Brass Wall Sconce

Find unique, customized, and elegant brass wall sconces to add a mix of classic and contemporary looks to your home. Order your favorite piece with just a few clicks.

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Brass wall sconce reinvigorates and brightens up your living space with a dash of metallic shimmer. They add gorgeous ambient lighting and a touch of elegance to any home. For a rustic or aged look, consider hanging a pair of brass wall sconces in the front entryway, a few along the wall of a hallway, or a single brass wall sconce in the bathroom. No matter where you plan to hang your brass sconce, you’ll find a style and design that will look just right.

Look for a traditional armed sconce to match any decor, or use a flush mount design in a contemporary home. For a fancier look, consider a candle sconce reminiscent of an older century or a wallchiere featuring the classic look with a modern shade. To direct light in a specific location, opt for a swinging arm design or a spotlight. Don’t forget to purchase dimmable bulbs and dimmer switch compatible with your brass wall sconces to change the look from day to night.