Vintage Chandeliers

Relive the elegance of the Victorian era with a wide variety of vintage chandeliers available in different colors, materials, and designs on Claxy.

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The retrospective charm and sleek glamour of the vintage chandeliers always remind images of a bygone era. They can be found in commercial common areas like lobbies, offices and ballrooms and are also hung over dinning tables, entryways, foyers, countertops or even bathtubs in residential spaces and serve as a outstanding centerpiece. They are used to be a symbol of wealth, but today they’re ubiquitous lighting fixtures. Vintage chandeliers introduce a hint of nostalgic touch and emit a classic vibe to any room in your home. Whether they are accented with crystal beads, candelabra-inspired sockets, jute ropes or crafted of metal, glass and wood, they can be your lighting solution for showcasing your refined and unique taste. They exude a cozy and lovely glow and create a warm and pleasant ambience in your home decor.