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Claxy's On-trend Light Fixtures for 2021 to Add to Your Gift-list

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

In 2020 most of us spent more time indoors due to the pandemic around the world. It made us realize how important it is to create a comfortable ambiance at home. Lighting is an essential part of interior design. The way we illuminate our homes and the look of the light fixtures greatly influence our home environment. Since Christmas time and the year 2021 are drawing near, it is time to start our journey to get inspired by the on-trend light fixtures in 2021.

The good news is you can find all these on-trend light fixtures for 2021 at Claxy. Since the website offers a wide array of perfect light fixtures sold at the best prices, feel free to add them to your Christmas gift list. Your friends will be delighted to get these glamorous Christmas gifts purchased from Claxy. Take a peek at the list of lighting trends and the stylish Claxy products that will be hot in the upcoming year.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Pendant Light Black Brass Pendant   $149.00

1. A Touch of Geometry

Since more and more designers take a liking for the clear lines and refined forms of geometric shapes in recent years, geometric light fixtures are still at the peak of popularity. Whether you would love a cluster of cones, a single cubic shape, or a pair of globes suspended in your home, they share the beauty of symmetry and a dash of drama. Claxy is home to geometric fixtures boasting innovative designs. This kitchen island pendant light’s trapezoidal shade offers an open design that allows the light to shine through freely. A myriad of metal wires crisscross to form a trapezoidal shade, giving the space a bold geometric accent.

Farmhouse Vintage Wood Pendant Light Distressed White Swag Pendant   $99.00

2. Use of Natural Materials

In the coming year, designers still focus on the way to get close connection with nature. Introducing lighting materials of natural origin into your home effortlessly makes for a relaxing retreat in your home. Organic materials like glass, wood, bamboo, or rattan grant the on-trend light fixtures a unique and authentic look. If you intend to bring a harmonious vibe to your space, why not give these light fixtures a try? A wood pendant light at Claxy offers an organic aesthetic to your living space. Crafted from weathered wood, the pendant light flaunts a wooden frame and distressed off-white finish with black tinges. Four curvy wood slats are put together to form a pear shape, bringing a ton of visual interest to your interior.

5-Light Brass Pendant Light Industrial Chandelier Glass Shade   $249.00

3. Soft Brass Finish

Whether it is found in coffee tables, tapware, or lamps, a soft brass finish is still in fashion in 2021. Providing a contemporary edge, it has always been considered a classic finish worldwide. It flaunts a bold look yet remains a refined touch. The brass hue makes the look more expensive and also creates a warmer and more comfortable space. Using brass light fixtures in your home is a good way to brighten up the space with metallic shimmer.

If you are looking for brass light fixtures at Claxy, we can assure you that the list is endless. This on-trend brass pendant is one of them and it will shine in any space of your home. A five-light wagon wheel chandelier sports an iron round frame and adds a glint of glamour to your home. Crafted of hand-blown clear glass, its cylinder shades give your aesthetic a touch of geometry. Five glass shades are arranged along the frame, showing off the beauty of symmetry. A quintuplet of angled rods suspend the light from a canopy for a clean, cohesive look.

Industrial Metal Ceiling Light 2-Light Black Rectangular Shade   $135.00

4. The Blending Of Metal Finishes

Another hot trend for 2021 is the blending of metal finishes. Gold and black are a design-perfect and versatile combination that you can follow next year. The contrast of black and gold will make sure all eyes are on the light fixture. It gives the space a more stylish and luxurious touch and makes your home feel exclusive. The combination encompasses vintage sensibilities and metallic pizzazz and will serve as an attention-grabbing focal point.

By visiting, you can find plenty of on-trend light fixtures featuring this classic combination. This semi flush mount ceiling light sends out an industrial flair with its semi-gloss black finish. Offering an avant-garde open design, its metal frame brings eye appeal to your home with three intersecting rectangles. Its lamp-holders elevate the decor with a gleaming brass finish. The dual finish is guaranteed to capture attention while its frame introduces a bold geometric accent to your interior.

