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8 Ways to Update Your Bedroom with Rustic Ceiling Lights

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

When speaking of the ways to light up a bedroom, the possibilities could be endless. The easiest way to turn your master bedroom into a warm and cozy space is to brighten up your bedroom with rustic light fixtures. Rustic light fixtures are generally associated with a country house which embodies: coziness, simplicity and slow living. This is the lifestyle that most city dwellers long for. However, it doesn’t mean that rustic chandeliers can’t be used in a modern interior decor setup in the city or countryside.Feel free to liven up your bedroom with rustic light fixtures even if you are living in big cities. If you need light fixtures that can blend seamlessly into your living space or work area regardless of the ceiling height, rustic ceiling lights are a good option to explore.


Featuring space-saving versatility and a touch of rusticity, you can make a design statement in your bedroom with rustic ceiling lights. Incorporating the elements of function and aesthetics, they set the mood for your bedroom and add a touch of comfort throughout the space. The warmth and coziness that rustic ceiling lights can bring derive from the calming hues of the rustic elements like iron and natural materials, such as wood and glass. The rustic ceiling lighting ideas we are going to share with you will help turn your bedroom into a little sanctuary. So don’t hesitate to check it out.


1.    Avant-garde Design and Geometric Touch

Finished in matte black, the three-light flush mount ceiling light serves as an exciting visual element in the traditional bedroom. Offering an avant-garde design, the light fixture’s metal frame flaunts three rectangles and one circle interlocking together. Its lamp-holders and bulbs largely resemble the shape of a fan, with the exposed bulbs taking the place of the blades. Playing with geometry and shapes, its art deco style commands attention and adds a touch of modernity to the bedroom. The wall lights, the beds, and the frame of the artwork all bring out tones from the light fixture. Its brass lamp holders and the dandelion cushions liven up the interior with a splash of soothing colors.


2.    Dark Charcoal Gray and Barn Shade

Finished in hand-painted dark charcoal gray, the semi flush mount ceiling light sends out a farmhouse flair. Its exquisitely welded open cage allows for a luminous glow to shine through the cage and create fantastic light effect. Its barn shade gives the room a pop of rustic style and adds a unique touch of character. The interior of the shade is dressed in a matte brass finish to maximize reflectivity. The light fixture’s gray finish sets it apart from the white ceiling, the white wall, the beige door, and the beige window frame. Inviting yet refreshing, the bedroom's juniper green cabinet, the juniper green wall decor, and the Carolina blue and white throw make for an appealing color palette and create a space that is deeply relaxing.


3.    Sweeping Arms and Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Being accented with an oil rubbed bronze finish, the ceiling light generates a vintage look that will impress in the bedroom. Characterized by the beveled trim and the finial detail on the bottom, it brings an unrivaled level of rusticity and enhances the fixture’s traditional charm. Its opal glass bowl shade encircles the sweeping curved arms for a dreamy and glamorous effect. The light fixture’s opal glass shade is echoed by the white fabric shades of the table lamps. Its oil rubbed bronze finish coordinates with the headboard, the frame of artworks on the wall, the nightstands, the ottomans, the small desk, and the table lamp stem. The egg nog walls, the bedding, the artworks, and the ceiling light introduce texture and a feeling of serenity into the space.


4.    Semi Gloss Black and Rope-wrapped Accent

The drum ceiling light exudes a retro charm and radiates a farmhouse touch with its semi gloss black finish. It is fashioned with an open drum silhouette that keeps your home feel breezy and airy. It is suspended by two curved arms from the canopy. Its drum shade is adorned with four rope-wrapped rods, introducing nautical and coastal vibe to complete the aesthetic. The lampshade is designed to house four exposed candelabra-inspired lights pointing upward to provide attractive eye appeal. The mini bedroom is outfitted with pigeon blue wall decors, pigeon blue bed sheet, and Prussian blue cushions, evoking a sense of the sea and giving off a sense of tranquility along with the ceiling light.


5.    Black and Crisscross

A glass ceiling light is sure to supply a dash of drama without overpowering the rest of the space. A clear glass drum shade accentuates four candle style lights, allowing the light to cast a diffused and warm glow and fill the bedroom with restful energy. The drum shade is held in place by two criss cross metal arms to add alluring visual interest. Its canopy, arms, and the rims of the drum shade finished in black blend perfectly with the black console table, the black bedding, the black nightstands, and the black-and-white area rug. The artwork, the green plant, and the flowers offer a gorgeous organic aesthetic to keep this nearly monochromatic color palette from becoming bland.


6.    Dual Finish and Curve Arms

Showing off a mix of finishes, the semi flush mount ceiling light encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and farmhouse elements, yet maintains a modern edge. Its canopy, arms, metal slats on the drum shade, rod, and lamp holders are dressed in a semi gloss black finish. The metal spheres comprising its open drum shade are accented with a wood grain finish. The drum shade is topped with four curvy arms and is held in place by four metal slats. Its wood grain finish goes well with the sepia rattan chair, and the tawny console table top. With the sapphire bedding, the area rug in different shades of blue, and artworks featuring ribbon blue patterns, the bedroom is basically a cocoon of blue. With a comforting color scheme, the room feels like a relaxing haven.


7.    Tiffany Style and Animal Patterns

This rustic ceiling light creates a look that is sure to grab attention with its brown and white Tiffany style lampshade. The animal and Christmas tree patterns on the lampshade add eye appeal and impart quirky brilliance to the room. An awesome glow shines through the opaque glass shade with animal patterns, creating an interesting light effect. Its brown patterns are echoed by the brown and white cow print bedding and pump up the playfulness with whimsical accents. The brown and white neutral hues balance out the vivid rose-red color of the wall so that the room won’t appear too loud. The neutral hues and soft wood tones create a peaceful retreat in the bedroom.


8.    Scavo Glass and Rusty Brown

The rustic ceiling light imparts rich textural appeal to the bedroom with its Scavo glass dome shade. Crafted of impurity-free hand blown glass, its glass shade elevates the decors with a graceful touch. The shade is held in place by a rounded frame, bringing tasteful details to the space. The light fixture’s rounded frame and the finial at the bottom showcase a rusty brown finish. Similar hues appear in the Dijon walls, the chocolate brown floor, the ochre headboard, the ginger brown bed sheet and the caramel wood tones of the furniture and the window frame to carry the restful color scheme through the space. The opaque lampshade allows the lights to gently filter through and cast intricate shadows. Green plants, the army green bed, the army green pillows, and crimson cushions bring just the perfect amount of color to the space.



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