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10 Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Space with Drum Ceiling Lights

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Cool Ways to Upgrade Your Space with Drum Ceiling Lights

Drum ceiling lights in particular offer a rounded, ring-like band around the light bulb. This is where the name of “drum” shade comes from. Their drum shade functions as both a diffuser and a lamp shade to regulate the intensity of the light output and give the space a softer look. They provide a comfy and atmospheric light effect since they are more muted and non-reflective. When you need task lighting that doesn’t emit too much glare, they are the right candidates for you. They are also a wonderful choice for smaller spaces and lower ceilings where the space isn't sufficient for low hanging light fixtures. Coming in various designs, shapes, colors, and material combinations, these luminaires can really elevate the aesthetic quality of the living space and set the mood. Take a peek at the roundup of drum ceiling lighting ideas.


Drum Ceiling Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room:

1. A Metal Openwork Adds Unexpected Flair

This contemporary living room is ablaze with the glimmering brass finish of the drum ceiling light. A graceful metal openwork encircles and protects the glass drum shade to add unexpected flair to the space. The circular openwork flaunts a geometric design cut out against the drum shade inside, which makes the light fixture unique. It bathes the room in a soft, flattering glow and creates a welcoming ambiance. Its brass finish coordinates with the orange brown wood tone and the syrup brown couches, and syrup brown coffee table ottoman. The drama is taken up a notch thanks to the red coffee table ottomans, the orange cushions, the ruby red throw blanket, the multi-colored artwork, and the ceiling light which brings a vibrant twist to the space.


2. Generates an Understated Look With a Fluted Lamp Shade

Boasting a fluted lamp shade, the drum ceiling light generates an understated look and lends a ton of texture to the space. The light fixture offers perfection in both function and form with its glossy satin nickel finish. Being fitted with a white fabric shade and a flat opal glass diffuser, it emits a soothing glow that creates a relaxing ambiance for a get-together. The luminaire brings zing to the living room with its diffuser that is held in place by decorative metal finials. Its white drum shade is well-suited to the rectangular white lamp shades of the table lamp and the floor lamp and the white throw blanket. The pale blue couch, the artwork, the green plant, and the colorful area rug incorporate color into this otherwise neutral room.


Drum Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room:


3. The Black-And-White Combo Offers Timeless Elegance

The dual-shade drum ceiling light offers timeless elegance with its black-and-white color combo. The black accent of its semi transparent outer shade is also suggested by the chairs and the table while its beige inner shade plays well with the beige walls, the tawny mirror frame, the tawny console table and the tortilla wood floor. The light fixture contrasts the white ceiling and the white windows and adds alluring visual interest to the room. With a white diffuser, it provides widespread ambient light for your meal time. The artwork featuring blue, green, and coral, the sky blue container, and the sky blue cabinet reinforce the beach style aesthetic of the dining room and provide a pop of personality.


4. Double-shade Ceiling Lights Steal the Show

A duet of double-shade flush mount ceiling lights steal the show in the dining room with its delicate contemporary style. A cantaloupe outer fabric drum shade is layered over a beige inner shade, delivering the sleek, clean and minimalistic elegance. Both drum shades are held in place and adorned by a few metal slats to add a unique touch of character. The luminaires gently emit an amazing glow through the double-layer lampshades to set an inviting mood for the space. Their cantaloupe and beige hues appear in the artworks and the walls while they go well with the orange brown wood tone of the chairs. The multi-colored artworks, cherry containers, and the light fixtures lend eye appeal to the room.


Drum Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:

5. The Crystal Accent Delivers Contemporary Sparkle

The bedroom gets its unique character from crystal ceiling light that delivers a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and shine. The drum shade shows off a modern design inspired by a bird’s nest for a surprising twist. It gives the room a touch of glitz with the gleaming strands of crystal dangling inside the shade. A charming and warm glow shines through the airy shade featuring abstract patterns, creating intriguing light effects and a tranquil escape for a good night’s sleep. The iris pillow, the striped ottomans, and the artwork keep the color palette of the bedroom from getting boring.


6. The Wavy Edge Draws All Eyes up

The bedroom seems to be traditional as it boasts neutral shades such as white, black and beige. However, the sage ottoman and teacup teal bed sheet stand out as an exciting visual element. Sporting an intricate and fresh design, the drum ceiling light’s white fabric shade introduces a graceful touch to the room. Its drum shade draws all eyes up with its modern sophistication portrayed by wavy edges and a rounded hexagon shape. The fabric shade reduces glare and helps to eliminate harsh shadows. The ceiling light’s wavy accent is echoed in the gently contoured headboard in taupe. The light fixture and the green hues bring a refined and rich texture to this otherwise dull bedroom.


Drum Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:

7. A Bright-colored Ceiling Light Serves As a Wow-factor

A drum ceiling light in bright color is definitely a great centerpiece for a space that lacks the wow-factor. The flush mount shows off a vibrant red color warming up the cool air of the kitchen's industrial design. The awesome glow dispersing through the white acrylic diffuser of the light fixture, evenly illuminates the space. The glass pendant light finished in oil rubbed bronze above the sink enhances the industrial theme of the kitchen. The pendant and the red ceiling light stand out vividly against the white walls, white ceiling, and the white cabinets to provide a stunning decorative detail. The turquoise backsplash made from reclaimed aluminum city street signs with tree names introduces surprising pops of color and adds excitement to this otherwise boring kitchen along with the drum ceiling light.


8. A Butterfly-inspired Accent Adds an Element of Surprise

A quartet of mini drum ceiling lights finished in butterscotch supply a dash of drama to the kitchen. A similar hue appears in the countertop, the wall light, the wood floor, the stairs, and the containers. Being arranged symmetrically on the ceiling, the ceiling lights amp up the drama and provide wonderful overhead lighting for cooking, food-prep, and dining. Their drum shades showcase a butterfly-inspired accent that spruces up the space with a touch of whimsy. The light fixtures’ white diffusers complement the white ceiling, the white cabinets, the white walls, and the white backsplash. The red area rug, red container, and the dried moss chairs bring the right amount of color to the space.


Drum Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom:

9. A Brushed Nickel finish Pull the Room Together

A four-light drum ceiling light makes the bathroom fizz with a boost of brightness with its brushed nickel finish. The drum shade encases four candelabra-inspired lights supported by curved arms for an unrivaled level of sophistication. The light fixture commands attention and draws the eye upward to the sparkling teardrop almond crystal bead strands draping from the arms. The glow pouring through the semitransparent fabric shade being edged with a dark finish is softer and more subtle, making for a calming environment to enjoy the bath time. Its beige fabric shade pairs nicely with the beige bathtub and the beige tiles. The luminaire’s brushed nickel accent mimics the color of the tapware, the door pull, the towel hanger, and the shower head, in a way that pulls the room together.


10. A Crystal Ceiling Light Serves as Eye Candy

Every visitor walks into this traditional bathroom will be bedazzled by this attention-grabbing crystal ceiling light. Its white fabric drum shade softens the clean lines of the bathroom and coordinates with the white cabinets, white bathtub, and the white ceiling. The luminary plays up the shimmery beads of clear crystal glamorously dangling in the middle of the drum shade, serving as the eye candy to grab attention. The wall sconces, the pulls of drawers, and the tapware all bring out tones from the ceiling light. They somehow carry the chrome finish throughout the rest of the room and create a cohesive look.



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