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Play with Elegant Geometry With Claxy’s Globe Pendant Lights

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Are you tired of standard lamp designs in your home or office? Globe pendant lights are the lighting fixtures in a world of their own. Its geometric look gives your space exceptional beauty. You can pick ready-made pendants or customize them to meet your personal needs. It is a dramatic centerpiece to command attention. You use it for different events with different lights.



Why Should We Choose Claxy’s Globe Pendant Lighting?



    • Affordable: If you intend to renovate your home on a budget, Claxy should be your best friend when shopping for a lighting fixture. They have a variety of  lights fixtures and their products will never let you down.


    • High Quality: Claxy always puts quality first and guarantees to its customers a high standard of service. You can be assured that all light fixtures you get from Claxy are quality and durable products.


    • Easy to Coordinate with Your Decors: You can purchase two or three globe pendant lights and coordinate the light fixtures with your existing decors.


    • Outstanding Craftsmanship: Claxy’s lights fixtures feature exquisite craftsmanship and can help to complete different design schemes.


We are giving you a brief introduction of the best globe pendant lights available at Claxy.


1. Globe Pendant Light - 6 Light Chandelier     

The rustic pendant chandelier is fitted with three wooden rings in distressed gray. Its lamp holders, chain, and canopy are showing off a rusty dark brown finish, standing out vividly against the wood rings for a ton of eye appeal. A mix of finishes encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and farmhouse elements, yet maintains an industrial feel.

Inspired by an ancient armillary sphere, you can get a slightly different look of the globe pendant to go with your overall design scheme simply by adjusting the rings. It offers geometric elegance and imparts rich textural appeal to your interior.

The globe pendant light’s spherical wooden shade conveys  farmhouse glam and adds texture and depth to your home or workspace. Being an eye-catching addition to your home, it can be a new showpiece for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and entryway.


 2.Globe Pendant Light - Opal Glass and Brass Finish     

The glass pendant light’s alluring, sophisticated silhouette showcases a lustrous electrophoretic brass finish, pepping up your interior with a touch of glitz. Its hand-blown opaque opal glass shade introduces a large dose of texture to the space.

Offering a sleek circular shape, it provides the perfect blend of bold geometric accent and modern elements while completing the aesthetic with a refined touch. The flattering globe shade elegantly floats inside a streamlined metal ring, with the muted metal knobs for a tasteful touch.

The pendant light is an eye-catching addition to your home with a touch of modernity. It serves as a statement piece for gracing the bedroom, dining room, entryway, hallway, and kitchen island.


3. Globe Pendant Lights - Raindrop-inspired Design and Opal Glass     

If you're looking to infuse a playful touch into your interior or existing decor, a globe pendant light flaunting a raindrop-inspired design is the perfect choice. The pendant light’s metal frame, canopy and lamp-holder are finished in brass, sprucing up your interior with metallic pizzazz. The shiny finish contrasts the glass shade and adds alluring visual interest to the space.

Constructed of impurity-free opaque and dreamy opal glass, it emanates a warm and appealing glow to create a cozy ambiance. Its metal frame flaunts a sleek curvature and showcases a raindrop inspired design, injecting a refined touch to your living space. It is a fun addition to your home with its art deco accent. It is sure to shine in the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, balcony, porch and entryway. Feel free to adjust its 47.24-inch adjustable cord.


4. Globe Pendant Lighting - Intersecting Rings and Dual Finish   

The pendant’s canopy, chain, lamp holder, and the inner metal ring sport a semi gloss black finish, delivering a dramatic decorative impact to the space. Its outer wooden ring gives the space a hint of rusticity with a walnut brown finish. Its beautiful dual finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and farmhouse elements, yet maintains an industrial edge. Offering an eye-catching airy design, the pendant light brings eye appeal and elegant geometry to your home with two intersecting rings. It is a show-stopping addition to your space with its art deco accent.

The globe pendant's metal and wooden spherical shades create a stunning focal point in your living space. You can also hang this pendant light in your entryway, kitchen, living room, and stairwell. It is fully dimmable so that you can lower the intensity of the light output with dimmers. If it's your first time installing this kind of light, Claxy's instruction specifies every step and is easy to follow. Do not install this light on a sloped ceiling otherwise the chain will be under constant pressure. It suspends from a 47.2-inch adjustable chain so you can play with its height.


 5.Globe Pendant Lights - Seeded Glass Design  

The pendant light’s canopy and lamp holder are dressed in an electrophoretic brass finish, giving your living space and workspace a boost of sparkle. Crafted of impurity-free hand-blown seeded glass, its globe shade gives your aesthetic modern sophistication and exciting visual element. It is a tasteful addition to your space with its vibrant twist. With exquisite workmanship, the pendant light is durable and rustproof. Add this awesome piece to your kitchen, dining room, bedroom, cafe, club and living room.

Globe pendant lights with a brass finish will never disappoint you as it gives your living space and workspace a unique touch of character. The seeded glass adds that dream-like vibe and makes your room more inviting and comfortable. The shine on the glass provides a refreshing boost to your space. Seeded glass globe pendant is so unique that it emits a lovely and warm glow to give your home an instant uplift.

Moreover, this model is resistant to high temperatures, which further adds to its sturdiness. The model is also rustproof and very easy to clean when dusty. This light fixture comes with a 47.2-inch adjustable cord, which is long enough for use in homes with very high ceilings. 


Final Thoughts!

Transforming your home, office, industry, or an old factory doesn't have to stress you. All you need is a couple of globe pendant lights. The good thing with these globe lights is that they can complement both traditional and modern decor with just a little touch-up. Outstanding globe pendants will act as a breath-taking conversation piece in your home. Just visit right now to find a perfect globe pendant for your living space.



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