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8 Reasons Why You Should Buy Light Fixtures at Claxy

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Claxy is a brand with many years of experience in home lighting. Feel free to energize your home by purchasing light fixtures at Claxy. It is a smart idea to renovate your interior in a budget-savvy way with Claxy’s products. Choosing the perfect luminaires for your home will take the light effect to another level. Take into account these factors such as the style of interior, color of the furniture, the size of the room, the type of room, and the type of ceiling when picking light fixtures for your home. Check out the reasons why you should buy light fixtures at Claxy:


1.     Various Types of Light Fixtures

Claxy has various types of light fixtures. All you have to do is to shop your favorites on the website. The light fixtures are divided into five categories at Claxy:




If your home is in need of breath-taking centerpieces, look no further than chandeliers. These luminaires serve to glam up your foyer, dining room, living room, bathroom, and kitchen. You need to know the size of the space in order to get the correct hanging height. It comes with an adjustable chain for you to play with the height. It can be mounted on sloped ceilings, low ceilings, or vaulted ceilings. There are many categories of chandeliers for you to choose from at Claxy like wood chandeliers, drum chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, rustic chandeliers, modern chandeliers, and dining room chandeliers.


2)Pendant Lights

Pendant lights have become common lighting indoors and outdoors. They come with a cord that faces downwards when hanging. You can install them in the living area, dining table, bathroom, kitchen island, and hallways. Hang them in the right position to bring drama to the space. They can be constructed of a wide array of materials like wood, shell, fabric, and glass. Claxy is home to a good variety of pendant lights including mini pendants, glass pendants, modern pendants, kitchen pendants, and industrial pendants.



Lamps provide task lighting in living rooms, home offices, bedrooms, or other spaces. They are portable and versatile enough to fit into any room. It can be used to light up your reading nook or other poorly-lit areas. Before you buy a lamp, consider the function, style, and color of the décor. Lamps are classified into table lamps and desk lamps. Table lamps not only create an attractive space but also bring task lighting. Desk lamps can be put on your home office desk as a reading light.


4)Wall Lights

Most homeowners complete their interior by installing wall lights. These luminaires increase the sense of brightness and make the space look inviting. Moreover, they can act as a task, general and ambient lighting. If you have a small room, consider buying wall lights as they are mounted on walls and thereby occupy less space. Use these fixtures to shine on corners with shadows or illuminate the reading spot. Claxy offers the following types of wall lights: glass wall sconce, swing arm wall lamps, bathroom vanity, and plug-in wall lights.


5)Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights supply a dash of drama to the spaces like the dining room, kitchen, office, bathtub, bedroom, and living room. They look perfect indoors and in covered outdoor areas. Buy light fixtures that share a similar finish to the furnishing in your room. You can find crystal ceiling lights, glass ceiling lights, semi flush ceiling light, flush mount ceiling light, and modern ceiling lights all at Claxy.


2.     Functionality

Most homeowners do not know much about lighting and hence make mistakes when they buy light fixtures. Homeowners are advised to use all layers of lighting. Here at claxy, there are different types of indoor lighting.

Task: Task lights help to finish a particular task. They include pendant lamps, desk lamps, and table lamps.

Accent: Accent lights serve as a focal point and highlight furniture and architectural features. Also, they are usually mounted to the walls to complement wall art or pictures. Most accent lighting features dimmers to bring out different moods.

Ambient: Ambient lighting is also referred to as general lighting. They are important for any room in order to move around safely.


3.     Versatility

It is important to decide which room you are planning to place your lighting. If you would like to shop for some of the versatile luminaires that are well-suited to a number of spaces, you can surely get what you want at Claxy. You can find the light fixtures that work well in the dining room, entryway, bedroom, and living room while others may blend perfectly into the kitchen island or bathroom. For instance, pendants can bring visual impact right above the dining table and over the kitchen island.


4.     Different Sizes

Figuring out the correct size of a fixture is what you have to do before you buy light fixtures. You cannot place big lighting in a small room because it will overpower the whole space. On the contrary, the large room looks appealing with big lighting. You don’t have to worry about not getting a light fixture of your choice if you shop at Claxy. The website offers light fixtures at varied sizes to suit your different lighting needs.


5.     Styles and Finishes

After getting the size, you have to determine styles and finishes. The styles and finishes of the light fixtures you pick should coordinate with the existing style and color palette of your décor. Those contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, modern, and mid-century light fixtures available at Claxy will create an explosion of light in your home. Once you visit the website, you will be amazed at the wide range of available finishes of light fixtures.


6.     Being Dimmable

The quality of light is affected by wattage, lumen, and color temperature. You can use dimmers to adjust the intensity of the light output. Most light fixtures sold at Claxy are fully dimmable when they are paired with compatible dimmer switch and dimmable bulbs.


7.      Easy Installation

Installation process of most of Claxy’s light fixtures is quite easy. These light fixtures come with simple instructions from the manufacturer. Follow the instructions step-by-step, you can prevent missing important points. You need to take proper precaution when installing the lights. Ensure you have basic knowledge of electricity or get a qualified electrician to help you.


8.      Affordable Prices

Most light fixtures available at Claxy are sold at affordable prices. You will be able to get an eye-catching luminaire even if you have a low budget.


Final Thoughts is a go-to source of various types of lighting, including chandeliers, wall lights, ceiling lights, lamps, and pendant lights. Its diversity of light fixtures ensures that you have the correct piece to blend with all styles. The right piece will create balance and complement the room. Also, Claxy’s light fixtures can create a soothing and calming atmosphere when used in aesthetically designed spaces. They are fully dimmable when used with matching dimmers and bulbs. Additionally, the luminaires are sold at affordable prices. Pick the one that fits your budget.



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