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8 Mid-century Modern Lighting Ideas That are Radiant

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Mid-century Modern Lighting Ideas That are Radiant

Being a prevalent design style from the mid-1930s to the mid-1960s, the mid-century modern style is a perfect blend of traditional elements and contemporary inspirations. It is characterized by clean lines, geometric patterns, delicately curved accent, and a mix of different materials. Thanks to the classic, understated look, the mid-century modern style will never go out of style and is still going strong even today. It still appeals to the homeowners who are in love with simple yet stylish designs. If you find it risky to have your home full of mid-century decor, why not start with just mid-century modern light fixtures? They are bound to give your home a timeless touch and an elegant flair you’ve been looking for. Allow us to spark your creativity with the following mid-century modern lighting ideas that are radiant.


Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room


1.   The Starburst Design Adds Depth

With a brass finish, the mid-century modern semi flush mount ceiling light is sure to take the stage as the premier focus of this contemporary living room. Its shimmery finish rejuvenates the living space with its metallic pizzazz. Resembling a stellar explosion, it is a cosmic work of art that boasts modern functionality. It features thin, spindly arms intermingled with three spiked and exposed bulbs that jut out from the center. This fashionable sputnik fixture shows off a stunning starburst design, providing depth, dimension, and a familiar aura to the room. Its brass finish works beautifully with the dandelion armchair and the wood tone. The ceiling light, the dandelion armchair, and the sapphire blue wall display an array of vibrant colors. Being a neutral base,the gray sofa, the black-and-white cushions, the black table, and the gray shelf serve to keep the intense colors from going over the top.



2.   The Polygon Cage Lends a Touch of Whimsy

The mid-century modern flush mount ceiling light stands out as an exciting visual element that perks up the transitional living room. Its lustrous brass finish makes the room fizz with a touch of bling. The polygon iron cage shade shows off bold geometric accents and adds a touch of modernity, offering an open design of a drum shade. Its airy design allows the lights to shine through freely, bringing rich visual interest to your interior. Four exposed bulbs of the ceiling light are arranged in a crisscross pattern, rounding out the design with a touch of whimsy. Two armchairs repeat the light fixture’s geometric element and give the living room a sense of movement. Cushions in Kiwi and turquoise, the tangerine cabinet, the artwork, and the tangerine accent on the fireplace TV wall introduce a pop of excitement to the space along with the luminaire.

Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room

3.   20 Bamboo-like Arms Bring a Playful Touch

This 40-light pendant light is guaranteed to steal the show in the dining room with its mid-century modern vibe. Its sculptural shade showcases 20 bamboo-like arms that are fitted with a bulb at both ends. The linear arms are put together to form a rectangular silhouette that fills the room with its unrivaled style. The exposed spherical bulbs create an explosion of light and bring a playful touch that makes your mealtime fun and more relaxing. The light fixture’s glossy brass hue delivers a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and plays well with the caramel wood tone, the tawny mirror frames, and the brass chair legs. The aegean blue walls and the lake-blue-and-white area rug provide the perfect finishing touch for the space.


4.   The Globe Pendant Provides a Bit of Drama

A mid-century modern pendant has all of the elegance and beauty you are looking for to spruce up a small dining room. Brimming with mid-century modern style, the light fixture’s space-inspired style gives the room a funky, contemporary update. The globe pendant light’s fourteen slender arms extending in every direction are topped off with spherical clear glass shades, giving the light fixture a look that is both fun and modern. Its brass lamp holders contrast the canopy and arms finished in brushed nickel and effortlessly lend a touch of shimmer. Some of the containers and decorations repeat its gleaming brass hue for a cohesive look. The mint green glass cabinet, the mint green console table, and the robin’s egg drapes give the room an extra kick of visual impact.

Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom

5.   Brass Sconces Elevates the Decors

Showcasing a brass finish, a pair of glass wall sconces flanking the bed elevate the decor in this coastal-style bedroom with a boost of sparkle. Their hand-blown opaque opal glass shades introduce a ton of texture to the living space. Offering a sleek sphere silhouette, they perfectly blend the mid-century classic and the geometric elegance. The light fixtures complete the aesthetic with their art deco look and make for a statement piece. The shiny wall decor repeats the wall lights’ brass finish and rounded accent, adding excitement and a refined touch to the room. The light fixtures’ glossy finish and the bedding in blue and sandy color provide a calming and soft palette that creates a personal getaway in the house.


6.   Mini Pendants Flaunt Simple Geometry

A pair of mini pendant lights flanking the bed radiate an inviting glow, rendering warmth and coziness to the bedroom. The mid-century modern pendants light fixtures flaunt simple geometry at its finest. Their art deco lampshades are composed of two cones flipped in opposite directions and held aloft by a metal band. Their canopies, rods, and metal bands finished in brass blend perfectly with tawny and gingerbread hue of the wooden furniture. The white bedding, the white drapes, the white windows, and the white headboard bring out tones from the light fixture, which conveys an understated grace. The navy blue walls, the navy blue pillows, and the light fixtures make for an appealing color palette that is deeply soothing.


Mid-Century Modern Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen


7.   Glass Globe Shades Bring a Ton of Texture

A trio of glass pendant lights are meant to be the focal point in the kitchen with their canopy, rod, and lamp holders ablaze with an electrophoretic brass finish, giving your living space a bit of mid-century modern pizzazz. Each glass globe shade encases three candle style lights pointing upward, giving off charming and diffused light rays. Crafted of hand-blown seeded glass, the globe shades give the space a ton of texture. Three candelabra-inspired lights in the glass shades are arranged in a triangular shade, providing a stunning decorative detail to the space. Their glistening finish is also suggested by drawer pulls and cabinet pulls, unobtrusively tying the decor of the kitchen together. The Spanish blue kitchen island, the Spanish blue cabinets, and the glass pendants introduce just the perfect amount of bright colors to the space.


8.   The Red Pendants Adding a Vibrant Twist

A trio of PH 3½-3 Pendant Lights hanging above the dining table create a more balanced space and bring great proportion to the kitchen. The mid-century modern design of the pendants sports the sculptural layering of three metal shades and optical symmetry. The smaller shades vary the direction of light to greatly reduce glare. Being decorative yet functional, these charming and unpretentious fixtures are sure to provide a pop of personality. Adding a vibrant twist to the space, their eye-catching red finish will make sure all eyes are on these luminaires. Giving the space an instant uplift, they are meant to be the stunning showpieces that make a statement. The artwork, the flowers, and some of the containers pick up on the colors of light fixtures and scatter the presence of energetic red throughout the kitchen.



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