Rustic Pendant Lighting

Whether it's a cabin, lodge, or a suburban house, rustic pendant lighting is always great to add a country look to your place. Check out Claxy's wide selection now!

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Rustic pendant lighting helps to expand on the existing decor of your home. With rustic pendant lights, you will soon notice the difference in how a deliberately selected lighting element can totally change the look and feel of a room. These lights offer ample illumination with a touch of industrial charm. With wooden accents, exposed bulbs and unique metal, wooden or wire mesh style frames, rustic pendant lights immediately enhance the setting with light and insightful design.

Whatever the look you are hoping to achieve, these fixtures get right to the point with their eye-catching appeal. Hallways, living and dining rooms are great candidates for rustic pendant lights; since they add warm glows whenever you need them. Large, multi-light rustic pendant lights work well in dining rooms, and globe pendant lights look modern in living rooms. Choose a light with a bronze, brass or brushed nickel accent to add a sparkling, contemporary feel to your space.