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10 Style Tricks to Spruce up Your Space with Vintage Chandelier

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Style Tricks to Spruce up Your Space with Vintage Chandelier

Have you ever been upset about a plain-looking room? Have you been ever dreaming of walking into your home and immediately feeling impressed by the home decors? Since you spend more time at home these days, why not find a way to enrich the space and breathe new life into your rooms? It will make you feel better, yes, it really works. What you need is a smart and quick way to give your ambiance a boost, like shopping for a new chandelier. If you look to introduce a classic touch to your rooms, a vintage chandelier works wonders in the space.


The beauty of the vintage design can actually go well with nearly any type of decor ranging from traditional to minimalist to contemporary. There are a plethora of vintage chandelier choices from different online stores. You can definitely find the one at a price that fits your budget. Scroll down and see how you can spruce up your space with vintage chandeliers.


Style Tricks for Your Living Room:

1. Double your Centerpiece

Double your centerpiece in the living room with twin chandeliers. Suspend a pair of identical chandeliers above the center of your living room to create an aura of harmony and symmetry. A pair of vintage chandeliers flaunt a brownish brushed nickel finish that coordinates nicely with the chocolate brown chair and the coffee wood tones of the table and the floor. Its six scrolling arms and six beige cone shades instill retro-chic and add depth and tones of texture to the room. 


2.Soften the Clean Lines with a Globe

Inspired by an ancient armillary sphere, the six-light chandelier encompasses three distressed wooden globes. The globe chandelier is a great candidate for this minimalist living room, as their circular silhouette softens the clean lines of the minimalist space and brings a bit of warmth. Its wooden spherical shade is a perfect fit for the wooden exposed beams and other furniture in tawny brown. It creates appealing visual effect and keeps the room dominated by neutral colors from becoming too bland.


Style Tricks for Your Dining Room:


1.Addicted to Curves

Boasting six candelabra-inspired lights and six scrolling arms, the chandelier injects an old timey feel into your dining room. Its six curved metal arms extending upward enhance its vintage industrial statement. If you are apt to manifest your craze for curves, the decorating style of this dining room is a great example for you to try. The circles in the wall decor, the curved arms of the luminary, gently arched chair backs and the bubutan table and bench legs all prove the owner's addict to curves. These curves do lend a sense of movement and show off the room's personality.


2.Bring Historical Touch With Lantern

Inspired by the antique look and romantic feel of gas-burning lamps, this lantern-style vintage chandelier is reminiscent of antique gas lights that are still popular in Southern cities of the United States. Featuring candelabra-inspired lights, the lantern chandelier's metal and glass shade brings a historical touch and emits a diffused glow. The luminary plays up the brownish hue in the room and serves as a subtle addition of texture that makes the room feel more welcoming.


Style Tricks for Your Bedroom:


1.Beaded Chandelier for a Boho Chic

The airy beaded curtain of the vintage chandelier encircles the bulbs and infuses old-world element into the bedroom. The beads pairing with the luminary's metal frame make for a amazing play on materials. It shows off cascading wood bead garlands draping from the sleek circular silhouette, making a designer statement in your home. Along with the plush flow and the area rug, the light fixture creates a free-spirited boho chic. It blends well with bold Moroccan-inspired wall decors for an enchanting exotic touch.


2.Go For a Fun Addition

Featuring a brushed off-white finish, the wood chandelier showcases six candelabra-inspired lights, offering a dash of old-time element to the bedroom. It's a fun addition with its quatrefoil inspired frame and the stardust accent, which adds a touch of whimsy to the room. Its brushed off-white finish delivers sculpted details and fits well with the wood tones. Along with the plush area rug and dark brown and white bedding, the fixture makes the room a comfy sanctuary.


Style Tricks for Your Kitchen:


1.Ornate Candle Chandelier for a Glam Appeal

This vintage candle chandelier sends out a retro charm with eight scrolling arms, candlesticks, and sculpted details. Accented by a chocolate finish and biscotti candlesticks, the light fixture is a great fit for the warm neutrals of beige cabinets and a tawny wood tone. It serves as an instant uplift and adds a punch to the kitchen. The doses of ruby decors scattered throughout the space give the Mediterranean kitchen a vibrant twist.


2.Go Bold with Wagon Wheels

Dressed in a matte black finish, the vintage chandeliers showcase a wagon wheel silhouette with a large open hoop for a hint of farmhouse style. The exposed bulbs are arranged on the wheel in a symmetric way for an airy look. The flat-panel cabinets, light wood cabinets, mosaic tile backsplash and the island act as a great backdrop for the luminaries. A duet of chandeliers pep up this mid-century modern kitchen and give it a texture boost.


Style Tricks for Your Bathroom:


1.Add a Touch of Gold

This vintage chandelier consists of five scrolling arms and five candlesticks with a crystal pendant as bottom accent. Along with the oval mirror and wall lights, it provides sleek sophistication and well-balanced grandeur with a glittering gold finish. The intersecting pattern of the chandelier and the sculpted elements of the mirror and wall lights enhance the space and impart elegance and eye appeal into this all-white traditional bathroom.


2.Highlight the Crystal Accent

Resplendent crystal drops drape from the chrome frame of this vintage crystal chandelier. The light fixture is ablaze with the crystal-adorned arms that resemble twigs and flowers. Its floral design makes it a stunning focal point in the bathroom. The denim blue and white curtain echoes the light fixture's design with its floral pattern. The curtain and the luminary both stand out in this brown-and-white traditional bathroom as a touch of excitement.


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