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8 Cool Ways to Complete Your Living Room With Flush Mounts

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Cool Ways to Complete Your Living Room With Flush Mounts

A living room - the most dynamic space in a home, is usually used for entertainment, gathering, and hanging out with your family members or close friends. A great living room lighting plan should combine several light sources to illuminate even the darkest corner in the room. Your living room should be perfectly illuminated for any lighting needs with a combination of ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. For ambient lighting, there is nothing more versatile than Flush Mount Ceiling lights with their flat canopy sitting flush against the ceiling. They can complement a wide array of residential and commercial spaces for their variety in style, finish, and material. If you’re prepared to elevate your living room decor to new heights, add instant elegance and function to the room then you should try these Flush Mounts. 


1.Crystal Fringes Bring Splendor into the Space


Fitted with five tiers of glistening crystal fringes, the crystal ceiling light reflects a time of class and elegance. The light fixture showcases a cascade of prismatic crystal fringes suspended from a satin nickel frame. Its five-tier design enhances its visual depth and beauty which makes it a swoon-worthy showpiece that delivers a massive dose of contemporary sparkle. Each of the crystal fringe's rectangular profile reflects light from various angles, creating stunning light effects and shades. The Flush Mount’s satin nickel is also suggested by the crystal pendant lights and the wall light. The luminaire’s silverish gray finish blends perfectly with the gray walls and the gray sofas. The navy & maya blue colored cushions paired with the glamorous Flush Mount Ceiling light prevent this gray-dominated space from falling flat.


2.A Crystal Basket Draws the Eye Upward

This small transitional living room gets its unique texture from a crystal Flush Mount Ceiling light. The light fixture adds unbeatable character to the room with the crystal basket that adds panache to a lighting fixture. Its gridwork of opulent crystal ornaments allows for luminous light rays to seep through the cracks and catches the light when it's on. It offers a glittering effect and emits a gentle, dreamy glow to the room. Finished in oil-rubbed bronze, the luminaire’s frame and bottom accent give the space a hint of a classic touch. The narrow tables, the legs of armchairs, and the sofa pick up on the colors of the Flush Mount Ceiling light’s dark brown finish. The coral cushions, the fresh flowers, and the other bright-colored decors add excitement to the space. 


3.A Star Ceiling light Brings Celestial Style

A Moravian star ceiling light provides a pop of personality to the contemporary living room. The Flush Mount provides an attractive eye appeal with its stellated multi-point silhouette. It gives an edge to the design scheme with its celestial-inspired look and a taupe finish. It radiates an awesome and gentle glow through the white diffuser. The luminaire’s taupe finish works well with the tortilla dining chairs and the tortilla candelabra-inspired lights of the candle chandelier. The coral table lamp base, the cushions in coral or navy blue, the little boy blue upholstery, and the coral ottoman stand out against the gray walls thereby energizing the room with a nice pop of vibrant colors.


 4.A Scalloped Lampshade Conveys a Refined Touch

The drum Flush Mount Ceiling light conveys an unrivaled level of sophistication with a scalloped lamp shade. Its floral-inspired silhouette conveys a refined touch and adds undying glamour to the space. The lovely shade offers an element of surprise. The Flush Mount’s mocha finish contrasts the Beige walls and the beige ceiling. The table lamps on the console table, the fireplace, and the wood floor all carry the Flush Mount Ceiling light’s mocha color to include depth to the space. The console table, the side table, the armchair, the gourd-shaped table lamp base, the ottomans, and the cushions introduce a vibrant twist to the space that scatters the presence of energetic red throughout the room.


5.A Rectangular Flush Mount Flaunts Simple Geometry

 A Flush Mount Ceiling light imparts an industrial touch to this contemporary living room with an oil-rubbed bronze finish. Its rectangular cage delivers dramatic decorative impact and flaunts elementary geometry at its finest. With two lamp holders pointing in different directions, there is plenty of light to be spread through the space. Fitted with clear glass, it provides the diffused, ambient light that enhances the room’s overall design. The dining chairs, the wood dining table, & the glass pendant light mimic the colors of the Flush Mount Ceiling light and add intrigue to the room. The mint green sofas, the green plants, and the cushions in pine green or mint green serve as a refreshing sight. They bring a gorgeous organic aesthetic to the space.


6. A Blue Gray Lampshade Perks up the Room

Flaunting a crisp drum shade, a mini Flush Mount Ceiling light possesses elegance and refined touch to perk up the room. It blends seamlessly into this beach style living room and provides the room with an extra kick of stylish flair through its blue-gray drum shade. The lamp shade is held aloft by a three-pronged wrought-iron frame finished in brushed nickel for a glint of glamour. This vibrant colored shade encompasses a glossy finish that maintains an industrial feel. The light fixture’s soft curvature of the drum shade reflects the luminance of a gray diffuser, establishing a dreamy lighting effect. The light fixture, the floral-pattern cushions, the floral-pattern drapes, and the walls all in little boy Blue convey a feeling of relaxed coastal charm in the space.

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7. The Crystal Accent Enhances the Visual Interest

The four-light Flush Mount Ceiling light is a picture of contemporary perfection that provides the transitional living room a unique touch of character. Finished in oil-rubbed bronze, its open drum shade shows off a gridwork that is embedded with dazzling teardrop crystal beads. Its open design allows the light to shine through to disperse soft and diffused ambient light. Furthermore, the light fixture’s crystal accent provides refraction & reflection of light, enhancing the visual interest and drama. Its arms, lamp holders, and bulbs offer a unique four-way swirl design to render alluring decorative details to the space. The ottoman coffee table, the sofas, the wood coffee table, and the wood floor repeat the Flush Mount Ceiling light’s dark brown finish. The KC royals blue cushions, the pink flowers, and the artwork introduce just the exact amount of color to the space.

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 8. The Floral Pattern Brings a Dash of Drama

The Flush Mount Ceiling light with its trapezoidal drum shade provides the traditional living room with a dash of drama. The light fixture’s white glass shade is fashioned with a dark brown finish and sports a four-petal floral pattern on the diffuser, developing a look that is guaranteed to turn heads. The trapezoidal shade showcases the beauty of geometry and lends a touch of modernity. The luminaire is meant to be the focal point in the space as it exudes warm light rays throughout the space. Its dark brown finish is echoed in the ottoman, the wood frame of artwork & the wood floor. The turquoise side tables, the sofas in maroon or ginger, the floral-inspired beige-currant armchair with the turquoise containers introduce luxe texture and vibrant color into the room.


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