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Those Mason Jar Light Fixtures at Claxy You May Love

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

The Mason jar has a unique history. Now, this simple jar is more than just a pot. It adds so much fun and strong visual presence to your interior wherever you place them. This jar contains a broad mouth and a tight lid. Nowadays, these jars aren't used for just canning anymore. They are fixed with bulbs to make lights. Let’s check out Claxy's best mason jar light designs that resemble fireflies in a jar.


If you're looking for a wedding gift, home decor gift, or any special event gift, they are the ones to surprise your friends.


Why is Mason Jar Light Unique?

Decor lovers always go for something unique. Mason jar lights have a unique look that is eye-catching and interesting. Whether big or small, they add beautiful and colorful charm to your existing decor.


Why Should You Buy Mason Jar Light Fixtures?



    • Outdoor Use: At occasions like birthday parties, weddings, or baby showers that you've been looking forward to, these light fixtures would be perfect with a touch of stylish flair.


    • Indoor Use: Hanging these light fixtures above a dining table will create that warm and cozy environment leading to a cheerful conversation.


    • Scene Setting: If you're planning for a professional photo shoot, you can arrange your background with a variety of mason jar lights.


    • Easy to Customize: Few lights can be well-suited to all occasions, but with mason jar lights, you can easily customize them to meet your needs.



Top Mason Jar Light Designs at Claxy

At Claxy there are so many quality mason jar lights you can choose from. The light fixtures feature varied designs and finishes, which will seamlessly blend into your home. From the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, to bedroom, they create that warm and welcoming ambiance. Here are some of these light fixtures at Claxy you may love.


1. Mason Jar Lighting - Vintage 3-Lights   

Nothing beats this mason jar pendant lighting for its vintage dark finish. The glass pendant light’s rust proof canopy with high weight capacity and lamp holder are dressed in a black finish, introducing a dash of antique charm to your interior. Crafted of impurity-free hand-blown glass, it consists of three dangling clear glass jars of different sizes and shapes and at varied hanging heights. With excellent light transmittance, the glass shades are heat-resistant and easy to clean.

The luminaire is a playful addition to your bedroom, dining room, entryway, foyer, hallway, kids room, kitchen, living room, and stairwell. Whether you want full brightness or a soft gleam light, you will achieve it quickly with a compatible dimmer switch.


2. Mason Jar Lighting - Best Bathroom Wall Sconces      

This mason jar design is equipped with three mason jars at the same size. Besides, the wall sconce brightens your bathroom and provides task lighting for makeup application and grooming. Being arranged on a distressed wood bar, the wall sconce’s three jar clear glass shades provide a high-end rustic touch to your aesthetic. It is accented with a slay gray metal finish, bringing an industrial charisma to your home.

With exquisite craftsmanship, four jars are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. It serves as a dramatic centerpiece to your aesthetic with its farmhouse style. This wall sconce would look great in your bar, bathroom, dining room, kids room, and stairwell.


3. Mason Jar Lighting - Unique Bedroom Wall Sconce   

The mason jar wall light’s lamp holder, the arm, and the lid of the jar are finished in gunmetal black. Created of impurity-free clear glass, the shade is mounted to a solid pinewood backplate in distressing pale gray, providing a pristine elegance to your interior. With the metal hook, you can hang the light fixture anywhere you want.

Featuring fine workmanship, it is durable, insect-resistant, and rustproof. It makes for a striking statement piece in your living space with its industrial look. The awesome piece is ready to hang in your bedroom, hallway, entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, corridor, and stairway.


Which Mason Jar Light is On-trend?

If you are looking for some mason jar lights that are on trend, you can find all you want at Claxy. Below are the mason jar lights that are on trend.


1. Mason Jar Ceiling Light

If you're looking for a perfect home decoration, mason jar ceiling lights are an ideal choice. With a set of artificial green plants, they emit warm white lighting giving your home a more generous and more beautiful look.

The ceiling light’s lamp holders are dressed in a rustproof black finish, conveying a vintage vibe to your space. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown seedy glass, its cylinder shades are attached to a round oak wood canopy finished in distressed gray, adding rough elegance to your interior.

Its UL listed ceramic lamp-holders are high temperature resistant. It creates a focal point in your home with its rustic charm. It can be a new showpiece for your kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, office, foyer, and entryway.


2. Mason Jar Solar Lantern Lights

With the mason jar solar lantern lights, you won’t complain about the electricity bills. They come with a rechargeable battery compatible with almost all sizes of jars.

The solar lanterns are very handy and easy to handle. They are compatible with an on and off switch, and they are perfect for kids' bedrooms or older people since no direct electricity is needed. The stainless-steel handle on the jar's neck makes it easy for the light to be hung anywhere in your home. The light also features a sensor, which is mostly built-in. It can sense the darkness in place and then turns itself on.

The solar panel and rechargeable battery are both eco-friendly. Just leave the jar under direct sunlight and it will recharge by itself. The solar lanterns are waterproof, meaning you can use them in the bathroom or even in the kitchen.



Flaunting a funny appearance, mason jar lights are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Setting a mood for your living space and being fully dimmable, these light fixtures will never let you down. They are and will remain unique and all you have to do is to merely play with colors and different sizes. You can choose from wall lights or hanging lights, all available at Claxy.


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