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How to Choose an Ideal Pendant Light for Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Pendant lights are one of the best lighting choices that you can have in your home. They are elegant enough to make a luminous statement in the space and bring joy at the same time. Pendant lights are popular because they are available in so many different options that coordinate with any theme of your home decor. Claxy lights offer a wide array of ideal pendant lights that are worth every penny. Our product picks are versatile, including but not limited to the perfect fixtures for your bedroom, entryway, kitchen (island and sink), bathroom, with the best designs selling at the best prices.



Key Features and Styles

If you want concentrated light at a single spot, a dramatic down-light is an ideal pendant light for your space. However, for multiple spaces, you will need lighting that will provide light in all directions. Also, it's important to go for a fixture that plays well with your style.

To find an ideal pendant light, you should get to know the pendant features before purchasing them. This is because some provide less light or more than you may need. Furthermore, some may provide excessive or little heat, hence they will not suit you.

There are also many different styles that partner perfectly the design themes of your home. For example, if your house has a modern look, then the contemporary design will be the right candidate for you. Modern goes with modern while classic goes with classic, mixing of the two styles should be avoided.

Keep in mind the following rules of thumb on how to pick an ideal pendant light for different spaces in your home.


Kitchen Island

In the kitchen, you'll need more function than style, as an ideal pendant light will need to serve as surface lighting for everything: food prep, cooking, and having dinner. Typically, the kitchen islands are long and wide. Therefore, you'll need more than one kitchen pendant to brighten up the room, and two large pendants will give the space adequate illumination. A trio of pendants will also do the trick. An array of star pendants or globe pendants will add a fun addition to your kitchen island.

Pendants always look good above the kitchen island. You can use a big one or a cluster of pendants. The only thing you need to be careful about is the measurement. Use the general rule to install your pendants above the kitchen island.


Kitchen Sink

Most kitchen sinks are near a window. But more often washing dishes happens late in the evening. That is why you need a well-arranged array of pendant lights, which will be an easier solution for illumination without the need of wasting energy and time of having the whole roomful of lights on. You can use more than one fixture above the kitchen sink. However, you have to consider the general rules that allow you to install these lights evenly. Ignoring this rule will leave your kitchen in a bad shape. Alternatively, you can use a large pendant as long as your kitchen is spacious enough.



A combination of the vanity mirror and a fabulous glass pendant light spruces up your bathroom and gives it a perfect glamour. It’s a good supplement for vanity lighting or an alternative if you haven't installed one. Better still, if your bathroom has a powder room extension, then that's a plus. Because it doesn't require bright light for regular tasks like makeup and shaving. With most bathrooms being small in size, they offer a nice touch to play with a pool of fun lighting styles.



While most bedrooms are already equipped with bedside lamps, pendant lights are a fresh alternative. As opposed to table lamps that eat up space in your small bedroom, pendant lights will just hang from the ceiling above the bed and you don't have to worry about space anymore. A nice farmhouse pendant will be a great fit for your bedroom. But if you like modern decors rather than the industrial designs, LEDs will do a better job.



It is strange that most homeowners pay little attention to the decoration of their entryway. This is one of the most important parts of the house because all visitors must pass through the entryway before they enter the house. If you want to make good first impressions, you need to get a good lighting fixture for your entryway. An ideal pendant light is a quick and smart way to glam up your entryway. It's still okay to suspend multiple pendant lights in your entryway. It is the first place you will see in your house once you get home. To glam up your entryways, industrial pendant lights are a smart choice. Just remember a well-chosen pendant light can transform your home from drab to fab. It doesn't matter if you own a two-story-high foyer or a simple vestibule. The result is similar.


Price and purchase information

The best thing about pendant lights is that they are not as expensive as chandeliers. Moreover, they are easy to install and can be found in many places. Claxy curated a variety of ideal pendant lights for your home that provide both function and style and are sold at affordable prices. You can add dramatic, eye-catching centerpieces to your home with Claxy lights in a budget-savvy way. They are all available at


Final thoughts

The kind of lighting that you will choose can either make or break your decor. Pendant lights are one of the best choices that you will never go wrong with. Once you get an ideal pendant light, your home will look completely different and you might never consider changing it. You can use them to energize any room of your home. Since they come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, you can always find the right light fixture that complements the rest of your home decor. However, don’t forget to consider the most important aspect which is the installation measurements.



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