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Lamps That Take Your Room Decor to the Next Level

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Why Invest in Lamps from Claxy?

Think of lamps as more than just lighting fixtures in your room. In fact, with the lamps from Claxy, you can accentuate your home design and add a dash of style. We’ve got a wide selection of the latest lamp designs ranging from industrial to minimalist and traditional ones. Whatever your style, we’ve got something to match it with. Our decorative lamps draw attention while also giving your rooms a stylish distinct look. They can help you set moods, enhance your decor, and inject some personality into your rooms. The retro lamps give your house a 50's, 60's, or 70's ambiance that inspires nostalgia. And whether you want to get that futuristic or mid-century modern look, you can get it all at Claxy.

What to Look for When Purchasing Lamps?

Consider these four crucial factors when buying the best lamps:

1. Your Lighting Needs

Lighting is no longer about getting to a room and flipping a switch. Instead, it has to make a statement and give your rooms’ style. Through proper planning, you can transform your rooms with lamps that match your decor. However, before you can shop for lamps that suit your lighting needs, consider the following aspects: Function: Will they serve as the primary light source in that room? If they do, then they have to be bright enough to illuminate a huge area. Other types of lighting functions include:
  • Ambient lighting provides overall illumination. Think of it as the light that we get from sconces or ceiling fixtures. However, you can also use wall lamps or portable ones to give uniform illumination.
  • Task lighting illuminates specific activities or tasks like prepping food on a kitchen counter or typing.
  • Accent lighting creates an atmosphere, tone, or mood by drawing attention to objects or certain aspects of your room. For example, you could illuminate a sculpture with it if you want to draw attention to it.
  • Decorative lighting is purely aesthetic. It's ornamental and doesn't add to overall illumination but instead reflects affluence or one's personal style.
Room type: Consider other light sources, including windows and the activities taking place within the space. For example, a living room may require high brightness, while a bedroom can have softer lighting. Room size: Consider the items in the space, room size, and where you want the lamp located. Most importantly, consider the door location. If you must struggle to find the switch when you get to a room, the whole lamps that communicate a statement plan fall apart.

2. Types of Lamps

When it comes to lamps, there are multiple options available out there. Each of them is designed for a specific purpose and have their own benefits and drawbacks. To help you understand them, here is a quick summary of the main types of lamps: Table Lamp You can place table lamps on flat-surfaced areas and easily move or rearrange them. It provides soft illumination that is suited for tasks like reading. When choosing a table lamp for your room, consider the surface you want to place it on. Also, look at the lamp height to get the placement right. Desk Lamp Desk lamps provide adequate illumination to help with activities like writing or studying while you’re at a desk or home office. They offer focused light that illuminates specific areas. When choosing a desk lamp, consider the bulbs you want to use in it. Also, check if you can adjust the lamp’s height according to your needs. Floor Lamp Floor lamps can be the main source of lighting or provide lighting for tasks such as writing or studying. They have a base and a pole, and you can easily transfer them from one place to another. When choosing floor lamps, go for the ones with a sturdy base and height proportionate to your room height. It should not scrape the ceiling or get knocked over easily. Outdoor Lamp Outdoor lamps provide lighting during outdoor dinner parties or anytime you feel like going outside. When choosing an outdoor lamp, ensure it is appropriate for the outdoor spaces and has proper protection for all the accessories and circuits.

3. Shades for Your Desk, Outdoor, Floor, and Table Lamps

Shades can help you transform the look of your lamp. And whether you want to update your lamp base or buy a completely new one, you get the opportunity to transform your lamp's look at Claxy. Lampshades also come in various shapes, colors and sizes. But what aspects should you look into while choosing the right lampshades? Lamp base: Choose one with the same shade as the base. If you have a lamp base with a circular shape, go with a circular lamp shade. Primary function: Be clear about the reason you need a table lamp. If you need one for tasks like reading, go for shades that let light through. Alternatively, you could also pick one that is made from translucent material. Placement: Before you make a purchase, consider where you wish to place the lampshade. Ensure that it is a spot that won't get knocked over easily as people pass by. Shade measurements: The lampshades should not be more than two-thirds of the base height to maintain good proportion. Additionally, if using floor lamp shades, they should not have a diameter that exceeds the base height.

4. Dimensions and Installation

It's essential to consider the space where you want to place the lamp and the type of furniture you have. You will get a heavy look if you place a large lamp in a small room or on a small piece of furniture. For example, having a small entryway table with a huge lamp can give a non-proportional look. Therefore, consider the width and height of the lamp and the diameter or base of the shade. Additionally, if you want a table lamp, consider choosing shades that cover the bulb at your eye level. This way, you can cover the bulb while also protecting your eyes.

How to Choose the Material for Your Lamps

The material for your lamps depends on other items in a room and the ambiance you wish to create. However, the most common materials used by brands include:
  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Fabric
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Paper
Generally, those crafted from metal and wood are more expensive than fabric, plastic, and paper ones. You should also note that the finishing and the material quality influence the style, longevity, and robustness of a lamp. Now that you know what to look for when buying lamps that give your rooms some personality, it's time to shop our brands! Accentuate your rooms with our decorative, contemporary, or retro lamps today.


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