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Add an Unexpected Twist with Star Pendant Lights

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

If you want to bring a bit of celestial style to your room, nothing is better than star pendant lights. Star pendants can serve as a stunning showpiece offering ample light while matching the home interior. They bring a beautiful night sky appearance into the room. When people think of residential lighting, they believe that any form of light can fulfil their needs. As a result, they end up picking the wrong fixture. Today, we will see different star-shaped pendant designs that suit your home. But before that, let's understand star pendants first.


Where Does Star Pendant Light Work Best?

So, this question might solve some riddles about choosing star pendant lights. Modern pendant lights, especially star-shaped, can fit into any room. However, they may not be suited for outdoor space. For the sake of safety, you must install them indoors.

You can hang star hanging light fixtures in the kitchen, or preferably above the dining table. It will add a geometric touch to your indoor space that we frequently use. For better results, try installing a cluster of star-shaped pendants right above the dining table.

Besides the kitchen, star-shaped pendant lighting can work perfectly when installed in the study room or hallway. If the room's ceiling can support pendant lighting, go ahead and hang it and the light fixtures will greatly liven up the room.


What Type of Star Pendant Light Should You Choose?

If you are planning to add a playful star pendant to your home decor, turn to Claxy, a light fixture manufacturer producing luminaires in many shapes, finishes, and designs. That means you will find a matching model according to your preferences. Make sure the pendant design you pick complements the room. For example, you can select a Moravian style pendant if you want an attention-grabbing and whimsical look. Likewise, star pendants will go well in large areas where there is ample space for hanging.

Try to blend vintage and contemporary styles for better results. That's because these fixtures can work as a centrepiece in your hall or other rooms. In short, take into account practicality and aesthetics when selecting a star-shaped pendant light.


Top 5 Star Pendant Lights at Claxy

At Claxy, every pendant features exquisite workmanship. The customers like the artistry of the hanging star lamps. Since star hanging light fixtures come with different finishes and materials, it might become challenging to pick the right one. That's why you should check out the top five high-quality star pendant lights at Claxy.


1. Star Pendant Light - 12-inch Moravian Design

The word 'pendant' implies a hanging fixture consisting of a wire, chain, or cable. This 12-inch star pendant has a very elegant look in its Moravian style. The use of glass shade adds a dose of texture to this exclusive fixture.

Crafted of impurity-free hand-blown seeded glass, the glass shade of the Moravian star pendant light works well with the black edges featuring copper alloy covering. Featuring a semi gloss black finish, the hanging star lamp brings zest and perfect finishing touch to your interior.

It incorporates both exotic and mysterious elements and infuses a modern chic look to the living space. A hinged access door can be opened for bulb replacement. It is a stylish addition to your aesthetic with its Moroccan feel. The gorgeous centerpiece perks up your bar, foyer, hallway, kids room and stairwell. It comes with a 47.2-inch adjustable cord.


2. Star Pendant Light - 15-inch Brass Moravian Design

If you are not interested in small size and plain glass, you can go with this 15-inch pendant. Please note that this glass pendant light is available in the sizes of 13 inch and 19 inch. Constructed of seeded glass, the glass shade of the hanging star lamp is exquisitely hand-welded. It boasts a rustproof gold finish, highlighting your living space with its metallic shimmer. It offers the perfect marriage of exotic and luxurious elements and adds depth and character to your aesthetic.

When you have to replace the bulb, just open the hinged access door on the glass shade. With opaque and dreamy seeded glass, it emits a warm and beautiful glow to create a pleasant atmosphere. It is a breath-taking addition to your interior with its gleaming accent. It creates a focal point in your kitchen, bedroom, entryway, hallway, foyer, bar and club. Feel free to adjust its 47.24-inch chain to suit your different lighting needs.


3. Star Pendant Light - 15-inch Chandelier Design

This ultimate piece of the pendant light that not just energizes your room but also provides a pop of personality. The seeded glass shade of this pendant is free of impurities. You can hang this chandelier in both small and large areas. The hand-welded seeded glass shade of star pendant lighting partner perfectly with the black edges featuring copper alloy covering. Being edged with a rustproof semi gloss black finish, it delivers dramatic decorative impact to your home decor.

There is a hinged access door on the shade for easy bulb replacement. With opaque and dreamy seeded glass, it emits a subtle and lovely glow to make for a romantic ambiance. This pendant would look great in your kitchen, bedroom, entryway, hallway, foyer, bar and club. You can adjust the pendant height with the help of a 47.24-inch adjustable chain. This black chain is strong enough to support the weight and balance the pendant in one place.


4. Star Pendant Light - 14-inch Clear Glass Pendant Chandelier

Another great design for Chandelier lovers! This 14-inch pendant chandelier is perfect for small rooms, especially for your kid's study or play room. It radiates light downwards, making it an excellent option to suspend over a study table. Moreover, it will look equally nice above the dining table area.

The clear glass shade of the star-shaped pendant lighting is constructed with exquisite craftsmanship, while the black edges featuring copper alloy covering supply a dash of drama. Being edged with a rustproof semi gloss black finish, the hanging star lamp conveys an understated grace. Showcasing both exotic and mysterious elements, it sends out a dash of contemporary sophistication to your home interior.

By opening a hinged access door on the glass shade, you can replace the bulb easily. The pendant light emits a warm and beautiful glow to make for a soothing ambiance. This is the perfect fixture to transform your bar, foyer, hallway, kids room and stairwell. Feel free to adjust the 47.2-inch adjustable chain as it is strong enough to support the light fixture.


5. Star Pendant Light - 11-inch Moravian Clear Glass Design

The last pendant on the list is a 11-inch Moravian fixture. It can fit just right into any room in your home, especially in the dining area or guest room. Featuring fine workmanship, all significant parts, including the lamp holder, chain, and canopy are durable and rustproof. This pendant is available in the sizes of 14 inch and 15 inch, with each size having clear glass and seeded glass options.

Crafted of impurity-free clear glass and being exquisitely hand-welded, the glass shade of the star pendant light delivers a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and shine. Sporting a shimmery brass finish, it peps up the space with glitzy sparkle. The luminary commands attention and draws the eye upward to its celestial-inspired lampshade.

Its clear glass shade flaunts both exotic and glamorous elements and brings a dreamlike vibe to your living space. To replace a bulb for the light fixture, just open the hinged access door on the lampshade. It radiates a subtle and welcoming glow to create a wonderful atmosphere.

This awesome piece can be used to provide both function and style in your bar, foyer, hallway, kids room, and stairwell. You can play with its height by adjusting its 47.2-inch adjustable black cord. It contrasts the brass glass lampshade and adds unexpected flair to the space.



Here we discussed the best star pendant lights at Claxy. All these pendant designs look eye-catching and stunning. Pick the hanging star lamps that coordinate with your design scheme. And, you will get a star pendant light that is durable and adds a unique touch of character to your home. Besides, Claxy gives you an exclusive offer consisting of a two-year warranty against workmanship and material defects on all products. Go get your star pendant today!



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