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10 Simple Glass Pendant Lighting Hacks to Transform Your Rooms

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Simple Glass Pendant Lighting Hacks to Transform Your Rooms

Boasting beauty and versatility, pendant lights have always been the easiest way to transform and light up a room. If you are looking for something functional, economical and always be in style, glass pendant light is a brilliant idea to breathe new life into your home. Featuring craftsmanship and on-trend concepts, glass pendants bring tons of texture to your home with elegance and sleek glow. They come in a variety of styles and can seamlessly fit in and enhance many decorating styles, from industrial to rustic, farmhouse and more. Here’s how to use these light fixtures to elevate your interior.


Glass Pendant lighting Hacks for the Living Room


1.A Jewel-like Pendant

Crafted of glass and metal, this hexagon hanging lamp brings plenty of texture and geometric lines to this living room. It is a gorgeous faceted clear glass pendant that appears to be floating over the the table like a jewel. Its warm brass finish provides a high-end elegance and charming delicacy. The sepia color in the table, centerpiece and picture frames repeats in the luminary and stands out against the white decors.



2.Mid-century Modern Touch

The glass hanging light flaunts a nice cluster of eight hand-blown glass globe shades, appearing as if they are eight round and smooth pearls shining in the room. It provides the perfect combo of mid-century classic and contemporary elements and completes the aesthetic with a refined touch. Its glimmery gold finish, the wood tone and the brown drapes are all complementary colors of blue. These complementary colors pop against each other while the gold finish and brown hues energize the room otherwise dominated by a splash of blue.


Glass Pendant lighting Hacks for the Dining Room


1. An Eye-popping Centerpiece

Featuring carbide black and polished nickel finish, the hanging light offers six egg-like dome shades crafted of plated smoke glass. The glass pendant’s six shades are arranged on the round frame symmetrically, contributing much to the visual impact. Its unique and creative design highlights the dining area and makes it an eye-popping focal point. Its brownish shades go well with the wood floor, the wall, and the furniture.


2.An Unexpected Shade

Three clear glass pendant light fixtures boasting a beehive shade are hung above the dining table, which will draw the eye up with its exciting visual element. Their unexpected glass beehive shades give the space a dose of fun and make the room feel open and airy. They do a good job in blending into the dining room as an instant texture boost. The mismatched chairs in baby blue and other decors in red and pink keep a neutral scheme from falling flat.


Glass Pendant lighting Hacks for the Bedroom


1.A Pop of Color

A collection of three hand-blown glass pendants provide an exciting pop of color into this transitional bedroom. The pendant lights add a zing to the bedroom with their vibrant hues including slate gray, lilac and canary yellow. Their lovely little globe shades and acid drop shade scatter the presence of an ebullient color scheme along with floral bedding and area rug. Similar hues and floral patterns also appear in the artwork to carry the color through the space.


2.A Whimsical Touch

Portraying a stellated multi-point look, the Moravian star hanging light is crafted of clear glass with black edges. This luminary incorporates both exotic and mysterious element and hints at sophistication. A mix of metal and glass delivers a contemporary touch to the room. The luminary fits well in this nearly black-and-white color palette and makes for a quiet, contemplative space. Small doses of bright colors such as pink and mint make for a perfect contrast.


Glass Pendant lighting Hacks for the Kitchen


1.Chandelier-like Style

When there are more than one hanging lamps in the kitchen, consider clustering them together to offer a chandelier-like style. These globe pendants are accented with a polished chrome finish and a textured glass shade. With a watery ripple effect on the shades, they elevate a space and reflect an enviously rich down light. They cast a lovely amber glow that complements the variegated tortilla wood tone of the backsplash and the island.


2.Mix and Match

Featuring different shades and hues, four glass hanging lights suspending over the kitchen island make a attention-grabbing statement. The wood tones in the kitchen is matched by the brown glass pendant while the one with a clear glass shade fits right into the white backdrop. The rest of the pendant light fixtures in sage and sky blue along with other decors in similar hues spread the joyous color palette around the room. These perfectly mismatched pendants are a savvy way to show off your room's personality.


Glass Pendant lighting Hacks for the Bathroom


1.A Cohesive Look

The glass pendant with a cylinder shade livens up the vanity and imparts the industrial chic with its classic look. Its white glass shade matches perfectly with this nearly monochromatic color palette of the bathroom. Its glossy chrome finish is compatible with faucets, drawer pulls and showerhead that are all crafted of stainless steel. The green plants and the wall decors give this nearly all-white bathroom an organic touch.


2.Glass and Metallic Pizzazz

The glass pendant delivers an antique medieval style with a stunning inverted clear glass bell shade. Finished in brass, the bell shade houses three candelabra-inspired lights, imparting metallic pizzazz and providing plenty of character to this otherwise plain bathroom area. The gleaming brass finish of both the glass pendent and the wall light plays up the dark brown wood tone of the cabinet. The white decors create a soothing atmosphere and make this bathroom a retreat for relaxation.


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