Glass Pendant Lights

Claxy offers glass pendant lights in a wide range of shades like globe, bell, bowl, oval, Moravian star, and mason jar. Choose the one that suits your home decor now!

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Why we love glass pendant lights

Serving as a main source of light as well as a decorative accessory, glass pendant lights glamorize your home with their captivating elements. They introduce a dose of smooth texture, subtle glow and graceful sophistication to the space.

Being extremely versatile, glass pendant can be used to provide both function and style in kitchens, home offices, bedrooms and bathrooms. Whether it is hung alone or clustered together, it makes a stylish statement in the space and showcases your unique taste.

Speaking of the material of glass pendant, they come in a wide range of selections including clear glass, seeded glass, cracked glass, blown glass, prismatic glass, art glass, frosted glass, stained glass, colored glass and more. There are an array of options of glass pendant light finishes such as brass nickel, copper, chrome, oil rubbed bronze and more. Choose from options of shades including globe, bell, bowl, oval, Moravian star, mason jar and more to match your home decor style. It is a brilliant idea to coordinate glass pendant lights’ finish with your appliances and home accessories for a cohesive look.

You can bring a brand-new look to your space with a globe pendant light or blown glass pendant light. For a rustic farmhouse style, a cracked glass and bronze pendant light or a pair of caged pendant lights will round out your look. If you are apt to give a more dramatic feel to the room, go with a blue glass or seeded glass pendant. If you’re inclined to add some color, consider an art glass or stained glass pendant.