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A Mini Guide to Help You Choose a Ceiling Light Fixture

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07


When you are planning to renovate your interior, lighting is one of the most tricky tasks. You might be wondering why this is so? There are several reasons for this as light and shadow run parallel in a spacious room. Furthermore, different rooms need different amounts of light depending on how the rooms are used. For instance, applying makeup needs subtle daylight while bedroom lighting needs to be dull white to offer a soothing touch. Hopefully, you got it right. Fancy ceiling light fixtures play a crucial part in offering a stunning look. Today, homeowners use fancy ceiling light fixtures in their dining rooms, hallways, conference rooms, and other spaces as well.


Quite often, we don’t know exactly what we are looking for in a ceiling light fixture so our redecorating efforts go in vain and the result is contrary to our expectations. If you are also planning to reinvest in your ceiling lighting and you don’t have proper guidance, you should go through the validated details which we are going to share below. The confusion of choosing ceiling light fixtures is mostly related to the fact that the homeowners are not aware of their lighting needs. Don’t worry, we will sort that out for you.


With all the new and creative ceiling light fixture styles available these days, there is no reason to use a conventional dome-shaped light. You will be impressed by the different styles and finishes of ceiling lights available. From a normal farmhouse style to shining modern glam, we will help you find the ideal ceiling light to perk up your decor.



What Are Ceiling Light Fixtures?


Ceiling lights are usually the ones that are mounted on the ceiling in central spaces. It adds visual interest to the room and interior décor. They are available in a wide range of designs, shapes, and styles. Today, ceiling light fixtures are one of the most preferred lighting categories in homes. Check out some amazing tips ahead that will make your choice easier and better.


The Perfect Hanging Height of a Ceiling Light Fixture


Interior designers have a variety of formulas to figure out the lighting sizes with different ceiling levels. You should only remember one major point when buying the ceiling lights, that is the seven-feet rule about the ceiling light. If the crowd will be walking under a ceiling light, the bottom of the ceiling light should be at least seven feet (or approx. 84 inches) above the floor.


One Single Ceiling Light Fixture is Not Enough for a Room


Most of the interior designers agree to the fact that you must have more than one light installed in a space. Gather various types of lighting to make the ambiance soothing and calm, and to assure the spaces are well-lit.


Is the Ceiling Light Fixture I C hose Right for Me?


Three forms of lighting are task, ambient, and accent lighting. Ceiling lights are utilized for ambient or casual lighting. In spaces like hallways and wardrobes, they are mostly the only lighting source. In bedrooms and living rooms, ceiling lights act together along with lamps, which offer task lighting and further ambient light. Dimmer switches are another smart addition that instantly transforms the ceiling light fixtures into the soft accent lighting. Select a ceiling light that provides adequate light for your room by making the use of a lighting standard known as lumens. First, determine the square foot area of your room space. You should also get to know the following details:



    • Dining rooms and kitchens require 30-40 lumens per square foot.


    • Living areas, bedrooms, and hallways require 20 lumens per square foot.


    • Multiply the needed lumens by the square footage of your room, you’ll get the proper lumens of the ceiling lights.




Choosing the Right Level of Brightness


We are sharing helpful details for you. Please keep it in mind.


  • 450 lumens = 40 Watts


  • 800 lumens = 60 Watts


  • 1100 lumens = 75 Watts


Now you know the lumen VS watts relation and you can easily work out your required wattage of the ceiling lights. Next, it’s time to talk about the types of ceiling light fixtures.


Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

This type of light is directly installed against the ceiling without any gap. Flush mount ceiling lights are amazing for low-ceiling spacesand rooms. They are easy to install with the existing wiring. Because they fit tightly to the ceiling space, these light fixtures have manyother advantages as well, such as:


  • They are easy to maintain because they don’t attract dirt or insects.


  • Safe for crowded spaces and kids’ rooms.


  • There are a wide range of options and affordable designs.



Semi-flush Mount Ceiling Lights


Semi-flush ceiling fixtures are settled along with the ceiling canopy and a short arm, so the fixture can be hung from the ceiling top. With a slight space between the canopy and the ceiling light fixture, most of the styles will shine the light towards the top as well as below.Some of the properties of the semi-flush fixtures are:


    1. Perfect for entries, foyers, bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms, cupboards, and kitchens.


    1. May be utilized with low ceilings above the dining table or bed.


    1. Brighter lighting performance when the light reflects from a white ceiling.



Combine the Ceiling Lights to Create Mind-Blowing Fusion


We prefer open-concept homes, but viewing different rooms at a glance makes a design quite challenging. Ceiling lights must coordinate with your kitchen pendants or dining room chandelier or bedroom table lamp, since various rooms require a cohesive design plan. Creative planning for your ceiling light fixtures will make a big difference in your home so it is worth the hustle.




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