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Beautify Any Room with Our Wide Range of Wood Chandeliers

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Why Should You Buy a Wood Chandelier?

A wood chandelier works as a great addition to pretty much any space by adding character to it. At the thought of wood, you might think of rustic chandeliers. However, wood chandeliers come in a variety of styles like contemporary, modern, rustic, and antique. Choose from our wide range of wood chandelier options to light up any space and make it truly yours. The fine wood finish is the perfect natural element that can lift the appeal of your room or office. We’ve got designs to spruce up every type of space so you can find the right fit to match your furniture’s look.

Where Should You Place Wood Chandeliers?

Even the best wood light fixture won’t add a dash of sparkle to your room if it isn’t placed at the right spot or hung at the right height. That’s why it’s essential to know which wood chandelier should be hung where. Here are the right spots to place your wooden chandelier for a warm and welcoming glow: Dining Room: The wood chandelier should be hung about 32 to 34 inches above your dining table. Over Open Floor: If you’re planning to place your wood chandelier over an open floor, then make sure that its bottom is at least 7 feet above your floor. Kitchen: When you’re planning to place a wood chandelier above the kitchen island, you should place it at least 32 to 34 inches above the countertop. Some of the other things you need to consider while placing your wood chandelier include:
  • Don’t clutter up your space with too many chandeliers.
  • Place the chandeliers at least four feet apart and away from the walls.
  • Try placing the wood chandelier at the center of the room.
  • Use the right set of light bulbs to ensure that the chandelier provides ample light.

Which Wood Chandelier Should You Buy?

Your wood chandelier’s design can make or break the look of your space. Even when placed correctly, the best chandeliers won’t give the desired results if the design doesn’t match that of your room’s interiors. As a thumb rule, you can choose:
  • Modern designs if you’ve got minimalistic furniture.
  • Antique inspired look to go with antique furniture (Example: Candle style).
  • Rustic style for porches.
  • Dramatic designs for living rooms and foyers.
  • Drop lighting and farmhouse style for the dining room table and kitchen island.
  • Brighter chandeliers (more bulbs) in the living room and sober ones with warm light in bedrooms.
That said, we’ve got a wide range of wood chandeliers with adjustable hanging length to suit all tastes and designs. Choose the one that matches your needs the best and add a dash of character to your space.
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