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Upgrade Your Space with These Star Pendant Lighting Ideas

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Are you tired of your uninteresting home style? You need to get some new interior inspiration to help you out. What can you do if you know little about home design? Rather than performing a complete renovation to your house, there are some other ways. Consider making a change in your lighting. Updating the light fixtures will introduce new design sensibility that refreshes your living space. It is the easiest and the most budget-friendly way to effectively change your design style. When it comes to the type of light fixtures that add zing to the space, Moravian star pendant lights should be on the list.


Dating back to as early as the 19th century, the Moravian stars were originally created as a geometry lesson for boys who attended the Moravian school in Germany. These star-shaped pendant lighting adds a celestial vibe to your home and brings the beauty of a starlit sky indoors. These whimsical hanging star lamps work well with different decor styles, owing to their variety of finishes and designs. These stellated multi-point luminaries stand out and lend drama and a playful touch to any room. Flaunting an interesting vibe, these exotic pendants will twinkle in your home just as the stars light up the sky. Now it’s time for you to take a peek at the star pendant lighting ideas that will keep your home interior funky and functional.


Star Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room:

1.    A Distressed Dijon Finish as an Instant Texture Boost

The living room lacks a wow factor without the Moravian star pendant lights suspended above the table. The hanging star lamp serves as an instant texture boost with its distressed dijon finish, delivering a bit of excitement to the space with its shiny finish. With a clear glass shade, the light fixture spreads soft and diffused light rays to the room, setting the right mood for the space. With its dijon finish pairing nicely with the rattan chairs, the beige roller shades, the brown-and-gray area rug, and the gingerbread stool, the luminary pulls the room together in a subtle way.


2.    A Single Star Pendant Stands Out with a Black Finish

The star pendant light’s canopy, chain, and the edges of the hand-blown lampshade gives this traditional living room a hint of vintage appeal with its black finish. Its Moravian style and the clear glass shade grant the light fixture exotic and tasteful elements. Owing to its dark finish, the star-shaped pendant light stands out against the white ceiling, white windows, and the daffodil wall. The area rug and sofa in light teal, the chair and cushions in Tuscan sun, and the rocking chair in butterscotch provide a pop of personality along with the light fixture.


Star Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Dining Room:


3.    A White Glass Shade Offers an Inviting Light Effect

Being edged with an oil-rubbed bronze finish and boasting a white glass shade, the star hanging light fixture incorporates both traditional and modern elements. It is an ideal addition and a conversation piece to this transitional dining room. With an opaque and stylish lampshade, it emits a gentle glow and creates an inviting atmosphere. The glass pendant’s oil rubbed bronze finish brings out tones from the coffee wooden chairs, caramel wood floor, and the tawny exposed beams while its white glass shade plays well with the white ceiling and the white sofa.


4.    A Flaxen Finish Elevates the Decor

A star pendant light fixture elevates the decors in the dining room with its edges accented with a stunning flaxen finish. Similar hues appear in the tawny legs of stools, the tawny chairs, the walnut wood floor, and the egg nog cushions. This one-light fixture is fitted with a seeded glass shade that gives off a hint of mysterious vibe. Its brisk color imparts a refined style and a touch of warmth to the space. The cerulean stools and the teal color blocks in the artwork keep the white furnishings from falling flat along with the pendant light.


Star Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Bedroom:

5.    A Frosted Glass Shade Creates a Cozy Dreamland

The playful look of a star hanging light fixture above the bed kicks away the bedtime blues. The light fixture’s canopy, chain, and edges are dressed in a matte black finish. Being constructed of opaque frosted glass, the pendant light emits a delicate and lovely glow to create a cozy dreamland. The mint-green-and-black bedding featuring a floral pattern and the frame of artworks repeat the luminary’s black finish. The mint green accent of the furniture and bedding offers a refreshing element and scatters the presence of an energetic hue throughout the room.


6.    Clear Glass Star Lights Add a Touch of Whimsy

The bedroom gets its unique texture from a duet of mini star pendant light fixtures in the middle of the ceiling. The pendant lights’ dark finish sets them apart from the white walls and the white cabinets. They blend perfectly with the sepia area rug and the beige bedding. The luminaries add a touch of whimsy and dramatic decorative impact along with the beige fluffy ottomans. The pillows, roller shades, and the artwork share the same light aqua hue, which introduces a vibrant twist and eye appeal to the otherwise boring color scheme in the room. The light aqua furnishings give off a calming and peaceful feeling to make the room a serene retreat.


Star Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Kitchen:


7.    A Brushed Nickel Finish Ties the Space Together

A pair of star pendant lights make for eye-catching centerpieces in the kitchen with their brushed nickel finish. Their glistening finish lends a bit of metallic shimmer and gives the space a ton of texture. Their brushed nickel accent is echoed by the drawer pulls, the refrigerator, and the stove, which ties the look together. The tortilla wooden stools, the pale brown wooden exposed beams, and the hickory wood floor convey a hint of a farmhouse touch and an organic vibe to the space.


8.    A Brass Star Pendant is Guaranteed to Turn Heads

If you are badly in need of an awe-inspiring statement piece, try this star-shaped pendant light finished in brass. Its sparkling accent makes your home fizz with a glint of glamour. The tapware, the rounded frame of the crystal chandelier, and the table lamp stem all carry the light fixture’s color. The drama is taken up a notch with the flowers and decorations in pink, introducing just the right amount of color to the space. The light fixture, the flowers, and decorations in pink save the all-white color palette from becoming bland.


Star Pendant Lighting Ideas for Your Bathroom:

9.    A Seeded Glass Star Pendant Adds Unexpected Flair

A seeded glass star pendant light fills the bathroom with its unrivaled style. Its black finish adds weight to the space and works beautifully with the dark color of the wall lights and the mirror frames. Flaunting a translucent seeded glass shade, the light fixture exudes a soft and subtle glow. Its flattering look conveys a dreamy vibe and makes for a soothing ambiance for you to relax. The multicolored tile, the wooden cabinets, the window, and the multicolored floor in terracotta and brown enhance the room’s southwestern style and give the space a bit of charisma.


10.    A Brushed Nickel Finish Coordinates With Other Furnishings

The star pendant light’s canopy, chain, and lamp holder sport a brushed nickel finish that spruces up the bathroom with glitzy sparkle. Gentle and soft light shines through its clear glass shade, creating a charming light effect. The light fixture serves as an instant eye-catcher with its bold celestial-inspired design. Its glittering finish is suggested by the wall light, the tapware, the cabinet pulls, and the chair, somehow helping the look hang together. The cerulean upholstery of the chair and the navy-blue-and-white wallpaper evoke a sense of the sea and create a restful space for you to enjoy a refreshing bubble bath.



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