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8 Bathroom Vanity Lighting Hacks That Class up Your Bathroom

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

The bathroom is the place where we get ready for the day in the morning and relax and unwind at night. We perform our daily grooming routine in front of the bathroom vanity. That’s why bathroom vanity is considered the most important aspect of the entire bath area. The look of the bathroom vanity will either make or break a bathroom. A gorgeous bathroom vanity can glam up the entire bathroom and bring perfect finishing touch to the space. No one can finish the standard tasks such as applying makeup, shaving, brushing your teeth, or hair in the bathroom with a dimly-lit vanity. Your choice of bathroom vanity lighting should have an equal importance as that of the bathtub and the tiles. What kind of lights should be the most flattering ones suitable for bathroom vanity? You can't go wrong with a vanity wall light.


Vanity wall lights are a popular choice for bathroom vanity for a couple of reasons. Taking up little space, they offer perfection in both practicality and form, delivering light as well as their own aesthetic qualities. If you intend to add unexpected flair to your bathroom, why not check out our roundup of bathroom vanity lighting hacks that will inspire you?


1. Seashell Glass Brings Character to the Space

A quartet of mini vanity wall lights mounted on the mirror cabinet elevate the look of this traditional bathroom with their lovely dome shades. The luminaires’ seashell glass dome shades embrace the elegant artistry of nature and the exquisite craftsmanship. They bring a unique touch of character while providing oodles of downlight to the room. Their rounded silhouette brings a bit of coziness and creates a soothing ambiance in the room. The dark brown finish of their lampholders works well with the cinnamon cabinets and the nut brown area rug. The sage green walls and the flowers give the space a wonderful pop of color and a bit of refreshing element.


2. The Globe shades Generate an Understated Look

The clean lines of the contemporary bathroom are softened by the circular silhouette of a two-light wall sconce. The clear glass globe shades of the light fixture generate an understated look that will impress. The glass wall sconce installed above the mirror exudes a diffused and charming glow that’s perfect for daily grooming. The black finish of its arm, canopy, and lampholders is also suggested by doorknob, drawer pulls, and the cabinet pulls. It stands out vividly against the white walls and the brass mirror frame as an exciting visual element. The air force blue cabinet and the blue-and-white area rug introduce a feeling of coastal charm and make for a relaxing atmosphere.


3. The Opal Glass Shades Add Visual Depth

A duet of vanity wall lights add visual depth to the master bathroom with their lovely cone shades. Each wall light boasts three opal glass cone shades with curved edges. The cone shades and the arm resemble flowers on the twigs, bringing a refined touch to the interior. With fine workmanship, three glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. The light fixtures emit a warm and gorgeous glow to best illuminate your skin. Their opal glass shades bring out tones from the white cabinets, the white ceiling, the white washbasin, and the white window frame. Their canopies, arms, and lampholders are fashioned with a brown finish, which is echoed by the drawer pulls, the cabinet pulls, the tiles, and the countertop.


4. Criss Cross Arms Introduce Intricate Details

Each mirror in the bathroom is adorned with a pair of wall sconces sporting fabric drum shades. The wall lights capture attention with their circular lampshades and dramatically crisscross arms. The wall sconces showcase strong visual presence that is guaranteed to turn heads with such intricate details. Their black drum shade accent and the brushed nickel finish are voiced by the pendant light right beside the mirror. Their black lamp shades set them apart from the white ceiling, the beige marble tiles, the beige lampshade of the drum chandelier, and the beige cabinets, bringing an unrivaled level of sophistication. The teacup teal walls and the mint green upholstery of the chair usher in just the right amount of color to the room.


5. Art Deco Wall Lights Send out Muted Elegance

Flanking the mirrors, three one-light vanity wall lights are sure to grab more than that just a few glances with their art deco look. Being coated in a black finish, the light fixtures lend a bit of geometric touch to the bathroom. Two thirds of their clear glass cone shades are protected by the black metal cone covers, introducing an element of surprise to the space. The mosaic tiles and the towel hangers pick up on the colors of the luminaires to send out muted elegance. The containers in sepia tan pair nicely with the mirror frames which are also in sepia tan. Both the air force blue cabinet and the light fixtures serve as an instant texture boost in the room.


6. Perk up the Bath Area with Antique Sconces

In this traditional bathroom, the mirrors on both sides of the bathtub are flanked by antique glass sconces. The wall sconces are fitted with opaque opal glass cone shades and softly curved arms featuring a spun accent. The light fixtures’ lampholders, arms, and canopies with decorative cast detailing in oil rubbed bronze add a pop of antique style and a ton of texture to the room. The wall lights, the crystal chandelier, and the cabinets carry the dark brown color through the space, creating a clean and cohesive look. All the light fixtures impart rich textural appeal to the room and radiate soft and amazing light rays, which makes the bath area a soothing haven to relax.


7. A Clover Motif Provides a Touch of Whimsy

The transitional girl’s bathroom is ablaze with three one-light vanity wall lights flaunting a lustrous brushed nickel finish. Their white fabric cylinder shades coordinate with white countertop, the white area rugs, and the white doors. Both the clear glass bobeches attached to their lampholders and their canopies are showing off a clover motif, providing a touch of whimsy to the space. The luminaires’ floral pattern also appear on the multi-colored wall papers which bring a pop of intense colors including fuschia and lime. The blush cabinet and the fuschia roses mimic the color of the wall papers, spreading the intense color around the space. The wall papers, the light fixtures, and the roses effortlessly offer a gorgeous organic aesthetic to the room.


8. A Brushed Nickel Wall Light Livens up the Space

A mini wall light’s brushed nickel finish livens up the bathroom with a bit of metallic pizzazz. Its canopy is showing off a handsomely styled metalwork completing with floral details, making it an instant eye-catcher in the bath area. When light is diffused through its beige fabric drum shade, it reduces glare and helps to eliminate harsh shadows. The luminaire casts a softer and more subtle glow over the entire space to create a calming atmosphere. The pink walls, the flamingo cabinet, the pink towels, the pink bath curtain, the watermelon containers, and the pearl-inspired pulls lend a feminine touch to the bath area and display an array of vibrant colors. The light fixture, the white countertop, the white bathtub, and the white marble floor provide visual relief from the bright colors and also keep the colors in check.


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