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10 Large Chandelier Lighting Hacks That are Sure to Impress

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07


Which is the perfect light fixture to glam up your high ceiling, double-height foyer or hallway, and other large spaces in your home? If you need a statement-making light fixture to add a touch of luxury and shine in your large spaces, a large or oversized chandelier will never let you down. These chandeliers are not only big in size but also big in style. Most of them showcase innovative or even jaw-dropping designs that perfectly complement your decor schemes. Whether they are in the entryway, foyer, living room, or dining room, they will immediately stand out and capture the attention of every visitor. If you are also interested in livening up your large spaces with these fantastic light fixtures, why not scroll on to see our roundup of large chandelier lighting hacks that are sure to impress?



Large Chandelier Lighting Hacks for Your Entryway:


1.     Beautiful Geometry of Rectangles


An attention-grabbing large chandelier suspended at the entryway is a smart idea to wow your guests the moment they step in your house. The light fixture flaunts an open cage consisting of two rectangular shades. The small inner cage and the candelabra-inspired lights in gold are surrounded by a bigger shade in brass. Both cages serve as an instant texture boost with their shimmery finishes. Its beautiful dual finish encompasses both farmhouse qualities and industrial elements, yet maintains a modern edge. Both gleaming finishes are a right fit for the furniture in tortilla and the walnut wood floor. The green plants outside the door are voiced by the green area rug accented with floral patterns, bringing an organic vibe indoors and adding a burst of color.


2.     Show-Stopping Crystal Accent


To provide your entryway with a stunning focal point, nothing is better than a crystal chandelier. Consisting of two tiers of crystal beads, it brings modern sophistication and a glint of glamour to the entryway. It sports tapering crystal bead garlands swagging from the top accent and cascading crystal bead strands draping from the sleek circular frame. The brushed nickel accent of the metal frame repeats on the cone shades of the wall lights while the clear crystal accent partners perfectly with the white wall. The orange table, orange bicycle, and the orange pattern on the wall introduce a wonderful pop of color to the space.


Large Chandelier Lighting Hacks for Your Living Room:

3.     A Play on Materials

The grandiose presence of this three-tiered crystal chandelier instantly elevates the luxury of the living room. Supported by scrolling arms, six candle-style lights are arranged symmetrically along the metal frame. The scrolling arms add a sense of movement and a refined touch to the room. The crystal bead strands featuring teardrop pendants draping from the scrolling arms and the bottom accent command attention and illuminate the room with the refracted light from the crystal pendants. The bronze finish of the light fixture plays well with the beige walls, the dandelion fireplace, butterscotch sofas, and the daffodil shades of the table lamps. The red chairs, baby blue sofa, and the orange cushions provide an exciting visual element along with the chandelier.


4.     Polish Nickel Pulls the Space Together


A two-tiered large chandelier takes center stage in this living room that is badly in need of an instant conversation piece. Finished in polished nickel, the chandelier perks up the space with a touch of shimmer. Nine white cone shades are exquisitely embedded into two tiers of rounded metal frames. The light fixture’s shimmery finish picks up on the colors of the wall lamps, the recessed lights, and the door handles, somehow pulling the space together. The cushions, the flow on the sofa, the ottoman, and other decorative pieces all in sapphire bring zest to the room. The taupe sofas, the beige brown tables, the tortilla wood floor, and all the white decors provide the perfect canvas for the bright-colored furnishings and the chandelier.


5.     Crystal Beads Add Panache


An oversized crystal chandelier steals the show in the grand dining room with its dazzling crystal accent. Featuring a cascading accent, it offers timeless charm with three tiers of big and small drops of raindrop crystal pendants. The luminaire catches the light to create a beautiful effect as well as provide generous ambient illumination. Its black finish stands out from the white ceiling, the caramel exposed wood beams, and the wood floor. The turquoise decors and the cerulean wallpaper add just the right amount of color to the room.


6.     Old World Charm of Candled Chandelier


The candle chandelier hanging above the dining table brings attractive eye appeal to the dining room with its candelabra-inspired lights. Its scrolling arms, part of the column, and the bobeches of the large chandelier are dressed in a brass finish, making the room fizz with metallic glitz. The teardrop crystal pendants draping from its arms are sure to draw all the eyes upward to their lustrous accent. Its brass finish blends well with the walnut wood floor and the caramel wood-tone of the furniture. The sky blue walls and the navy blue area rug bring out tones from the chandelier’s column.


7.     Wood Chandelier for a French Country Touch


Constructed of steel and solid wood, this wood chandelier lends unbeatable character to this traditional bedroom. The light fixture’s arms, candlesticks, and the column are finished in a distressed beige while the wood drops and the bases of the candlesticks boast a tawny finish. Its elegantly-curved arms and the wood drops draping from the arms and the bottom accent are showing off a strong French country touch. The tawny finish is a great match for the wooden furniture in tawny and syrup brown. The mint green floral-patterned drapes, olive green checkered armchair, olive green area rug, and the bedding in mint green and dusty teal provide a natural touch and give off a sense of serenity along with the luminary.


8.     The Rounded Silhouette Adds Coziness


The rounded frame of the globe chandelier brings a ton of texture to the bedroom. Five globe shades of the large chandelier are held in place by a ring and arranged on the circular metal frame. The rounded silhouette of the metal frame adds coziness and a touch of bling to the room with its brass finish. The opal glass shades contrast against the brass metal frame and introduce a bold geometric accent into the space. The thistle armchair and ottoman, the ocean blue area rug, the mauve bed, and the multi-colored cushions reinforce the beach style aesthetic and create a soothing ambiance in the bedroom.


9.     Beige Drum Shades for a Muted Style


The large chandelier is guaranteed to turn heads with a dozen of mini fabric drum shades in the kitchen. The scrolling arms and lamp-holders finished in bronze coordinate with the wooden chair legs in syrup brown and the gingerbread wood floor. Its bronze finish set it apart from the white ceiling and other white furnishings. The mini drum shades in beige impart a muted style and give the space a sense of symmetry and elegance. Its bronze accent is suggested by a pair of mini crystal chandeliers near the window. The upholstery of the chairs and the area rugs scatter the presence of energetic magenta throughout the kitchen.


10.     Dual Finish Adds an Element of Surprise


A six-light single-tier large chandelier adds an element of surprise and perfect finishing touch to the kitchen with a dual finish. The luminaire’s chain, top accent, bottom accent, bobeches, and three of the scrolling arms are in mocha bronze while the rest of the chandelier arms feature a distressed silver finish. The stainless steel appliance mimics the colors of its silver finish while its mocha bronze color is fitting for the gingerbread wood tone of the table and the floor, helping the look hang together. The drama is taken up a notch in this space thanks to the striped pendant lights in yellow and white, the yellow napkins, the multi-colored striped chairs, and the butterscotch backsplash that pull in a few small doses of intense colors.



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