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Eight Globe Pendant Lighting Ideas to Dress up Your Bedroom

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07



When you are tired of the look of your bedroom, you may turn to some easy and affordable ways to refresh the room. You can revamp the look with bold print wallpaper, bedding in bright colors, an area rug featuring exotic patterns or another paint color. However, these renovations don't seem to be enough for satisfaction. What else do you need? A pendant light. Not only can a gorgeous pendant light be a game-changer for a living room, dining room, and kitchen, but it can also turn your bedroom into a comfy sanctuary. You either hang the pendant lights over the nightstands or in the middle of the bedroom ceiling. Since geometric shapes are on-trend right now, why not fit your bedroom with a globe pendant and light the room in a funky way? Our roundup of globe pendant lighting ideas will give your space an element of surprise.





1. A Mirror Ball for a Cool Air of Sophistication



A mirrored glass globe pendant is the main source of light in this kid’s bedroom. Its chrome finish spices up the interior with its metallic pizzazz and is sure to turn heads. The light fixture’s reflective mirror-like surface gives the smooth orb silhouette a contemporary edge. The globe shade has a shiny metal band with clear glass top and bottom, allowing more light to shine through freely. Those ruby red furnishings give the room a pop of color while the ocean blue decor gives it a sense of serenity. These furnishings and the luminary turn the room into a fun-filled dreamland.



2. A Wooden Orb for a Natural Touch


The wood pendant light is a real conversation piece for this farmhouse bedroom. A plethora of tiny wooden sticks are crisscrossed and woven into an orb to provide surprising intricacy. The luminary features organized randomness which makes it unique and show-stopping. An inviting and lovely glow seeps through the cracks of globe shade, creating a dreamy environment. The wood-clad wall, the wooden floor, and every piece of furniture repeat the light fixture's sandy brown color. It somehow ties this comforting room together and gives the room a natural touch along with the green plants on the nightstands and the artworks on the wall.


3. Rock the Room with a Floral Design


Crafted of polyresin and fashioned with a white finish, the globe pendant light rock the room with its stunning appearance. Its globe shade boasts a floral design and largely resembles a stunning hydrangea consisting of a few layers of white petals. A charming glow shines through the floral shade, creating intriguing light effects. The arctic blue wall and the painting featuring a killer whale in the bedroom will make you feel like your living by the seaside every time you walk in. They provide just the right amount of color and introduce a perfect finishing touch to the room along with the luminary.



4. A Multipoint Pendant to Ignite Your Imagination


Dressed in a dandelion finish, a multipoint globe pendant brings eye appeal and steals the show in the bedroom. Its avant-garde multipoint design reminds you of the horn of a unicorn and somehow ignites your imagination. Emanating warm and subtle light rays, it serves as an instant texture boost and adds quirky brilliance to the bedroom. The wall paper repeats the light fixture’s spherical accent and also the chilli red hue of the pillows and the upholstery. The bright-colored furnishings spread the joyous color palette throughout the room while the light fixture and the white cabinets calm the palette a bit.


5. A Citrus Pendant For a Bit of Playful Flair


Crafted from white polyethylene, the globe pendant light perks up this beach-style kid’s bedroom. Coated in a gloss lacquered white finish, the light fixture showcases a lovely segmented citrus inspired accent, which provides an exciting visual element. Its breezy cage design allows for a beautiful and soothing glow to seep through the cracks and cast luminous shadows. The bedding in denim blue and yellow adds a layer of texture and evokes a sense of the sea and calmness. They help to transform the room into a magical land to have a sweet dream along with the luminary.



6. A Brass Finish For a Cohesive Look


The glass pendant light gives the bedroom a dramatic decorative impact with its glistening brass finish. A similar tone appears in the table lamp stem while the uplifting finish complements the wall, the table lampshade, the bedding, and the tiles, pulling the room together and creating a cohesive look in a unique way. The clear glass shade is encircled by metal bands that follow the shape and curvature of the pendant. Three candle-style bulbs radiate amazing light rays and impart a vintage touch to the traditional decors. The olive green drapes and a navy blue settee bench serve to bring the sense of relaxation to the bedroom along with the pendant light.



7. Bright-colored Pendants to Grab Glances


Incorporating the elements of function and aesthetics, a duo of globe pendant lights hanging above the nightstands are showstoppers that are guaranteed to grab glances. These stunners show off a lotus flower motif consisting of a multitude of capiz shell petals in a robin’s egg color. They emit a soft and diffused glow and add unexpected flair to this girl’s bedroom. Their vibrant hue is also suggested by the decorations on the shelf and artworks on the wall. Blue-and-green pillows, a chili red throw, and an orange chair scatter the presence of tangy colors throughout the room together with the light fixture.



8. Bring a Dreamy Look with Feathers


The clean lines of this modern bedroom are softened by the globe pendant light crafted from natural goose feathers. Its fluffy silhouette gives the room a dreamy look and lends a playful touch. The white luminary stands out from the navy blue walls and the tortilla wood floor while it coordinates with the bedding, the windows, and the table lamp. The curtains mimic the colors on the wall and keep the design interesting. Since the deeper shades of blue induce calmness and peace within, the blue wall will turn the room into your personal retreat to recharge.



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