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Ten Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas That Make a Statement

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Ten Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas That Make a Statement


Light fixture makeover is a brilliant idea and the simplest way to spruce up your home on a small budget. Fabulous light fixtures not only enhance your interior design style but magnify the beauty of your home decor as well. However, looking for a perfect light fixture to coordinate with your existing home’s décors is quite a task. If you happen to be a big fan of farmhouse or rustic design styles, nothing perks up your home like a wood chandelier.


Wood chandeliers bring organic warmth and pastoral feel to your interior with their distressed or weathered wood tones and metalwork. They are truly works of art that will attract all eyes of your guests. Adding a personal touch to your home, they act as an elegance enhancer as well as ambient lighting. If you still have no clue about which wood chandelier can complement your farmhouse or rustic homes, take a gander at our favorite wood chandelier lighting ideas.


Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room:


1.  A Pear-shaped Wood Frame to Add Visual Interest

A twelve-light chandelier is crafted from eight wooden slats that are bent and put together to form a pear-shaped silhouette. With an airy design, it scatters warm and awesome light rays to set a tone for the living room. The light fixture brings a rustic feel with its wood slats finished in distressed tortilla while its scrolling arms and lamp-holders dressed in matte black. Its dual finish and pear-shaped frame add visual interest and a retro touch to the room. Its tortilla color also appears in the area rug and two of the armchairs. Along with the wicker armchairs and ottomans, the luminary lends a natural touch to the room.



2.  A Playful Design with Interlocking Rings


Inspired by an ancient armillary sphere, this three-light globe chandelier encompasses three interlocking wooden rings accented by a sepia finish. Pairing with three candle-style lights, its interlocking circles offer a playful look and a touch of geometric design to this rustic living room that flaunts earthy tones. The luminary provides contrast on the gray wall and the white ceiling while its sepia finish blends perfectly with the tawny wood-tone and the wicker ottoman. It offsets the darker colors of the cinnamon sofas, cinnamon table, and the gray area rug, while still staying true to the earthy aura.


Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room:


3.  A Beige Finish Livens up the Room


A chandelier hanging above the dining table livens up the dining room with a brushed beige finish. Featuring nine candelabra-inspired lights, the light fixture brings a historic feel to the living space. It also gives the decors a bit of French country style chic with its textured arched arms. The wood-clad ceiling, and the wood-clad wall, and the wood floor repeat the beige color of the light fixture. Along with the floral pattern on the chairs and the green plants, the luminary provides an organic aesthetic to keep the room from becoming bland. The slipcovers of all the chairs are mismatched, which creates a stark contrast and showcases the homeowner’s individual style.



4.  Crystal Accent for a Bit of Bling


With wood pairing with metal and crystal, this four-light rectangular chandelier rocks the room with a glamorous play on materials. Its wooden cage is adorned with a crisscross accent while the cage encases two mini crystal chandeliers. This luminary is ablaze with a myriad of resplendent crystal pendants draping from the metal scrolling arms. The light fixture's tawny hue also appears in the roller shades, the table lamp’s shade, and the cushions, which makes the light fit just right in the dining room. This attention-grabbing luminary dramatically enhances the character of the dining room and adds easy visual impact.


Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:


5.  Create a Boho Chic with a Wood-beaded Chandelier


The chandelier is characterized by rounded metal frame and wood beads that lend a breezy and laid-back touch. Consisting of two tiers of wood beads, it brings a boho-chic to the bedroom with a distressed sepia wood beads and black spherical metal frame. It flaunts tapering wood bead strands swagging from the top accent and cascading wood bead garlands draping from the sleek circular frame. The wood floor, the table lamps’ shades, and other wooden furniture bring out the tone from the light fixture. The breezy beaded curtain allows a soft glow to seep through the cracks, creating a calming ambiance in the bedroom.


6.  A Wine Barrel Chandelier for a Hint of Rusticity


A 5-light wine barrel chandelier infuses the bedroom with a touch of rustic sensibility. The light fixture is fitted with five wooden slats fastened together with a metal ring. Five scrolling arms and five candle-style lights are arranged on the rounded frame to add depth and distinction to the space. The wood slats’ walnut brown finish is echoed in the nightstands while the matte black finish of the metal ring, arms, lamp-holders, and bottom accent partner perfectly with the black bedding and the black columns of the table lamps. Along with the white and pale brown drapes and roller shades, the wood chandelier lifts the decors to an even higher level of sophistication.


Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:


7.  Sculpted Details That Impart Unique Character


This open concept kitchen and dining room combo gets its unique character from a wood chandelier. This six-light stunner sports an appealing soft apricot finish and sculpted details on the column and the curved arms, filling this kitchen and dining room combo with unrivaled style. Its six candelabra-inspired lights in black bring a distinct old-world style to the space. The light fixture’s dual finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and vintage elements, yet maintains a rustic edge. Along with a trio of pendant lights finished in brushed nickel, it stands out against the white ceiling and the maya blue wall. An area rug boasting botanical patterns carries the colors of both the luminary and the wall.



8.  Mix and Match for a Pop of Excitement


Flaunting distressed wooden frames and a tortilla finish, a duo of chandeliers over the kitchen island show off their open bell shades crafted of wood and metal. They coordinate with an eight-light wood chandelier hanging above the dining table. This eight-light luminary brings a dash of French country flair with its quatrefoil-inspired wood frame. Three chandeliers share the same tortilla-and-black color palette, open cage design, and wood accent, contrasting the wood-clad ceiling, walls, and furniture all in white while radiating a charming glow. Their tortilla finish is a great fit for the wood-tones of the dining table and the wood floor.


Wood Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom:


9.  A Mini Chandelier Adds Interest to the Space


Crafted from weathered wood, the mini chandelier showcases a distressing off-white finish with black tinges, rendering an old-aged look to this small bathroom. Its lovely curvy wooden frame delivers a shabby chic style and adds interest to the space. Casting subtle light rays, this one-light luminary is a dramatic addition that gives the space an instant uplift. It creates a soothing atmosphere for you to enjoy the bath and relax. The wood cabinet and wood floor mimic the wood tone of the light fixture and emphasize farmhouse touch. Along with the baby blue wall, the luminary saves this neutral-colored bathroom from being boring.




10.  Wood and Crystal Pendants Lend a Cottage Chic


This six-light chandelier serves as a show-stopping centerpiece that commands attention in the bathroom. Crafted from wood and metal, its wooden frame and white candelabra-inspired lights feature sculpted details and give off French country vibes to the interior. A myriad of crafted wood pendants and crystal pendants draping from the distressed arched metal arms lend a cottage chic and a glint of glamour. Dressed in a caramel finish, this wood and crystal chandelier plays well with the wall lights mounted on the mirror, the light peach tiles, and bathtub. It offers a refreshing element along with the flowers and mint green chairs.


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