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Five Categories of Claxy's Light Fixtures

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

To bring dramatic decorative impact to your home interior with perfect light fixtures, Claxy has everything you need. To achieve this, you should first come up with a lighting plan and then pick the light fixtures that suit your home from Claxy’s fantastic collection. The light fixtures you choose should coordinate with the rest of your home decor. The right fixtures have to meet your lighting needs and at the same time showcase your personal taste. Before you make a purchase at Claxy, please check out a brief introduction to the major categories of Claxy’s light fixtures:



Categories of Claxy’s Light Fixtures:


1. Chandeliers

Claxy’s chandeliers create a bold statement by serving as the focal point in the living space. They look decorative in the foyer, dining room, living space, bedroom, entryway, and kid's room. Claxy’s light fixtures offer the perfect marriage of function and design and add a wow factor to any space. To set the mood for your rooms, you can use dimmers to adjust the brightness of the light.


How to Take the Correct Chandelier Measurements:


To Choose the Correct Width:



    • Measure the length and height of the room


    • Add the two measurements in feet and convert to inches


    • The answer is the width of the chandelier


    • Example: a room measures 12 feet long and 10feet wide


    • 12 feet + 10 feet = 22 feet to inches 22 inches


    • The width is 22 inches



To Get the Correct Height

The location will affect the hanging height. For example:


  • Bathroom: hang at 8 feet above the bathtub


  • Open space: hang 7 feet above the floor


  • Kitchen: install at least 32 inches from the kitchen island


  • Dining area: hang at least 32 inches from the dining table


  • Open foyer: place it on the second floor to create an attractive view from all angles


How to Mount Chandeliers to the Ceiling

Use a short chain to mount the fixtures to lower ceilings. For vaulted and sloped ceilings, choose the chandeliers that can accommodate such ceilings. Extra high ceiling requires an even longer chain so that the chandelier will not be hung too low. You can also purchase a ceiling mount adaptor to solve these problems.


A Variety of Claxy’s Chandeliers Designs:  


Wood Chandeliers

Claxy’s wood chandeliers feature farmhouse and rustic styles. These pieces create a less medieval look in the dining area, bedroom, foyer, and living room. They are crafted of different kinds of wood and protected from insects. Moreover, they come with an adjustable chain and you can play with their height.


Drum Chandeliers

From the name drum, the shades are inspired by the shape of a drum. Claxy’s drum chandeliers bring contemporary design to all decors. Do not forget the size when purchasing the drum shade. The large drum chandeliers fill a high ceiling or large room with a delightful design while the small ones supply a dash of drama without overpowering the rest of the space.


Crystal Chandeliers

Claxy’s crystal chandeliers effortlessly lend a touch of shimmer that is sure to grab more than just a few glances. Go for these shiny luminaries if you have a modern décor. Claxy’s light fixtures give you the option of picking a chandelier boasting different shapes of crystal beads.


Rustic Chandeliers

Claxy’s rustic chandeliers are made from metal, wood, and glass. They are best suited for the living room, dining space, and kitchen. Some are fitted with a number of bulbs while some others with fewer or even just one bulb. If you intend to impart a French country style or a nostalgic flair to your home, they are just the right candidate.


Modern Chandeliers

Being crafted from metal, glass, and wood, Claxy’s modern chandeliers are a charming accent for any design theme. They are definitely the statement light fixtures that add modern sophistication to your space. They are fully dimmable so that you can lower the intensity of the light output with dimmers.


2. Ceiling Lights


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount ceiling lights fit on the ceiling without leaving any gap. They are ideal for small rooms or low ceilings as they do not occupy space.


Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Semi-flush mount ceiling lights do not mount directly on the ceiling. They keep the rooms amply illuminated as light not only casts downward but upward reflecting off the ceiling as well.


Modern Ceiling Lights

With clean lines and a sleek, minimalist vibe, modern ceiling lights inject an artistic flair to any home. They blend seamlessly into the foyer, dining room, and living room.


Glass Ceiling Lights

Exuding unrivaled elegance, Claxy’s glass ceiling lights glamorize your home with their captivating elements. They act as a focal point while complementing the decor styles like rustic, country, and farmhouse.  


Crystal Ceiling Lights  

Claxy’s crystal ceiling lights consist of opulent crystals that always add panache to a lighting fixture. Resplendent crystal beads will give your home a glamorous uplift and produce a sparkling visual effect.


3. Pendant Lights


Kitchen Pendant

Claxy’s kitchen pendants instantly glam up your space with contemporary pizzazz. Kitchen pendants offer sufficient illumination needed for food prep and cooking in the kitchen.


Modern Pendant

Modern pendants add layers of light to your space while bringing the latest design aesthetic into your decor. They come in styles and finishes like black, white, nickel, and satin.


Glass Pendant Lights

Claxy’s glass pendants introduce a dose of smooth texture, subtle glow and graceful sophistication to the space. They don’t require maintenance costs. All you need is to clean it regularly for a shiny look.


Mini Pendant Lights

Mini pendant lights can be placed over the table. Also, you can suspend a cluster of mini pendants over the kitchen island, home office, or bedroom to glamorize the space with their captivating look.  


Industrial Pendant

Industrial pendants not only look stylish in commercial areas but also add timeless charm to contemporary homes. Claxy’s light fixture is an ideal overhead lighting solution to enhance your interior style.


4. Wall Lights


Glass Wall Sconce

Claxy’s glass wall sconces are constructed of impurity-free hand-blown glass. They provide uplighting with a subtle, charming glow. They are the perfect functional wall decor to add the perfect finishing touch to any space. 


Swing Arm Wall Lamp

The advantage of swing arm wall lamps is that it can be hung at any height. They are extremely versatile and take up minimal space.


Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Claxy’s bathroom vanity lighting brightens up the space when you are performing your morning routine in the bathroom. They offer a down-light that is perfect for your make-up and grooming.


Plugin Wall Lights

The plugin wall lights are easy to install and makes updating your wall lighting a simple process. They are a highly versatile lighting option for modern interiors. Make use of your extra electrical outlets to give your indoor lighting some extra zing.


5. Lamps

Lamps are useful when it comes to reading. They offer ambient lighting that allows you to read comfortably.


Desk Lamps

Desk lamps can be placed in the library, bedroom, study room, or office. They give maximum lighting at the reading nooks.


Table Lamps

Both versatile and decorative, table lamps are an easy and stylish way to layer the light in any space. Put it on the right spot to get ambient lighting.


Uses of Claxy’s Light Fixtures



One of the best reasons for buying Claxy’s light fixtures is that they sell glamorous luminaries. They come in unusual styles, shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. They are highly versatile and can be installed in different spaces in your home.



Every space in your home needs good illumination. Claxy’s light fixtures help to achieve three types of lighting including accent, ambient, and task.  This ensures that your interior has the right level of brightness.



Claxy’s light fixtures are budget-friendly decorative luminaries compared to other options. The brand provides unique categories of lighting like wall lights, chandeliers, lamps, pendant lights, and ceiling lights. You can find an ideal light fixture for your home at a price as low as $50. Good lighting should combine accent, general, and ambient lights. This will bring both function and style to the décor.



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