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These Sputnik Chandeliers Give Your Home a Whimsical Touch

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
These Sputnik Chandeliers Give Your Home a Whimsical Touch

The starburst sputnik chandeliers were first introduced to homeowners right after the launch of the Soviet satellite Sputnik in 1957. The light fixture shows off a mid-century modern style which is a special throwback to the past. Its atom-inspired silhouette sports multiple arms sticking out from an orb serving as the epicenter for the light fixture. With a futuristic, starburst design, it radiates ambient light at different angles, adding some industrial flair and a playful touch to your home interior. To create a real "wow" factor and give your home a whimsical touch, you will never go wrong with a sputnik style chandelier. Scroll through these sputnik chandelier lighting ideas that are perfect for your home.


Sputnik Chandeliers Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room


1.The Globe Shades Fill the Room with Unrivaled Style

An eight-light starburst sputnik chandelier creates a look that is guaranteed to draw the eye upward. It boasts a design-perfect combination featuring black and brass. Its brass lamp holders give the room a nice pop of brightness and impart rich textural appeal. Fitted with a black hanging rod and black arms, the light fixture picks up on the color of the black cabinet and the black-and-white area rug. Its arms protrude horizontally and accommodate a clear glass globe shade on each end for an even spread of shine and light, filling this contemporary living room with unrivaled style. The red armchair, the light fixture, the yellow table lamp stem, the multi-colored cushions, and the dark turquoise sofa pop against the walnut wood floor and the gray walls. Each of the bright-colored decors stands out and shines on its own.


2.The Gold Finish Pulls the Room Together

The sputnik chandelier hanging above the tables serves as an eye-catching stunner that delivers a large dose of texture. The central sphere’s gold finish elevates the decor with a touch of shimmer. The small tables and the table lamps mimic the color of the chandelier to tie the whole room together. The drama is taken up a notch in this transitional living room with all the brass decors. The light fixture flaunts multiple conical crystal-like spindles extending outwards from the center sphere. It's fantastic design emits and reflects light through the glass rods which sparkle from every direction. The flamingo-and-sangria cushions, the maroon red wall decor, the hot pink flowers, and all the gold decors inject some colors into an otherwise monochrome space.

Sputnik Chandeliers Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room

3sputnik chandeliers dining 1

3.Criss Cross Arms Create a Focal Point

Nothing merges functionality, style, and a bit of drama quite like this sputnik style chandelier over the dining table. Its canopy, downrod, and arms add a pop of antique style to the room with a dark bronze finish. Three criss cross arms are adjustable to spread light in all directions and each arm carries a bulb at both ends, granting the light fixture a unique touch of character. It creates a stylish focal point in the space with its warm ambient lighting. Its dark bronze finish goes well with the sandy brown wood tone of the dining table and the floor and the fawn tiles of the fireplace. The soft lime dining chairs and soft-lime-and-white cushions incorporate color into this transitional dining room and serve as a refreshing sight in the living space.


4. A Urchin-inspired Design is Sure to be Noticed

This sputnik urchin chandelier’s warm brass finish makes the dining room fizz with metallic pizzazz and luxe texture. It creates a look that is sure to be noticed and offers a surprising twist to the room. The luminaire sports pointed, spindly arms intermingled with other arms fitted with a rounded exposed bulb. A multitude of metal arms of varying lengths jut out from the center make for an alluring, sophisticated silhouette. This brass sputnik chandelier casts an inviting, lovely glow over the dining table, creating a relaxing ambiance for the happy mealtime. The light fixture’s brass finish coordinates with gingerbread wooden furniture and the burlywood brown wood floor. The scarlet walls, the green plants, and the green-dominated artwork show off a bold color contrast and lend a vibrant twist to the dining room along with the chandelier.

Sputnik Chandeliers Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom


5.The Red Arms are Guaranteed to Turn Heads

A mini sputnik chandelier packs quite the punch in the bedroom with a brisk color. The simply furnished bedroom gets a lovely lift from the light fixture’s imperial red hanging rod and imperial red metal arms. It offers an element of surprise that is guaranteed to turn heads. Its metal arms shoot out from a brushed nickel metal sphere at the center of the piece. The chandelier’s dual-tone finish encompasses both a bit of bling and a futuristic flair, yet maintains a modern edge. The evenly interspaced arrangement of the conical red arms brings unobstructed light sources. The tawny cabinet, the burlywood bedding, the white table lamp, the tawny nightstand, and the beige walls inject soothing energy into the bedroom while providing a rich backdrop for the luminaire’s intense color.


6. An Antique Brass Finish Delights the Decor

Being fashioned with an antique brass finish, the sputnik style chandelier delights the decor with a touch of glitz. Its sputnik silhouette is accented by the slender arms topped off with candelabra bulbs at either end. Each thin cylindrical bar extends outward at a distinct angle, providing a vibrant visual effect resembling a stellar explosion. It disperses beautiful light rays over the bed, introducing some warmth into the room. The canopies and arms of the wall lights flanking the bed bring out tones from the chandelier. The red lampshades of the wall lights, the baby blue furniture, and the bedding in baby blue or scarlet create a bold yet calming color scheme and make the room a comfy retreat.

Sputnik Chandeliers Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen

7Sputnik Chand kitchen1 new

7. A Mix of Finish Commands Attention

An attention-grabbing sputnik style chandeliers gives major glamour to this transitional kitchen. Its canopy, hanging rod, metal sphere, and arms all finished in antique brass deliver a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and shine. Each antique brass rod featuring spun-metal black-tipped ends carries an exposed bulb and reaches outward in every direction from the metal orb. The light fixtures’ unique two-tone finish commands attention and gives the kitchen a funky, modern update. The drawer pulls and cabinet pulls repeat its brass finish to help the look hang together. Mismatched chairs in the kitchen is a good way to show off the homeowner’s personality and character.


8.The Chrome Globes Help the Look Hang Together

A large sputnik chandelier suspending above the countertops serves as an instant eye-catcher that sends out a cool air of modern sophistication to the kitchen. A myriad of spindle, spiked arms extending outward from the rounded core are accented with a seeded glass orb or a chrome-finished sphere at each end. The light fixture beams in every direction as the chrome-finished spheres reflect oodles of downlight. A dreamy, gorgeous glow shines through the seeded glass globe shades, creating intriguing light effects. The luminaire, the dining chairs, the tapware, the cabinet pulls, and some of the appliances carry the chrome or stainless steel theme throughout the space, helping the look hang together. The green moss countertops, the green plants, and the yellow green appliances offer a gorgeous organic aesthetic to the kitchen.



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