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A Mini Guide to Hang a Chandelier Correctly

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
A Mini Guide to Hang a Chandelier Correctly

Lighting plays a very crucial role in interior design. Quality and well-installed lights can remodel your home and create that unique and comfortable ambiance. Lighting sets the mood for a room and changes the shape and size of a place, especially when you use the 3-layer lighting plan. If your home is in need of an instant eye-catcher, look no further than a chandelier. Scroll down to know more about these glamorous light fixtures and read the mini guide to hang a chandelier correctly.


What is a Chandelier?

A chandelier is simply a light that gives your home overhead lighting in a glamorous way. Chandeliers can improve the beauty of your interior space. In many places and areas of this world, some people regard chandeliers as a symbol of wealth. Some would say it's because they are pricey, but in fact, they are just adorable pieces of decor.



Different Types of Chandeliers

There exist many chandeliers you can choose from to add a strong visual presence to your living room, dining room, or entryway. If you're in search of a quality and durable chandelier, just go get one from Claxy. Well, why Claxy?

It is a reputable lighting solution provider that manufactures a wide range of lighting fixtures. All light fixtures you find at Claxy are eye-catching, affordable, and above all, durable. Here are some of the chandeliers you can get at Claxy.


1. Dining Room Chandeliers

After a long working day, everyone looks forward to a great dinner in a warm environment. A dining room chandelier can provide the cozy ambiance for you to get together with your friends and family members. Vintage or French style chandeliers will be best suited for your dining room.


2. Modern Chandeliers

If you're looking for one such chandelier that will match or complement your existing classic and modern decor, go for the modern chandeliers. They are available in different styles, like modern pendant lights, contemporary bronze island chandelier, and many more.


3. Rustic Chandeliers

Rustic chandeliers work best in traditional and industrial interiors. If you have a piece of furniture featuring an old-timey feel, it is a good idea to pair a rustic chandelier with the furniture to offer an antique style. Rustic Chandeliers bring a pastoral vibe and a sense of warmth to your aesthetic. You can choose one with iron, wood, or metal, depending on your personal taste.


4. Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal Chandeliers are attractive with both lights on and off due to their glaze. Your home will be ablaze with the dazzling crystal beads that capture attention from every guest. Square, round, modern, and vintage crystal chandeliers, they will give your home that wow factor you're looking for.


5. Wood Chandeliers

Wood is naturally attractive. Furniture with a wood finish will perfectly complement the wood chandeliers to lend a natural vibe. You can even achieve a farmhouse look with a wooden chandelier and other wooden fixtures at Claxy.


6. Drum Chandeliers

Creating an inviting atmosphere, drum chandeliers energize your home interior with a contemporary flair and subtle sophistication. Drum chandeliers create an instant focal point and provide a good mix of ambient and task lighting. They lend refined styles to your home with their refreshing and stylish appearance.


Where to Hang a Chandelier?

Whether you have a big, medium-size, or small home, there must be someplace for you to hang your chandelier. All you need here is some imagination and the right choice of lighting. Some of the places you can hang your chandelier include: dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall, and stairway.


How to Hang a Chandelier Correctly?

Safety comes first. For directly wired installations, kindly hire a professional. Here are some steps to perfectly guide you when installing a chandelier. Please read them carefully.



Step 1: Turn the Power (Electricity) Off

Power is dangerous. Before you hang a chandelier, switch off the electricity from the main circuit since you will be working with electrical wires.


Step 2: Remove the Existing Lighting Fixture

If this is not a new installation, remove the existing light fixture to give you access to the junction box.


Step 3: Prepare the Junction Box

Inspect the junction box to see if you need to make some changes before installing your chandelier. Ensure all the screws are well tightened and test the wires that will provide power to your chandelier.


Step 4: Assemble Your Chandelier

Following the installation instruction, assemble your chandelier and make sure not to leave any parts behind.


Step 5: Hang the Chandelier's Chain

There are two things you should keep in mind: First, the ceiling height; and second, your chain's height. For every foot of ceiling height, include three inches of chain. If the chandelier is suspended right above a dining table, adjust the chain’s height according to the table.

After trimming the chain to the desired length, thread the wire to every other chain going up to the ceiling.


Step 6: Mount the Chandelier to the Junction Box

Mounting the chandelier to the junction box is usually done in two steps. You first need to connect the wires to the junction box and manage the wires with the cable ties. With the help of your chandelier's canopy, cover the base neatly. The manufacturer's installation instruction will help you with this step.


Step 7: Wire Connection

Most chandeliers come with a black and a white wire. Attach the ends of these wires and tuck them into the junction box carefully using the chandelier's canopy. Be sure not to leave cables behind. Or else, you may have to repeat the whole process from the very beginning.


Step 8: Choose Your Bulbs

You can now select the type of bulbs you want to use in your new chandelier. Different bulbs will have different lighting effects. For bright and direct light, you can opt for Claxy LED lights. For warm and subtle light, go for halogen bulbs. These will create that new and bright ambiance.

You can now switch your electricity back on and enjoy your chandelier.


Final Thoughts!

If you're striving for something that emits leisure and glamour, a chandelier is just what you need. With those hanging crystals and rainbow colors, your interior will look stunning and attractive. You can follow all these instructions mentioned above to hang a chandelier or use the manual or handbook that comes with the chandelier when you purchase it.



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