Lantern Chandelier

Do you want to add a rustic look to your home interior? You can try one of the lantern chandeliers available on Claxy. Get free shipping on all orders.

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Lantern chandelier crafted of wrought iron or brass lends a dash of industrial chic and retrospective charm to any space within your home. The light is reminiscent of the old oil lanterns that lined the sidewalks. It is a charming addition to your living space with their old-world elements.

Hanging an oil rubbed bronze or brushed nickel lantern chandelier over your dining table or in your entryway or foyer brings your space up to the next level and makes a romantic statement. The cage surrounds the chandelier in a way that often allows for the light to cast a warm kaleidoscope of light rays across the walls, artistically transforming your room. Inspired by a nostalgic, rustic flair, such chandeliers are sure to stand out, making your space a one of a kind.