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Everything You Should Know About Hanging Lights

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07



When it comes to the interior decoration of your house, everyone tries to invest in a renovation to bring their dream house to reality.  It is trendy for homeowners to decorate their homes with fantastic hanging lights. They not only illuminate your homes but also add a luxurious look to the house. This is the reason why today they can be found in almost every home. If you are wondering what these hanging lights are all about, we will help you figure it out in the post. You can find every single detail about them here and will be ready to purchase one for your home. Now let's begin and find out more about these amazing luminaries.





Hanging Lights and Their Types



Hanging lights are sometimes called pendant lights and also referred to as a drop or a suspender. They are those light fixtures that usually suspend from the ceiling and are hung by a cord, chain, or a metallic rod. They are often used in multiples and hung straight above the kitchen countertops or in the bathroom. These light fixtures come in different sizes and materials ranging from metal to glass or plastic. One of the most significant things to keep in mind is that they are the main component to make you aware of the architectural lighting design. Let's get down to some of the basic types of hanging lights.



1. Pendants


When we talk about lighting, the word "Pendant" means any lighting fixture that is suspended by a chain, cable, or wire that dangles from the ceiling. "Pendant" is casually used to explain the types of hanging lights mentioned below.



    • Bowl Pendants


    • Bell Pendants


    • Drum Pendants



    • Linear Pendants




All the types of pendants are versatile and functional thanks to their ability either to radiate light downward onto the surface, such as kitchen countertops or to offer general lighting. They are the most preferred light fixtures because they are affordable to everyone and fit well in most of the areas in the house.



2. Chandeliers


Chandeliers are another form of hanging lights that serve as decorative lighting. They often include many arms. Although, some people also take pendant lights as chandeliers. Some forms of chandeliers are listed below. You will definitely fall in love with these stunning light fixtures.


  • Petite-Sized Mini Chandeliers



  • Highly Formal Chandeliers



Do You Know the Perfect Size of the Hanging Lights You Need?


Since the hanging pendant lights are mostly smaller in size and installed in groups, it is very important to follow the general rule of thumb to avoid any type of mess with lighting. Check out the recommendations below and you will know the right size and hanging height of the pendants.


  • An odd number of pendants is preferred to an even number.


  • Mostly, 60-watt to 75-watt bulbs are required for every 20 inches of area.


  • If we talk about height, hanging lights should be placed adequately high to allow an unstoppable view for both sitting and standing positions.


  • Pendants should be placed 28-38 inches above the dining table and countertop or 72 inches above the floor.


  • Pendant Width: Add the length and width of the room together – if your room is 4.5m long by 3m wide, add those two numbers up to get 7.5m. Divide that number by 12 and you get your ideal pendant width – in this case 0.625m, i.e. approx 63cm wide.



Where Should We Use Hanging Lights?


Homeowners suspend hanging lights in different spaces in their homes. They are made for common lighting purposes. People use them in their entryways, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, family lounge as well as porches. They also illuminate narrow hallways, brighten up photos, paintings as well as sculptures. These light fixtures can also add sparkle and glamour to a fountain.



Why Do You Need the Perfect Hanging Lights for Your Home?


Without adequate lighting, interior architecture cannot have full glamour and luxury no matter how much you invest. No one can overlook the need for lighting today. Therefore, if you have planned to remodel your home, think about investing in awesome lights like hanging lights to convey a hint of elegance and texture to the space. Below, we have discussed a few reasons why you need these perfect light fixtures for your home.


  • Perfect hanging lights offer a warm, welcoming, and productive atmosphere in your house.


  • Selecting proper hanging lights is the most important part of the interior design of a home as it enhances every nook and corner of your space.


  • Ranging from the furniture, flooring, fittings to the finishes and textures, everything needs proper lighting for highlighting its class.


  • Creative utilization of hanging lights can showcase your unique style.


  • There are various types of hanging lights that you can pick to show off the room's character.


  • The hanging lights chosen to add style and depth to the room have a significance to breathe new life into an otherwise boring space.


Cutting a Long Story Short


Lighting can be a great source of making a home look stylish and elegant. It is crucial to select the right style of light fixtures to decorate your home. No doubt, exposed lights like hanging lights can enhance the beauty of a room and offer a festive spark. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with claiming that lights are the game-changer in interior decoration. How you use and introduce lighting into your house interiors show the personal taste of the homeowner. Utilizing good interior lighting like hanging lights can keep the space brightly lit and set the right mood for the space. They bring elegance, visual impact, and style to your homes or even the interiors of your offices. Hence, don't hesitate to spend heavily on these light fixtures when you plan to renovate your homes.



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