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Things We Should Know Before Buying Mini Pendants

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
Things We Should Know Before Buying Mini Pendants


What are Mini Pendant Lights?

Being small in size, mini pendants create an instant focal point that doesn't detract from existing decor. Since they hang in mid-air, unique petite pendant lights are a great way to bring a dash of drama to your home. They're also small enough to fit well in just about any room.


Before you pick the mini pendant lights for your home, pay attention to following rules of thumb about hanging heights of these light fixtures. They are generally 12 inches wide or less. The bottom of the lampshades should be 28 to 34 inches above the countertop or dining table when the pendant is used as task lighting and position them about two feet apart to ensure even illumination. For mini pendants on open areas or paths, hang them at least 65 to 70 inches above the floor.


Benefits of Mini Pendant Lights

Compared with the traditional pendant lights, mini pendant lights have many advantages. These small lights appear to be less expensive to start with than their bigger counterparts. Since these light fixtures are affordable for most homeowners, they can feel free to illuminate their homes with the petite lights, irrespective of their financial situation.

They are also ideal for an array of living spaces compared to other lighting types due to their compact size. In smaller rooms, dark corners, breakfast nooks, or rooms with lower ceilings, these mini luminaires work wonders for setting the right mood.


Ideas for Mini Pendant Light Placement

Since they are very small, they can work beautifully in several locations. Consider a cluster of mini pendants to create an inviting impression or use an unobtrusive pendant to brighten up a working or reading corner. Take  the relative locations into account while clustering pendants. Lights in standard lines or grids have a formal appearance, while stepped highlights give a casual appearance. These mini lights contribute to deliver dramatic decorative impact and a ton of eye appeal to the rooms.


Where to Use Mini Pendant Lights?

The best feature of mini pendant lights is their versatility. Thanks to their compact size and wide range of finishes and materials, these lights suit just about anywhere in your house. In dining areas, including over a small table, bistro table, or a breakfast bar, such lightweight hanging lights provide the perfect finishing touch for the space. You may also put them to light on a central table or peninsula counter in your kitchen. Hang a few mini pendants along the countertop in a row for larger counter areas.

Mini pendant lights can also be used in dining rooms and family rooms. Put them that are fitted with candle style lights above your coffee table or hang one on each table to make for a particularly snug place for gatherings. In this way, you can get the right decorative object you need above the table and have a great time during your coffee break. You can also use these light fixtures in your bedroom, flanking your side table or nightstands to create a soothing ambiance.


Styles and Lampshades of Mini Pendant Lights

These unique mini pendant lights can easily suit your design goals with a variety of lampshades available. Clear glass pendants provide bright light and come with the exposed bulb. Seeded glass shades offer charming and soft glow. Decorative glass or fabric shades may also enhance the current decor with specific textures. The painted shades of metal or art glass inject color into the living space. Their chains, cords, or rods used to suspend these fixtures from the ceiling offer additional decorative options as they are also available in different finishes. To add a finishing touch, use a small ceiling medallion with each fixture.

Mini pendants are versatile devices that can provide illumination and decorative detail. Use them alone or with other types of light fixtures to make your room feel more glamorous and add a warm atmosphere to your room.


What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Mini Pendant Lights?

It might seem a bit tricky to choose the perfect lights for your house, don't worry we are here to guide you. The following are some points that must be taken into consideration when buying mini pendant lights. Now, let's take a look!



    • Size


The overall capacity of the lights should be your first concern. Though mini pendants are substantially smaller than other lighting types, there are a wide variety of sizes for you to choose from. The size of the room matters a lot when choosing the suitable mini pendants for the bedroom. For example, you could choose a greater size if you hang a single pendant light above your own bed. You can also pick the mini lights of the same size or try a mix of different sizes for more visual interest when grouping them. Observe the size of the room. Larger rooms can accommodate more pendants, particularly in those with high ceilings. On the other side, for the smaller rooms, stick to the small ones since the bigger ones can overwhelm the space and distract you from another decor.


  • Style

When we choose mini pendant lights, we need to consider the style of the light fixtures. Look for lights that mimic the style of your design scheme. For instance, pendants crafted of glass and featuring geometric shapes or crisp lines will be well-suited to modern homes.


  • Colors/Finishes

Consider the color scheme in the room and then decide what kind of light you want. Consider whether your paint color is warm or cold when it comes to metal finishes. Warm-tone color schemes like browns, reds, and yellows coordinate with warm finishes, such as gold or bronze. Choose silver or nickel for cool color schemes where blue or gray undertones are present. Black and white are fairly neutral and can blend well with any undertone.


Where to Buy Mini Pendant Lights?

Bring light and character to your space with Claxy’s fantastic collection of mini pendants. can be your go-to online lighting store and the access to your desirable mini pendant lights. Choose the quality mini pendant from Claxy and make your house, office, or workspace beautifully-lit.



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