Farmhouse Metal Wood Cage Ceiling Pendant Light Distressed Brown   $75.00

5. Combination of Different Materials

How can we possibly miss out the trend of combined materials when it comes to the lighting trend for 2021? The trend will still prevail for some time in both the fashion industry and the world of interior design. You can complete your farmhouse, rustic or industrial look with light fixtures fitted with mixed materials like wood and metal, steel and glass, or ceramic and metal. The stunning visual effect it adds to the space will definitely impress your guests. This on-trend pendant light from Claxy is an instant eye-catcher with its cylinder cage shade. It delivers a vintage touch with a semi gloss black finish. The cage shows off two circular wood bands finished in distressed brown and the crisscross metal wires. The combination of wood and metal encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and industrial elements, yet maintains a refined style and brings a bit of contrast.

Black Round Ceiling Light Flush Mount with Clear Seedy Glass Shade   $149.00

6. Light Fixtures Brimming with Industrial Style

Another lighting trend that does not seem to fade away in 2021 is the trend of industrial light fixtures. The design elements of next year’s industrial luminaires will be accented with geometric tubes, concrete, bold lines, a combination of wood and black metal and the list goes on. On-trend industrial luminaires offer a variety of looks that will bring a surprising twist to your space. Venture out of your comfort zone and give your space a modern and stylish look. Claxy’s industrial luminaires are versatile enough to complement different design looks from modern, Victorian, farmhouse, to rustic. This ceiling light finished in semi-gloss black is a perfect centerpiece for your space. Crafted of hand-blown glass, its seedy glass drum shade creates dreamy light effects. A myriad of metal wires crisscross to form a cage and protect the drum shade, adding texture to your interior.

Brass Sputnik Ceiling Light Opal Glass Shades 3-Light   $115.00

7. The Temptation of Spheres

The trend of spherical lamp shades will still be big in 2021. The understated beauty of sphere-shaped light fixtures will be further enhanced by the lampshades being crafted from an array of materials, such as glass, wood, or plastic. A glass shade is good for completing a traditional look while wood or plastic conveys a farmhouse or modern aesthetic. The spherical lamp shades can be transparent, translucent, or even opaque. Similar light fixtures can be found in some of Claxy’s new products. This on-trend ceiling light available at Claxy is fitted with three spherical shades crafted from hand-blown opaque opal glass. Its glass shades offer a sleek sphere silhouette and a mid-century inspired look. Its electroplated brass finish invigorates your interior with a touch of glitz.

Modern Globe Opal Glass Semi Flush Ceiling Light Oil Rubbed Bronze   $69.99

8. The Muted Elegance of Minimal Style

Minimal lighting is going to be one of the most trending light fixtures in 2021. Minimal style is basically about timeless attraction and muted elegance without unnecessary details. Their simple form and the airy design add freshness and subtle touch to the space. In 2021, turn to those minimal lampshades in white, black, brown, gray to go with different designer looks ranging from modern to industrial. A minimalist ceiling light available at Claxy creates a stunning focal point. Its metal frame is dressed in a hand-painted oil rubbed bronze finish, adding a bit of industrial flair to the interior. The metal frame sports a sleek curvature and showcases a raindrop inspired design, giving your living space a refined touch.

Industrial Matte Black Flush Mount Ceiling Light Metal Cage Dome Shape   $79.99

9. The Edgy Matte Black Finish

Matte black will be the trendiest lighting color for 2021. It has already been the most sought-after neutral hue in the world of interior design. With modern sophistication, the color is edgy and fashion-forward. The combination of matte black and contemporary lighting styles will make a dramatic statement and upgrade your space with rich textural appeal. Recently, Claxy has launched a collection of on-trend light fixtures in matte black including this flush mount ceiling light. Featuring an impressive design, the luminary’s four wavy arms are put together to form a striking dome-shaped metal cage. Two exposed bulbs are encased by the metal cage and arranged in a crisscross pattern. It is an instant eye-catcher with its lovely dome-shaped cage.



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