mid-twentieth century. It features distinguishable aesthetic that emphasizes on earthy palettes, natural materials, streamlined silhouettes and balance while eliminating unnecessary details.

Modern pendant lighting offers an attractive focal point for a room, serving as a contrast or accent to monotone rooms. It brings minimalist sophistication, nostalgic vibe of industrialism and the retro flair of mid-century styles to interiors. Modern pendant lights are available in an array of finishes including brushed nickel, satin nickel, black, white and other finishes that can be paired with a myriad of shade options.

Modern pendant lights hang from the ceiling by cable, wire, stem, or chain which enable you to adjust their height at will. Being a stylish centerpiece to the space, modern pendant lighting conveys an aura of elegance in any room. Modern Pendant lights come in an incredible range of shapes, such as drum, cone, bell and more. Downward facing pendant lights often use bowl, cone, bell or similarly shades to narrowly focus light in a defined area. Their versatility allows them to perfectly blend in entrance, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, living room or even outdoor on the porch or deck.