Farmhouse Chandelier

Looking to get a rustic farmhouse look for a suburban home? With our range of farmhouse chandeliers, you can. Buy the one that suits your furnishings and budget at Claxy.

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Farmhouse chandelier makes a strong and bold statement in your space and your keen eye for design will be the topic of conversation among your guests. Besides brown or black,  it comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The metal and woodwork can be stained or comprised of different color materials, ensuring your light fixtures match the other elements in your space.

Farmhouse chandelier offers different combos for materials to go with your home design scheme. Combining metal and glass enhances the modern style, while wood and textile conveys a more rustic design. Mixing materials can add dimension to a room. The beauty of farmhouse chandeliers lies in their fine details. They add warmth and illumination to your dining room, living room, foyer, entryway or even bathroom.