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The Latest Trend in Kitchen Lighting

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07


Our home is the place where we spend most of our time. This is the reason why people invest heavily in the furnishing of their homes when it comes to decoration as well as interior design. We make the best effort to remodel our kitchen. Nowadays, our kitchen has become a multipurpose living space and more than just a place to cook. A kitchen is where we gather to prepare a meal, share a meal, share a lot of joy, and create wonderful memories with our family members.


To most homeowners, a dream kitchen should be a blend of functionality, versatility, and personal style. As the heart of a home, a kitchen should also be well-equipped and well-lit. We need warm and inviting kitchen lighting to illuminate the space and offer a soothing ambiance. Kitchen lighting flaunting modern and sophisticated styles serves to elevate the aesthetic of the space and instantly redefines your kitchen with muted elegance.


Why is Kitchen Lighting in Trend Important for Your Kitchen?


Proper illumination of your kitchen is the game-changer of the whole scene. Kitchen lighting has an incredible impact on everything in this frequently used working space. When it falls on a particular nook and corner of your home, it has the power to make the space look bigger. It is not just about function. It is also about style, ambiance, and personality. When you spend on your kitchen, make sure you purchase the right light fixtures which are also in trend. Fancy kitchen lighting in trend can not only light up the space,  but also impress your visitors. Whether you prefer a modern chandelier, a star pendant, or a glass ceiling light, kitchen lighting in trend makes a statement and brings pizzazz to the space.



Kitchen Lighting Evolution


Multipurpose spaces like kitchens require versatile lighting. In the past, only a 100-watt fixed and centralized light on the kitchen's ceiling was good enough, which meant the food preparation was done in dim light. Further, the situation gets worse because the fixture is often of a smaller size and does not offer adequate light. However, kitchen lighting has gone through a fine-phase of evolution in the past few years. All types of kitchen lights you can find today have specific functions.


Here, we will discuss some of the kitchen lighting trends right now. This will be a mini-guide to help you pick the ideal kitchen lighting for your home. Trust us, you will love to have them in your kitchen and they will offer a glamorous look to your space.



Recessed Downlights 



    • Recessed downlights provide smooth and even illumination. You can easily install them above the stove and oven on the sink areas to serve as task lighting for cooking and food prep. Moreover, when you add modern and trendy lights over the sink or stove, you are not only giving functional lighting but also adding an element of drama to the space.



Trendy Lights above the Kitchen Island


  • The kitchen island is considered the focal point in the kitchen. Even chopping and slicing are done there.  You can add some trendy lights there to create an immensely warm and awesome look.



Top Trends of Kitchen Lighting


Decorative Pendant Lights


  • They should be used with a dimmer switch to offer enough lighting as well as to set a mood for the kitchen. You can also consider grouping a few decorative pendant lights featuring different finishes and shapes together to add excitement to the space.



A Pot Rack Chandelier


  • It offers illumination for your storage space. When you are searching for something in the storage area, but it somehow seems to be difficult due to a lack of proper lighting. If this bothers you, trust us, a pot rack chandelier will make things better and easier. 


Mini Pendants Clustered Together


  • Pendants are always a favorite and preferable lighting choice, especially when they are clustered together in an attractive arrangement. A bunch of small pendants might replace a more simple chandelier as an eye-catching showpiece in the kitchen. A group of pendants hanging at different heights give a playful look while also complementing the task light over a dining area.
Circular Shapes are Always Attractive


  • Spherical pendants as well as the spherical chandeliers have gained enough popularity in the world of interior design. The latest show-stopping masterpieces highlighting crystals, beads, wood, metal, and glass make these luminaries the center of attraction. It does not matter how many lights you get for your kitchen. Arranging them in a smart way will give the space an exquisite touch. 


A Natural Look


  • Why not bring a natural and organic aesthetic to your kitchen this time when you are renovating your space? Incorporating natural materials like wood, rope, linen, burlap with more attention-grabbing materials like crystals, such kitchen lighting showcases a rustic natural look that is both comforting as well as stunning. Trust us, you will love the amazing look as it breathes new life into your space. 



When we talk about remodeling our homes, Everyone likes to add a ton of texture and eye appeal to all the different spaces.  This time try to choose some of the trendy light fixtures for your kitchen that will radiate a charming glow.


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