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The Ultimate Mini Guide to Choosing Table Lamps

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
The Ultimate Mini Guide to Choosing Table Lamps

When it comes to breathing new life into your home decor, sometimes you don’t have to spend heavily on a remodel. There are some small things that will make a big difference in your home, such as the table lamps. Serving as ambient lighting, they play a pivotal role in some spaces when you don’t want to use overhead lights. Incorporating the elements of function and aesthetics, table lamps are an easy and stylish way to layer the light in any space. Whether illuminating the dark nooks or providing ambient light for your reading, night-time exam practice or forthcoming presentation, table lamps are an instant texture boost to your living space. They radiate cozy and soothing light rays and work well in almost any room owing to their versatility. Check out the following ultimate mini-guide to know more about table lamps.

What are Table Lamps Used for?

Table lamps are mostly used on the nightstands beside the bed if not elsewhere in the house. They also function as a night light in addition to the availability of reading light. Some homeowners choose a large and dimmable table lamp, while others tend to choose the petite ones. They give your room a simplistic atmosphere and also a gentle and awesome glow. However, contemporary table lamps work well in different rooms other than the bedroom.

What are the Benefits of Table Lamps?

Easy to Operate

Table lamps are easy to operate as they are fitted with an on/off switch. If your bedroom is outfitted with a ceiling light or a wall light, it may be hard for you to reach out for the light switch when you have a bigger bed or even twin beds. A table lamp in these cases is convenient enough to suit your lighting needs. The portable lamps can be positioned sufficiently close to the bed so that it is easy to reach, even for old people.


2.  Best for Smaller Areas

The light reflecting on a specific area of the room depends on the lampshade and layout of the table lamp. Some table lamps, for example, offer the bedroom oodles of downlight and even uplight towards the top of the ceiling. This makes the lamp perfect for reading since it will light up the book in your hands on the nightstand of the bedroom at night. They are ideal for people who want to read or study any documents before they sleep without upsetting others. Furthermore, you will have an indirect light source around the lamp, which makes it truly versatile. This is why these lamps are available in every house's bedroom.



3.  It Does not Wake Anyone up

The lamps only project a smooth ambient glow on a certain part of the bed, making it less invasive. That is one of the main advantages of table lamps. If you want to get up from the bed during the night, just turn on the switch and you won't wake anyone up. If there are two people sharing the bedroom, the lamp provides enough light for one of them to get up or go to bed easily. It will not illuminate the whole room and will not disturb the other person's sleep.

How Do You Know What Size Should Your Table Lamp be?

You must use a table lamp or desk light with a longer arm to extend through if you have a wide desk. If you work on a desk with a laptop, consider the layout of the workspace and make sure the light covers the entire desk workspace. Look to the lamp’s height, width, length, and the cord length.

How Bright Should it be?

The older you get, the more light you will need. The elderly’s eyes are much more sensitive to brightness. They should pick a high-quality desk lamp with a regulated light beam instead of a standard table lamp which provides light in all directions. The design of such table lamps is considered by most laptop manufacturers. It's important to avoid eyestrain and headaches at any age.

A Perfect Table Lamp Livens up the Space

It is wise to decorate a kid’s room with table lamps in the form of their favorite cartoon characters or fun designs. Tiffany lamps with stained glass shades give the space a beautiful array of colors. Even for the children's room, LED lights are a good choice to keep the children away from eye strain and glare. Brightly-lit modern table lamps will easily catch your guests' attention during the house parties or the weekly movie nights. They build captivating spots in the space and can also cover some of the less desirable spots in the room, such as a dry table or a wooden wall. You can play with LED table lamps if you wish to give your room a stylish look.

Buy the Best-Quality Lamps at

It can be very rewarding to give your home a brand-new look by simply changing the light fixtures. The collection of Claxy’s table lamps will introduce a refined touch to the overall decor of your home. Keep this in mind: choose your favorite table lamps from Claxy and it will be a great chance to offer a surprising twist to your home decor free from the hassle of a multi-stage renovation. offers table lamps in a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes. In Claxy's wide array of table lamps, there must be something that ideally suits your home.



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